The Catacombs The Merchandise Guide
Annual 1975

Caption: Breakaway, Image: 2 Space-Suited Figures at Waste Storage Area
The short range multi-purpose
Eagle stands lightly on the
level rock of the lunar surface,
stark in the glare of the banked
floodlights that flank the perime-
ter of Nuclear Waste Disposal
Area 2. From the cargo compart-
ment of the strange, almost bird-
beaked craft, a conveyor gently
unloads the huge drums of atomic
waste, sent up from Earth to this
safe burial ground, and Service
Technicians Nordstrom and
Steiner, each protected by his
light-weight red space suit, super-
vise the lowering of the drums into
the deep holes bored down into the
very innards of the moon.
   These men are used to their job.
They are familiar with the inher-
ent dangers of handling 'hot'
material. But like all old hands
on Moonbase, they've done it a
hundred times before and control
the operation with careful, but
casual efficiency.
   A routine job. One of the many
responsibilities entrusted to
Moon-base Alpha, the giant com-
plex that is man's first permanent
outpost in the gradual reach to-
wards the stars. And yet, within
the pulsing heart of Main Mission
--the central control area of
Moonbase Alpha--the atmos-
phere is abnormally tense!
   "The radiation count seems
normal, Victor . . ." Doctor
Helena Russell glances anxiously
at Professor Bergman, whose nar-
rowed eyes are fixed on the array
of oscilloscopes and bio-monitors
in front of him. "But somethingk's
happening out there! Nordstrom's
brain-activity's showing varia-
   Suddenly, it happens! The oscil-
loscope jumps haywire, the needle
registers sudden peaks, and out-
side, Nordstrom seems to go mad!
His voice gargling thickly, he
leaps away from his companion
and stumbles towards the deadly
laser-field that seals off the area

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