Game Cards Card game consists of 36 picture cards, four of each card. The four 'SWITCH' cards depicting the eagle are identical to each other. The other eight picture cards have one each with the four different symbols in the top left corner - stars, moons, chequers and planets.

Rules of play - from rear of box are as follows -

A game for 2 or more players

Deal all the cards face down to the players. The dealer puts down any card in front of him and the next player has to put down a card with the same symbol (the symbols are stars, moons, chequers and planets) or the same picture. If he cannot go play passes to the next player. However, if he holds a switch card he can play that, and he may then switch play to any symbol he chooses. The next player must then play a card with the symbol he has called. The winner is the first player to put down all his cards.