The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
by Martin Willey

Dixon's Office

One of few scenes in the entire series set on Earth, Dixon's office, seen in Dragon's Domain, reflects the personality of a senior bureaucrat; wood panelled, tastefully decorated, precisely ordered. There is a large abstract painting by the windows, and the one seen by the bookcase is figurative, with two full length figures and a head in profile against a minimal abstract design (the style is clearly Keith Wilson). Smaller pictures of equestrian figures and bird prints can be seen. Between the books on the shelves and in a cabinet between the windows are numerous decorative rocks, including quartzes. Dixon's glass table strikes a more modern note.

Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain Dragon's Domain

Dixon's office is a redress of M's office from the James Bond films, which were also filmed at Pinewood Studios. (Thanks to Dana Lubich.) The exact layout varies from film to film, although the wood panel walls, the two windows, the bookcase and the red padded door are consistent between the films (and Dragon's Domain). In the Bond films, there is a large fire place alongside the bookcases, in front of which is M's desk. The fireplace does not appear in Dixon's office, and he sits in front of the bookcase (it seems to be the same books as well, judging by the spines, although Dixon is more orderly than M).

M's office M's office M's office M's office M's office

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