The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Stores and Equipment

Supplies are readily available from these storerooms.

Equipment Room (The Lambda Factor)

The Lambda Factor

Main Electrical Unit

Near the Life Support Section in The Beta Cloud
An internal sign reads "Emergency Electrics". This small room, 4 foot square, contains lighted shelving.

The Beta Cloud

The door - not a conventional moonbase door- has the caption "Main Electrical Unit" / "Corridor 34"

The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud The Beta Cloud

Survey Equipment Room

The Taybor

(The Taybor)
All we see of this room is the door and shelves of boxes.

The Taybor

This white octagonal polystyrene box marked "47" and "CORE SCAN" can be seen in the Eagle passenger module in The Last Sunset.

The Taybor


The Taybor

"THERMAL SPEC. SHORT SEALED". This box also appears in The A B Chrysalis, and has a new sticker "Danger - Explosives" in Catacombs Of The Moon

The Taybor

"WALL-PROBE - CRATER". This is a nuclear charge from Space Brain (the "Fuse" is still visible).

The Taybor

On the right is a geology instrument from All That Glisters (prop photos).

The Taybor


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