The Catacombs Catacombs Credits Guide

CHRIS FOSS Concept Artist

Born in 1946, Foss is famous for his airbrush paintings for science fiction book covers, depicting immense, complex spacecraft and robots. He also did the illustrations for Alex Comfort's Joy Of Sex in 1971. He did several paintings as designs for Space: 1999, the early Dune film project in the late 1970s, and the films Superman (1978) and Alien (1979).

MICHAEL FORD Assistant Art Director (Year 2)

Born in 1928, he is sometimes credited as Michael D. Ford. His first film was Man on the Moon (1960). He worked on The Anniversary (1968), Kelly's Heroes (1970), The Adventurer (1972), The New Avengers (1977) and the film Empire Strikes Back (1980), Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981, for which he won his first Oscar), Return Of The Jedi (1983), The Chain (1985), Living Daylights (1987), License To Kill (1989), GoldenEye (1995), Titanic (1997, for which he won his second Oscar in 1998).

He has two Oscars plus two further nominations. In 1981 for Art Direction: Raiders of the Lost Ark [Art Direction: Norman Reynolds, Leslie Dilley; Set Decoration: Michael Ford], and 1997 for Art Direction: Titanic [Art Direction: Peter Lamont; Set Decoration: Michael Ford]. He was also nominated in 1980 for The Empire Strikes Back [Art Direction: Norman Reynolds, Leslie Dilley, Harry Lange, Alan Tomkins; Set Decoration: Michael Ford] and in 1983 for Return of the Jedi [Art Direction: Norman Reynolds, Fred Hole, James Schoppe; Set Decoration: Michael Ford].

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