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Death's Other Dominion

Collision Course Year 1 - Episode 14 The Full Circle

Screenplay by Anthony Terpiloff
Elizabeth Barrows
Directed by Charles Crichton
Guest Artist John Shrapnel
Guest Star Brian Blessed
Belgium (Flemish) Ultima Thule Ultima Thule
France/Canada Un autre royaume de la mort Another realm of death
Italy Il Pianeta di Ghiaccio The Planet Of Ice
Japan Mystery of Everlasting Life
Portugal O Outro Domínio da Morte Death's Other Domain
South AfricaDie Dood Se Ander Ryk Death Will Reach Others
Spain El otro dominio de la muerte The other domain of death

Commander Koenig and his colleagues speed through space and time into a chilling world of ice - and meet former inhabitants of earth. ITC summary


Death's Other Dominion


Commander John Koenig Martin Landau
Doctor Helena Russell Barbara Bain
Professor Victor Bergman Barry Morse
Jack Tanner John Shrapnel
Dr. Cabot Rowland Brian Blessed
Paul Morrow Prentis Hancock
Alan Carter Nick Tate
Sandra Benes Zienia Merton
David Kano Clifton Jones
Doctor Bob Mathias Anton Phillips
Frieda Mary Miller
Tanya Aleksandr Suzanne Roquette
Operative (Kate) Sarah Bullen
Main Mission Operative (Julie) Annie Lambert
Main Mission Operative Robert Phillips
Main Mission Operative Andy Dempsey
Main Mission Operative (Lee Oswald) Loftus Burton
Ted David Ellison
Thulian Girl Valerie Leon
13 Thulians
(including Stan, Will, Joe)
Jack Shepherd
Laurie Davis
Eddy Nedari
Tony Houghton
John Lee-Barber
Suzette St.Clair
Barbara Bermel
Carolyn Hudson
Glenda Allen
Dave Murphy
Anette Linden
Mike Ryan
Jenny Devenish
7 Revered Ones Ellen Sheean
Adrienne Burgess
Margaret Lawley
Terry Rendle
Ian Ruskin
Robert Driscoll
Lesley Collet


Int. Main Mission
Int. Eagle Pilot Section
Int. Eagle Passenger Section

Int. Ice Palace
Int. Ice Palace Technical Section
Int. Shipyard Balcony
Int. Cave Of The Revered Ones
Int. Ice Corridor
Ext. Planet Surface


Death's Other Dominion This Episode
Death's Other Dominion

Keith Wilson: I built the set out of rubbish, literally. I went around the lot at Pinewood, collecting all sorts of bits and pieces. We compiled these shapes, and then we covered them with foam, to lose all the roughness and give it nice icy shapes. They used formaldehyde to create the snow, but it did leave an odour. It was a 'bleach' smell or something like it, and it made your nostrils tingle.
The set was huge, it covered the whole stage. We were due to shoot on it on the Monday and we were dressing it over the weekend. The set was finished with all the snow on it and when Gerry brought Martin and Barbara in to show them, it made their eyes water, This immediately caused a panic: 'We're shooting on this on Monday. What are we gong to do?" It was ridiculous, because once you got used to it, you couldn't smell it any more and it wasn't harmful to you in any way. There were men working on the set, sitting there eating prawn sandwiches in their break, saying, 'What smell?" They had scientists and all sorts of people doing tests, and of course at the end of the day they all said it was unpleasant but totally harmless. Nobody expected such an overreaction, but it did cause quite a stir.

Death's Other Dominion

A special vacuum pump was installed to clear the air after every shot, but it was still asphyxiating. The public health inspector was called and determined the fumes were uncongenial but safe. Landau and Bain were still worried, so Gerry Anderson called in an eminent Harley Street doctor. He sniffed and said it was alright. He then enjoyed a drink with Gerry, but by the time he met the Landaus he was the worse for wear. Unimpressed, the Landaus got their own expert to say the doctor's level was unacceptable. It took much persuasion to complete the episode. Meanwhile one day a group of riggers were found in the middle of the set eating their prawn sandwiches. "What smell?" they asked.





It is still 1999 for the Alphans. 1985 is 14 years ago

Alpha Personnel:

0 fatalities.

Alpha Technology:


Eagle 1 (landing party)


Ultima Thule




Death's Other Dominion


Footage of the Ultima Thule surface is seen in One Moment Of Humanity


Death's Other Dominion

Alan in the command module brings up a shot of the half buried Eagle. How did the camera get over the Eagle?

Death's Other Dominion

When they notice Alan is missing, Koenig turns abruptly, hitting Bergman across the face with his pack. (thanks to Brian Boskind)


Death's Other Dominion



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