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by Phil Merkel

SpaceCon 2001, Main Mission 2000 and Breakaway The Convention Home video tapes shot by Phil Merkel . The Breakaway Video was shot by Jon Stadler, I have permission to copy and distribute this copy.

Note: the CDR was updated summer 2003 to include pictures from other conventions, including photos of pictures of Valerie Leon, David Prowse, Julian Glover, Bill Latham and more. More here.

SpaceCon 2001 Video Tapes

On July 27th - 29th 2001 a group of Space 1999 fans met in Tampa Florida with Barry Morse and Nick Tate. It was a great event, some 10 hours of which I was able to video tape. The content of the SpaceCon tapes are:

Tape 1:
1:00pm Opening Session & Raffle
1:30pm An Hour With Barry Morse
4:00pm Shakespeare to Shaw & Beyond with Barry Morse
10:00am Rubbish 101 An Actor's Life with Barry Morse
11:00am Trek Vs 1999 with Nick Tate

Tape 2:
1:00pm The Magic of the spoken word with Nick Tate "Voice Work in the 21st Century
2:00pm Space:1999 Weakest Link with Jenny Lobb
3:00pm An Hour with Nick Tate
4:00pm The Future of the Performing Arts with Nick Tate and Barry Morse

At some points during the talks the sun was really shining into the room and the picture washed out a bit. There are also a few slight tracking anomalies, nothing major, but you shouldn't worry about adjusting your own VCR beyond the initial tracking adjustment. These anomalies go away after a few minutes and do not detract from the tapes. Sound quality was very good at all these talks!

I did also audio tape a few panels, fan fiction panels and episode discussion with Nick Tate and Barry Morse after we all viewed Death's Other Dominion and Black Sun. (I should have had my video camera ready!) Unfortunately these talks came out a little muddy and hard to hear. I am not distributing these yet as I am working on transferring all my convention audio tape to MP3 format to put on CD-R. The Death's Other Dominion discussion with Nick Tate was very good but the sound quality on the tape was terrible. I may have this audio tape transcribed.

Along with these video tapes I have made a picture CD of my photos from SpaceCon 2001. Also included are photos from other Space 1999/Gerry Anderson related conventions (Including my pictures from Main Mission 2000), and a bunch of other files, about 300 megs worth!

The cost of the SpaceCon 2001 videos are $2.00 per tape =$4.00 for the set. If you want the CD-R of convention photos that is also $2.00. Priority Postage in the USA is $4.00 making the whole set $10.00 including postage.

Postage out of the USA will be $6.00 for the tapes and CD-R + Actual postage cost.

The tapes and the CD-R come with custom made video labels on the spine and face of the tape.

Main Mission 2000 Video Tapes

I shot 16 hours of convention video at the MM 2000 convention in NYC on September 1st - 3rd 2000. I have put these on three 6 hour VHS NTSC tapes at SLP speed. The sound is pretty good on all of these tapes and in some cases there is some real magic going on (Sci Fi Diva's panel, Johnny Byrne and the RATM script, Jack Stauffer singing, speeches by Matt and Brian) All the convention video is unedited. Your getting exactly what I shot that day.

Here are the contents of the tapes:

Sept 1st 2000
10 - 10:30 Opening Ceremonies
10:30 - 12 Space 1999 Series One
12-1pm Journey to Pinewood/John Hug
2 - 3:30pm Discussion with Christopher Penfold

Discussion with Christopher Penfold (Conclusion)
4:15 - 5pm Post Message from Moonbase Alpha
Discussion with Johnny Byrne and Zienia Merton
(Note: There is NO COPY of Message from Moonbase Alpha, just the discussion that happened after we viewed it.)
Discussion with Barry Morse
John Muir Space 1999 A Masterpiece of Film Art

Sept 2nd 2000
Auction happenings includes Zienia and Prentis with a scene from Last Sunset and Johnny Byrne with the RATM script.
Sept 3rd 2000
Alphan Room Exhibit (Battery Dies)
Sept 2nd 2000
12:30 - 2:00pm Conversation With Catherine Schell
Discussion with Keith Wilson and Catherine Schell (Possible bad sound)
Sept 3rd 2000
10:30 - 12pm Sci Fi Diva's
Series One Vs Series Two (Note: Possible Bad Sound, No Mic)
John Muir Space 1999 Military, Morality & Meaning.
Closing Ceremonies with guest speeches,
Scholarship Speeches and Jack Stauffer singing

The tapes come with custom made labels and should look pretty nice next to your Space 1999 videos .

Now the details: For everyone in the USA the complete cost will be $13.00 per set. This includes priority postage. Out of the US will be actual postage costs + $6.00 for the tapes and packing. The sets are as is. I will not run off a tape of one or two panels only.

I used to have three audio tapes available but I am pulling these for the time being until these can be converted to MP3 format. Once they are, I will be able to put them on a CD-R making them easier for me to copy. Probably both SpaceCon 2001 and Main Mission 2000 audio material will be able to fit on one CD-R.


Also available for $2.00 is a copy of Jon Stadlers video of the Breakaway convention in 1999. Jon made me a copy in September 1999 and this tape includes the terrific Alphan wall, Freddie Freiberger and a bunch of other stuff.

SpaceCon 2001 2 tape set + CD-R Photo CD = $10.00

Main Mission 2000 3 tape set = $13.00

Breakaway 1999 1 tape set = $5.50

All sets include priority postage, and quality packing. If a tape doesn't work please return it for a replacement copy.

Combining sets postage will have to be recalculated. Assume $2.00 per tape + at least $4.00 for postage for combined sets in the USA.

PLEASE do not send any funds until I have your tapes ready. I will save every order I get in the email and contact you when you should send your funds. Payment accepted by US Postal Money Order or PAYPAL Only. No checks please.

Alternate payment can also be in the form of tape trading. Tape trades will be tape for tape. LMK what you have for trade, either other convention video, other Gerry Anderson shows or Space 1999 in other languages. I'm very interested in out of print Fanderson convention audio and video. All tapes accepted have to be in NTSC format, playable in the USA. I'm also interested in any Babylon 5 convention video.

My convention videos are being offered at cost. Please do not resell them at a higher price or on auction. The tapes are made by fans for fans. I am keeping the source tapes (both 6 and 2 hour speeds) and the original 8mm tapes from my camera. I plan on keeping these tapes available as a resource as long as I can.

All questions should be sent to Phil Merkel and not the various discussion lists or the Catacombs webmaster. Phil Merkel PO Box 1134 Sound Beach, NY 11789-0966

Lastly, if anyone has notes, tapes (Video or Audio) of the various convention panels not listed here I would love to see them.

Christopher Penfold Grace Lee Whitney John Muir Jack Stauffer Phil Plait
Spacecon2001: Barry Morse and Nick Tate Spacecon2001: Nick Tate Spacecon2001: Kennedy Space Center Spacecon2001: The Merkel Family John Hug Christopher Penfold Barry Morse- as a puppet! Sci Fi Divas- click for larger image (49073 bytes) click for larger image (45932 bytes) click for larger image (42066 bytes) click for larger image (66111 bytes) click for larger image (53890 bytes) click for larger image (51094 bytes) click for larger image (40430 bytes) click for larger image (43740 bytes)

Space: 1999 Copyright ITV
Text by Phil Merkel