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SFX footage from the World Backgrounds library. The library contains many alternative takes and longer shots (sometimes including clapperboards). A few examples have appeared on the Network DVDs bonus disc, but many have never been seen. Episode shots are outlined in red, all other shots from the library.

Hawks flying over lunar hills. 12 seconds. seen in episode

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Hawks flying in space. Two takes, of 20 seconds and 15 seconds. Clapperboard is slate 18 x 2, date 1 November 1974. Seen on Big Screen in episode. Opening frame shows the rod supporting one of the Hawks.

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Eagle flies into storm of debris. This is probably scene 57- Alan has destroyed a Hawk, but his Eagle flies into the cloud of debris, crippling the ship. The red debris here may be sand, but it looks a little like small flower petals or pot pourri, which may explain why the shot was not used. Brief glimpses of a square plate reveal how the shot was done: this is the ceiling plate used for explosions. The camera is pointing vertically up at it, and the "debris" is dropped through the hole in the middle, falling down to the camera. Meanwhile the Eagle is filmed separately, as a double-exposure.
There are several takes. The first has the Eagle legs seen top of frame for 20 seconds before it flies into debris which mostly obscure it (total 35 seconds). Second take (20 seconds) has much less debris. Third take (15 seconds, clapperboard date 11th November 1974, slate 55 x 3.) again has thick debris. Fourth take (20 seconds, clapperboard slate 55x4) again has very few debris. Not seen in episode.

Battleship passes overhead. Three takes, each 30 seconds. Seen in episode. One version is seen on the Network extras.
Seen in the film The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid (1979)

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Moon revolves (to camera) as battleship passes with Hawk escorts. Two takes, each 25 seconds. Seen in episode.

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Alan's Eagle rocks from side to side as battleship passes. One continuous shot of 30 seconds; in the episode this is cut into two segments.

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Battleship seen in Eagle sights. Two versions- one static (14 seconds), the other (seen in episode) circling the centre of the sights (36 seconds).

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Planet surface as Koenig's Eagle flies over alien buildings. Final frame shows the two suns are superimposed. Clapperboard date is 28 November 1974. Another version (without the clapperboard) is seen on the Network extras (22 seconds).

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Three Eagles fly to the planet. Seen in episode. 17 seconds.

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