The Catacombs Space Brain
SFX footage

SFX footage from the World Backgrounds library. The library contains many alternative takes and longer shots (sometimes including clapperboards). A few examples have appeared on the Network DVDs bonus disc, but many have never been seen. Episode shots are outlined in red, all other shots from the library.

Strange colours and lights. As seen by Wayland and Cousteau, and Kelly during space walk.

c/isfx334481x01.jpg (6627 bytes) c/isfx334481x02.jpg (5425 bytes) c/isfx334481x03.jpg (5392 bytes) Space Brain

(HD) More rotating colours. 32 seconds.

Eagle flies to distant Space Brain. One of several views, all different to the views seen in the episode.

s2/isfx334613x11.jpg (3699 bytes) s2/isfx334613x12.jpg (4076 bytes) Space Brain

Eagle flies to rotating Space Brain. 35 seconds. Similar to one of the shots of the robot Eagle.

Space Brain

Eagle flies to larger Space Brain

s2/isfx334613x07.jpg (4143 bytes) s2/isfx334613x08.jpg (4303 bytes) s2/isfx334613x14.jpg (4604 bytes) s2/isfx334613x15.jpg (3736 bytes)

Eagle flies to large Space Brain

s2/isfx334613x09.jpg (5251 bytes) s2/isfx334613x10.jpg (5455 bytes) s2/isfx334613x16.jpg (5273 bytes) s2/isfx334613x17.jpg (5170 bytes)

Eagle flies from large Space Brain

s2/isfx334613x13.jpg (4890 bytes)

Details of Space Brain, turning in coloured lights.

c/isfx334481x08.jpg (5059 bytes) c/isfx334481x09.jpg (5482 bytes) c/isfx334481x10.jpg (5332 bytes) c/isfx334481x11.jpg (6006 bytes) c/isfx334481x12.jpg (4658 bytes) c/isfx334481x13.jpg (7844 bytes) c/isfx334481x18.jpg (5135 bytes) c/isfx334481x19.jpg (6695 bytes) c/isfx334481x20.jpg (4534 bytes) c/isfx334481x21.jpg (5231 bytes) c/isfx334481x22.jpg (5912 bytes) c/isfx334481x23.jpg (4921 bytes)

Moon passes through Space Brain with coloured lights over. In the episode there are also antibody streamers, not seen here.

c/isfx334481x14.jpg (7128 bytes) c/isfx334481x15.jpg (7764 bytes) c/isfx334481x16.jpg (8154 bytes) c/isfx334481x17.jpg (6966 bytes) Space Brain

Moon passes through Space Brain. Less coloured lights over.

c/isfx334481x30.jpg (7304 bytes) c/isfx334481x31.jpg (7454 bytes) c/isfx334481x32.jpg (7676 bytes)

Moon leaves Space Brain, which recedes and fades. 15 seconds, plus 8 seconds of empty space. Not seen in episode.

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