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Comics: Uzay 1999
Compiled by Martin Willey

Uzay 1999

The Turkish comic Uzay 1999 ("Space 1999") was published in Istanbul by Cizgi. Dates are not known, but probably 1976, 1977 or 1978 (it probably preceded or followed the Vampirella comic reprints). It reprinted strips from the US Charlton black and white comic.

At least two issues were produced but the total number of issues is not known. Each issue was 66 pages and contained the same 4 stories. The covers were colourful Frank Frazetta-like space paintings.

Volume 1

The cover box reads Televizyon' un sevilen dizisi UZAY 1999 - Komutan König ve arkadaslari (Television's popular series Space 1999 - Commander Konig and his friends).

Uzay 1999 cover 1, thanks Patrick Zimmerman Uzay 1999 1 p3, thanks Patrick Zimmerman
Eerie 33 original cover

The cover art by Vaughn Bode (1941-1975) and Larry Todd (1948-) had appeared as a cover for Warren's Eerie magazine, issue #33, in May 1971 (reprinted in Warren's "Future World Comix" dated Sept 1978).

Volume 2

The stories are exactly the same as volume 1.

Uzay 1999 cover 2 Uzay 1999 2 p3
Eerie 76 original cover

The cover art by Sanjulian (Manuel Perez Clemente, 1941-) is from Warren's Eerie magazine, issue #76, August 1976.


Space: 1999 was one of the strips in the 1977 Turkish edition of the horror comic Vampirella, which republished material from the American comic of the same name.

March 1977 3 page series article, The Metamorph (from Vol 2 No 8).
Cover is a mash-up of Charlton vol 2 no 8 (art by Gray Morrow) and Vampirella 30 (Jan 1974, art by Enric)
Cover origins, thanks Patrick Zimmerman p34-35, thanks Patrick Zimmerman p36, thanks Patrick Zimmerman
March 1977, thanks Patrick Zimmerman
April 1977 1 page Maya/Catherine Schell profile, Primary Life Form (from Vol 2 No 8)
Maya profile p46, thanks Patrick Zimmerman
April 1977
June 1977 Just Like Home (from Vol 2 No 6)
July 1977 Paradise Progression (from Vol 2 No 6)
September 1977 The Infinity Mechanism (from Vol 2 No 7) September 1977
October 1977 The Perpetual Metamorphosis (from Vol 2 No 7) October 1977
November 1977 Class Determination: Alien Insecta! (from Vol 2 No 4) November 1977

Thanks to Shaqui Le Vesconte, Patrick Zimmerman.