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Comics: Gerry Anderson Vintage Comic Collection
Compiled by Martin Willey

EagleMoss is a UK-based "partwork" publisher. "Partwork" involves publishing a magazine with a finite number of issues, so that each magazine forms a part of a collection. Typically they are tied to licensed properties, and at least initial issues are sold with promotional figures. Initially they are sold in shops, but their main sales are through mail subscriptions.

The "Gerry Anderson Vintage Comic Collection" was launched in a few regions of the UK in early October 2013, with a wider release projected for 2014. The collection comprised 50 issues, published weekly on Thursdays. Subscriptions were promoted with digital editions (iPad only), a calendar and a die cast model (there was also a "premium subscription" with two additional die cast models). The models were Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet. Each issue included three full comic strip stories, cutaways and factual features in about 70 pages (there are vintage 1960s adverts for nostalgia, but no current advertising). The first three issues were Thunderbirds and other puppet series. The live action series UFO and Space 1999 were promised for future issues. The 1999 strips were reprints of the Look-In comics.

The first issue was £1.99, the following issues were £5.99, so the complete collection would cost £295.50 (or £345.50 for the premium subscription).

In January 2014, after long delays and just 5 issues, the project was cancelled and the website disappeared. It is not known if any 1999 strips were published.