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Novelisations: 2002+
Compiled by Martin Willey

Three different companies published Space 1999 books in 2002; two (Eagle One and Fanderson) were reprints of novels originally published by Pocket/Futura, one (Powys) was a series of new original novels and omnibus reprints.

Eagle One Media Inc

1 paperback reprint title
31 January 2002; $5.99

Artwork cover by Michelangelo Cicerone; photographic back cover of lunar surface and Eagle.

Reprint of the original Space 1999 novel "Alien Seed" by E.C.Tubb. 196 pages, plus a new 4 page introduction by Tubb, one page guide to Moonbase Alpha (with illustration plan) and one page guide to Eagles (with illustration plan).

Title Cover
1 "Alien Seed" by E.C. Tubb click for larger image


Series of paperback titles

Fanderson republished the original Space 1999 novel Earthfall by E.C.Tubb. They have also published Earthbound by E C Tubb (new adaptions of the episodes Earthbound, The Exiles and Face Of Eden).

Title Cover
1 "Earthfall" by E.C. Tubb
6 November 2002 £9.99
Fanderson's Earthfall

Earthbound by E.C. Tubb
22 August 2003 £7.75
Afterword by Chris Bentley
12 page black/white photo section

Fanderson's Earthbound

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