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Eagle components

click for larger image (140k) Close up of the Alpha Moonbase crest on an Eagle passenger module. In early episodes a hand-drawn "orbit" was drawn on this crest to match the uniforms. When the models were renovated through the series, this was lost.
click for larger image (88k) A small model used in Eagle hangars. Note the rocket nozzle hidden under the staircase.
Click for larger image Last Enemy missile with an Eagle booster from New Adam New Eve.
Martin Bower's original design for the booster:
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The Eagle booster again, with a damaged leg pod. The engine bell was taken from the Phoenix model. The booster is 20cm x 8cm. The 44" Eagle was only filmed from one side, so the 2 boosters on the far side were undecorated EMA shapes, and lacked engine bells.

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Image thanks to Mark Shaw

Click for larger image The Eagle in Seance Spectre is severely damaged and loses a leg pod. Note the leg has also been removed from the rear pod.
Click for larger image The damaged Eagle leg is left on the planet Tora. This specially constructed leg pod was made to tear apart.
Click for larger image Another view of the leg pod.
click for larger image (49k) click for larger image (27k) Not an original model, this is a Martin Bower replica showing the Eagle command module with landing legs.

See also view the Eagle laser turret.

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