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by Wilson Maffetano

As far as I can remember, "Space: 1999" was shown here in 1976, Thursday nights at 09:00 PM. All the Year 1 episodes were broadcast twice only. Year 2 was shown some 2 years after that (I'm not sure about this), but under the name "Terror in Space". The "Space: 1999" logo was cut, and a new crude one introduced using that name (in Portuguese: "Terror no Espaço"). If memory serves, Year 2 was also broadcast twice only. After that the series disappeared and was never shown on any TV station again (not even on cable).

Of course, the video market here made available the 4 compilations on VHS sometime in the 1980s, but the videos are rare now. Since the end of the 1990s, all the compilations have been shown on TV cable from time to time.


by Kai Baer; some information from Erkki Rautio's excellent Phinnweb site

The series was titled Avaruusasema Alfa (literally "Spacestation Alpha") in Finland. It was broadcast on Finland's MTV in 1975 and 1976. Episodes were subtitled, not dubbed. They showed half of season one and, in 1978, 6 episodes of season 2. According to Erkki Rautio, the series was banned after a campaign by the Association of the Finnish Kindergarten Teachers who considered it too terrifying for children.

In the beginning of the 1980s a new tv channel showed the rest of the series. A few episodes never aired (including The Bringers Of Wonder)

Merchandising included the Airfix model kits, the dolls (sold in just one toystore in Turku) and bubblegum cards. There were no articles or any other media coverage whatsoever except for the few tv-magazines telling what episode they were going to show.

Still, the series seems to be quite fondly remembered here by people my age. It was a bigger hit here than Battlestar Galactica or the original Star Trek ever was. Nowadays, of course with Voyager and Babylon 5 on the air I'm afraid those shows would be voted as their favorite sci-fi shows.

The series was reshown on TVTV! in 2000 and again in 2001, and on the MTV3 Sci-Fi channel in 2008.

In 2010, Leikkilinna, the Finnish Toy Museum in Espoo, Finland, mounted an exhibition of space toys. The exhibition included a number of Space: 1999 items including Mattel dolls, Azrak-Hamway, LJN, Dinky plus some View-Masters and puzzles. Pictured here is a display featuring the rare Mattel Zython figure along with two Star Maidens dolls, Liz and Guard, plus other space-related vintage toys. Thanks to Arto Haarala


by Leonidas Papadopoulos

ΔΙΑΣΤΗΜΑ 1999 ("Space:1999") was broadcast here in Greece from the Mega TV channel, from early December 1989 to mid July 1990. All 48 episodes were shown but not with the original production order exactly. I don't remember the whole order in which the episodes were shown here, but I do remember that Breakaway and Matter Of Life And Death were the first two. Black Sun wasn't the third episode to be shown, but the last of the first season(24th) before the second season was shown. The Infernal Machine was the 4th episode in broadcast order and Another Time, Another Place was the fifth. I do recall that these two episodes had given me the creeps when I watched them back then. I can't remember the order of the other episodes, but all were shown. I had missed Breakaway at the time it was shown and started watching Space from Matter Of Life And Death and on. But during the Christmas holidays of 1989, Mega channel reran some of the episodes and I could watch Breakaway at last. The show was on every Wednesday at 3 pm and when the second season started, I think it moved to 5pm.

The series was broadcast untouched, with no dubbing (I guess I was one of the lucky ones!) and the original theme music and scenes. No merchandising was sold (not anything that I remember though), but Mega Channel advertised Space almost every day (at least during the first episodes of the first season).

Man, these were the days! I couldn't possibly think that I could spend a week without watching my favourite series and when I lost one first season episode due to school (we had one day at school in the afternoon and it happened to be Wednesday!) and three season two episodes due to summer holidays (we didn't have any TV set back then) I was the saddest boy on Earth. I was 10 years-old in 1989 and was going to the fifth grade of elementary school. At the time I couldn't think of cutting from school to go and watch Space (after all, I was only 10 years-old). During my summer holidays, lasting one month, I would go to a neighbour's house just to watch Space. And they had a colour TV set! We only had b/w TV. Maybe that was part of the magic. With the b/w TV not all things were obvious to the eye, and I had to use my imagination and that was even better from the "obvious".

Anyway, these were the best days of my life. Space had marked my childhood and had universally influenced the way I watched TV.

The Panini stickers (at least year 1) were available in Greece, with the Greek title on the album cover.

Copyright Martin Willey