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Carlton International Catalogue

These are the descriptions of the Space: 1999 series and movie compilations from the 2000 Carlton International Programme Catalogue (thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado). This Catalogue is used to sell the programmes to broadcast stations worldwide. Predictably there are some minor inaccuracies in the descriptions, but nothing completely misleading, as some of the original ITC publicity descriptions were.

Carlton Programme Catalogue (11014 bytes)

Space 1999

Encounters of a compelling and visually stunning alien kind in deep space when a group of brave explorers is blasted out of Earth's orbit by a cataclysmic nuclear accident. Hurtling through the uncharted reaches of space they must find a way back but encounter incredible creatures, new civilizations and dangers never before known to man. Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, the series (with cast including Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Barry Morse and Leo McKern) is one of the most prominent sci-fi achievements in television.

48 x 1 hour

From the ITC library

The Alphans are not trying to "find a way back" to Earth (apart from Simmonds); they are trying to find a new home on a alien planet. Leo McKern is a guest star of one episode, not a series regular.

Alien Attack

The most ambitious lunar space programme ever attempted is about to go wrong. Moonbase Alpha, a fantastic lunar based scientific research community, receives a strange signal from outer space. Commander John Koenig (Martin Landau) launches a probe to determine the source of what could be man's first communication with an extraterrestrial race. Suddenly a tremendous explosion rips the moon from orbit and it hurtles on an uncontrolled journey through space. Koenig and his crew must travel to an alien planet to save Earth from alien attack. Also starring Barbara Bain and Barry Morse.

1 x 109 minutes

From the ITC library

Koenig never actually launches the probe. The aliens are not threatening to attack Earth, although if Meta is the War Games planet it is possible to interpret it that way.

Cosmic Princess

The courageous inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha face their deadliest challenge after the moon, still hurtling through space after a series of shattering explosions, comes upon the planet Psychon. Commander Koenig (Martin Landau) is captured by the power hungry ruler, Mentor, who is stealing energy from the minds of intelligent life forms to feed his vast biological computer. Now, with Koenig as his prisoner, Mentor plans to lure the remaining Alpha crew members into his deadly trap. Koenig's only ally is Mentor's daughter, Maya (Catherine Schell), who possesses the power to transform into a million different alien creatures. Maya is the only hope for survival...

1 x 95 minutes

From the ITC library

Mentor is not strictly a power-hungry ruler (the only other Psychon is Maya, and he wants energy, not political power).

Destination Moonbase Alpha

Trapped on a runaway space station hurtling through the cosmos, the crew of Moonbase Alpha faces the unknown after a technical malfunction causes Commander Koenig's Eagle transport to crash. Meanwhile, a faster-than-light ship arrives on the Moon and a seemingly human crew announce they are the first of a squadron of rescue ships to take the Alphans back to Earth. Koenig (Martin Landau) reveals the visitors as hideous alien creatures but is not believed. Alone, Koenig, who sees the Alpha crew is in serious danger, must uncover the aliens' sinister plans and free his crew before it is too late.

1 x 100 minutes

From the ITC library

Koenig's crash is not a technical malfunction (he is apparently insane).

Journey Through the Black Sun

The Black Sun - a dying star collapsing in on itself, drawing in everything in its reach and crushing it with its powerful gravity. For the men and women of Moonbase Alpha, the life and death struggle that began when the moon was blasted out of orbit is about to become deadlier still as their lunar base moves inexorably towards the black sun. A desperate plan is proposed - to construct a makeshift force field and stabilise the gravity on the moon; then they can pass through the black sun. But will they be able to survive what waits on the other side? Starring Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Barry Morse and Margaret Leighton.

1 x 103 minutes

From the ITC library

The force field attempts to deflect the gravitational force of the black sun, not stabilise the moon's gravity. The film ends when they reach the other side of the black sun.

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