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Gerry Anderson fan letter

This was a letter written to a fan by an obviously bitter Gerry Anderson, just two months after the completion of Year 2.

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7th March 1977

Dear Pat,

Thank you for your letter dated 28 February 1977. The position is as follows:-

  1. I am an independent producer and was engaged by I.T.C. to produce "Space 1999"
  2. On completion of the first season, I.T.C. asked me to follow through with a second season which I did.
  3. On completion of the second season I.T.C. made no further request for additional programmes.
  4. The present position is that the sets have been struck, properties and wardrobe are being sold off, and I have received no further communication from them.

The above is a statement of fact. Of course any distributor can at any time resume production of a television series assuming that the producer, or a replacement, and the stars of the show are available. Technically I suppose it is correct to say that "Space 1999" has not been cancelled, although at the time of writing there is absolutely no evidence of any intention to make more programmes.

It is of course true that we, the production company, failed to maintain deliveries and keep pace with transmissions, but in fairness to myself the decision to proceed with the second season was made so late that it was known both by I.T.C. and myself that a breakdown in deliveries was likely even before the cameras started to roll.



From the mail that I have been receiving both from this country and the States, it is obvious that "Space" is building a loyal following and I feel certain that if the British television companies had given the show simultaneous network we would have had a considerable success on our hands.

As I sit here writing to you Pinewood Studios is virtually empty and I regret that we have lost our national pride. The legend "MADE IN ENGLAND" no longer appears to have any meaning.

Good luck with the campaign and ...... thank you.

Kindest regards.

Yours sincerely,
Executive Producer

Copyright Martin Willey