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New sci-fi series to debut on WLWI

Anderson Herald Bulletin, Anderson, Indiana, 23 August 1975

"The Weekly TeleVisit" section.

"SPACE: 1999" starring Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, and also starring Barry Morse, marks the first time in television history that a network of stations has been formed launch a brand new series.

Called "The Space: 1999 Network" the coast to coast line up consists of a minimum of 150 stations for the series' premiere this fall.

Formed to telecast the most expensive and spectacular series ever produced for television. The SPACE: 1999 Network will be represented in Indianapolis by WLWT Channel 13, which will telecast SPACE: 1999 Saturdays, beginning Sept. 13, from 6 to 7 p.m.

ABE MANDELL, president of Independent Television Corporation, an ATV Company, said the formation of the SPACE: 1999 Network proved inevitable. "Ever since early this year when we introduced the properly to stations", Mandell stated, "SPACE: 1999 caught the imagination of broadcasters."

"Only by 1TC acting as the creative coordinator of station activities, as well as the program supplier, could we keep pace with the demands put on SPACE: 1999. Only by ITC forming The SPACE: 1999 Network could we fulfill the needs of stations and the already manifest interest of the public in SPACE:1999" he said.

Produced by ITC at a record cost of $6,500,000, the one hour series of 24 episodes meets the needs of the public and broadcasters for all family programming. "SPACE: 1999 offers spectacular adventure and drama in a space science fiction setting" Mandell said.

THE SERIES takes place just at the turn of the century, far out in space where 311 men and women originally based on Earth's moon "find themselves on an unexpected journey across the universe.

Each episode is a fascinating explosion of fast moving adventure and drama on a scale never before attempted.

The series brings together the husband and wife starring team of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain in their first co-starring series since their memorable teaming in the world popular "Mission: Impossible."

THE NEW "SERIES also features internationally acclaimed stars in important guest roles. Included among them are Catherine Schell, Margaret Leighton, Richard Johnson, Roy Dotrice. Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Joan Collins, among others.

The entire production was under the supervision of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, who have been producing science fiction films for television and motion picture release for the past 12 years.

Spectacular effects were designed and engineered by Brain Johnson. He supervised a 12 man team of special effects and camera technicians who created the exciting on-screen events pictured in SPACE: 1999.