The Catacombs The Merchandise Guide
Annual 1977

Caption: Enter the Metamorph!, Picture: Surface of Psychon
"Moonbase Alpha. Status Report. One hundred and eight
days since leaving orbit. Doctor Helena Russell recording.
We have just survived our second encounter with a space
warp. Central computer states that we have catapulted six
light years from our last position. Survey Eagles are recon-
noitering a planet in an attempt to locate Tiranium - a
rare metal used in the repair of our life-support

  Those were the bald facts, as
put on tape by Alpha Chief
Medical Officer, just one of the
people marooned in space after
the massive nuclear explosion
that had torn the Moon free of
Earth's protective hold.
   Bald facts that began the un-
folding of a dramatic story. A
terrifying adventure that was to
bring them a new ally at the very
moment they were threatened
with total extinction! An ally with
powers beyond their wildest
   Commander John Koenig
stood rigid with tension in Main
Mission, his eyes glued to the big
video screen in front of him. On it,
the clear image of Survey Eagle
One, skimming above the rocky
surface of the alien planet. Pilots
Fraser and Torens had that
moment reported breathable
atmosphere. More important, the
presence of the vital mineral Tir-
anium, so necessary to the
Alphans' survival!
   But now, in the very moment
that he'd given them the order to
return to base, Koenig saw a ball
of green fire materialise from a
mountain outcrop. Saw it swell
and grow, rising from the ground
to pursue the Eagle!
   "There's a strange light on your
tail! Get out of there!"
   Fraser grabbed the controls and
hurled them forward, feeling the
thrust as the engines of his craft
surged to full power. In a wild
series of twisting turns, the Eagle
tried desperately to shake off its
attacker...but to no avail! It
caught up. Engulfed. And the last
thing Koenig heard was Fraser's
feeble call for help as, motors
cancelled, the Eagle was drawn
helplessly back to the planet's
   Within seconds, Koenig had
ordered maximum alert. Combat
Eagles rose from their launch
pads. Defensive force shields
were in position and ready. The
huge laser batteries were armed
and uncovered. Moonbase Alpha
was ready to fight!

   It was at that moment that the
big video screen dimmed for a
split instant, then returned to life

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