Emma Porteous, Costumes: 1999
Zamara, Cantar and Zova.
Magus, the Dorcons, Dorzak, Elizia: the
second series of Space: 1999 certainly had
its fair share of distinctive Supervil-
lains. Their appearance was fashioned by
costume designer Emma Porteous, who
talks to 
TV Zone about her time on the

Emma Porteous's distin-
guished career began in the rag
trade, working with a designer.
"I went to Paris and did all the
collections for about ten years," she ex-
plains. "Then I got bored with that. I saw
an advertisement in the paper for a cos-
tume designer at ATV and went there,
then moved on the Rediffusion, which col-
lapsed and became London Weekend
   I was asked if I wanted to work on a film
called Performance, which starred Mick
Emma Porteous
Design Sketch of Costumes from Devil's Planet and Actual Costume

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