Joan Collins in Mission of the Darians

The ageless Joan Collins is the center of attention in this photo from the
episode, "Mission of the Darians."
Catherine Schell as The Guardian's Servant in Guardian of Piri Judy Geeson in Another Time, Another Place

Catherine Schell from the first-
season episode, "Guardian of Piri."
Well-known British actress Judy
Geeson starred in this episode of
1999 entitled, "Another Time, Another
Dr. Russell regressed to a primitive cavewoman in Full Circle
Barbara Bain as Dr. Helena Russell,
chief medical officer in charge of life
support systems, including the
psychological and emotional stability
of all life forms on Moonbase Alpha.
The Girls of Space: 1999, Time now to feast our eyes on some luscious lovelies who are literally 'out of this world.' Let's look at the heavenly bodies better known as THE GIRLS OF SPACE: 1999

   Surprisingly enough, few articles on ITC Entertainment's
Space:1999 have appeared in professional magazines. The
expensive series lasted for two years, and during that time 47
episodes were aired (the second season entry, The Bringers
of Wonder
, was a two-parter). This, the most lavish of
Gerry Anderson's British series, quickly gained a large
gathering of fans who religiously followed the exploits of
Moonbase Alpha every week.
   This study deals with the women of that program-some of
whom were very sexy. The two resident heroines, Helena and
Maya, experienced some hairy times, but in addition, alien gals
turned up in almost every adventure. Many of them were played
by American and British stars, and most of the characters-while
beautiful-turned out to be evil. Nonetheless they were nice to
look at.
   Helena Russell (Barbara Bain), Alpha's chief medical officer,
experienced some embarrassing things during her space career.
In "Another Time, Another Place, " she was part
of a landing party that traveled to a duplicate - but devastated-Earth. There,
she encountered an older version of herself , who was presumed to be her
sometime in the future. Because of a number of second season occurrences,
this story is considered to have taken part in an alternate universe; therefore,
the characters found on the planet were not our heroes. Full Circle went
the opposite route, and showed her regressing into a cavewoman-type; she
never looked better. Her atomic structure was altered in Ring Around the
, resulting in her teleportation to the planet Triton. Upon returning to
Alpha, she was under enemy control for a while. Early in the second season
entry, New Adam, New Eve, she was hypnotized into making out with
Tony Verdeschi (Tony Anholt) for purposes of mating with him. Fortunately,
this alien plot was interfered with by the arrival of a blue gorilla, who also
tried to make it with her. Finally, in One Moment of Humanity, a
"male" android who wanted

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