SPACE: 1999

Scene from AB Chrysalis
Catherine Schell posing with some latex friends

Eagle Launchpad
Space: 1999, like Star Trek before
it, has grown in popularity since
its concellation. Now in syndica-
tion, it reaches a larger, more
enthusiastic audience than ever before.
Unlike Trek, just about every episode is
loaded with spectacular special effects,
courtesy of the FX team of Nick Allder
and Brian Johnson. Space featured more
aliens, spaceships, space battles, sabo-
tage, braindrains and startling trans-
formations that any other short-lived
series has or is likely to have in the
near future.

Above: Alan Carter (Nick Tate) finds an
unconscious Koenig (Martin Landau) in
"The Chrysalis A-B-C." Top right: Maya
(Catherine Schell) is flanked by two alien
creatures she's been know to turn into.
Middle right: Moonbase Alpha. Right:
Close-up of one of the Alpha Eagles. The
nose cone detaches fro emergency use.

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