The Missing Professor

Victor Bergman Although the new series of Space:
 has brought to the screen a
crop of fresh faces - notably the
female alien Maya - it has also
caused at least on casualty. It
appears that Professor Bergman
the amiable father figure of Moon-
base Alpha, has been lost in space.
   Professor Bergman - played by
veteran London actor Barry Morse
(The Fugitive, The Adventurer,
The Zoo Gang
) - was an English
professor who was plucked from
the security of an Earthbound
posting to lecture on Moonbase
Alpha. When the Moon went out
of orbit, his cool resourcefulness
greatly assisted Koenig in making
decisions affecting the Base.
   Apart from his logical, academic
brain, Bergman's coolness stemmed
largely from his unique medical
history. An early illnes led to his
having a mechanical heart-replace-
ment. This, because it responded
more slowly to nervous stimuli
than a normal heart, reduced his
reactions to emotional stress.
   Now, although the Space:
 production team is being
rather tight lipped about his
future, it appears Bergman has dis-
appeared in Deep Space. Apparent-
ly the space craft he was piloting
simply vanished.
   Bergman's mysterious fate will
undoubtedly prove a great loss to
Koenig and the rest of the Moon-
base Alpha crew. But perhaps,
one day, the rogue moon and the
Professor will once again cross
paths. In space, anything is

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