Space: 1999 - Children of the Gods (banner across top), 1. (left lower corner) Helena Russell (Barbara Bain) longing for a home?, 2. (right lower corner) In this lost story Tony, Sahn, Alan and Maya would have met their descendants
���In a Fantasy Flashback with a differ-
ence, we take a look at the episode of
Space: 1999 which would have ended the
show's second season. The story con-
cluded the Alphans' search for a home,
but the episode was never made...

The Plot
���Moonbase Alpha is disappearing, piece
by piece. While trying to solve the mys-
tery, Koenig and his crew discover two
young human children, who possess awe-
some alien powers.
���The children are supervised by an alien
adult; a complex, contemplative man who
observes their every move but does not
control them.
���Moonbase Alpha is at the children's
mercy, as they utilize their powers over
the forces of nature. Almost like Caligula
ruling over Rome, they possess extremes
of generosity and cruelty.
���Koenig and the crew are shocked to dis-
cover that the children are their descend-
ants. Three hundred years into the future,
the Alphans have settled on an alien planet,
have reproduced in large numbers and
their society has stabilized sufficiently for
them to seek to colonize other worlds.
���This expansion is of great concern to a
very advanced alien race, whose presence
is unknown to the descendants of Alpha.
Their chosen course of action is to examine
the nature of Earth people, and have taken
two of their children. They have indulged
them, given them fantastic powers, and have
waited for their natural instincts to show.
���The result of this experiment have now
been taken back to Alpha by the alien spe-
cies; back to the source of the colony that
threatens them. The humans are being
judged upon uncontrolled power in the
hands of irrational, undisciplined children.
If their behaviour reveals the true nature
of the human race, Alpha will be de-
stroyed, history will be changed, and the
colony in three hundred years time will
never even have existed.
���Does the degree of evil in human nature
warrant the destruction of the species? The
results so far suggest that the children are
irretrievably evin, and the Humanity is
beyond redemption.
���However, just as the fate of the Alphans is
sealed, and the base is to be destroyed, one
of the children makes an extraordinary act
of self-sacrifice. The action reveals all that
is positive in Humanity, and allows the
alien judge to reassess the race as a force
for Good. Three hundred years in the Fu-
ture, the two species can now make con-
tact and a peaceful coexistence will occur.

Alibe (Alibe Parsons)
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