Catherine Schell, The Psychon Speaks
Maya meets a strange foe...

   Catherine Schell was
smuggled out of Hungary as a
baby when her family escaped
their native country. Now she is
an internationally successful actress with
a string of movie and television credits to
her name. TV Zone spoke to her about her
most celebrated roles--and in particular
her portrayal of Maya in Gerry Ander-
son's Space: 1999.
   One of Catherine's best remembered ap-
pearances was in the James Bond movie
On Her Majesty's Secret Service. "That
happened a very long time ago and I was
only just married when I did it," she re-
calls. "I had this tiny little part, and they
always call me 'the Bond girl.' I find that
weird. Diana Rigg was the star of the film,
and the girls were only there as photogra-
phy fodder, publicity fodder, and we spent
hours and hours every day when we
weren't actually filming, posing for maga-
zines and newspapers. Eight hours a day
where you weren't working because you
were doing publicity photographs!"
   "We did the filming very, very high up
a mountain. I rented a flat, but kept a room
in the hotel, where I stayed if I was work-
ing the following morning. One night I
held a dinner party for the other girls in the
film. We were all sitting round a big table
and my husband was the only man there.
We were all having a discussion and the
  An early glimpse of Maya in The Metamorph
  Maya in Psychon dress

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