The Truly Useless but Fun Space:1999 List of Quotes!

Compilation made just for the fun of it by Daphne Vezina.

Warning: intensive reading of these might cause permanent brain malfunction. Keep your system on yellow alert and put your mouse computer on stun! Thank you...

People who have contributed to this compilation: Paul Apprich, Gordon Moriguchi, Tricia, Paul Beatrice, Bill Meisel, D. Smith, Brenna R. Toblan, Ian Davis, Glen, Whyte Wolf, Ande Tucker, Philippa Siddle and a lot of unindentifiable but reliable sources. : - )

Thank you!

A giant leap for Mankind... It's more like a stumble in the dark. John Koenig Breakaway
We'll determine our own destiny Koenig The Metamorph
Yes... Maybe there (talking about Planet Meta) Koenig Breakaway
Loyalty is better than logic; Hope is better than despair; Creation is better than destruction. Koenig AB Chrysalis
If you're gonna die, you might as well die on Alpha. Koenig War Games
Just because we didn't experience something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Koenig Dragon's Domain
I have an incredible faith in the human spirit. Koenig War Games
What's happened to us out there in space is beyond explanations. Koenig Another Time, Another Place
There's nothing here for you but destruction. Alternative Paul Another Time, Another Place
How does it feel playing God everyday? Victor in Koenig's mind Missing Link
Koenig: What are you without feeling hate, not to mention the joy of love?
Vana: We feel such joy because we understand hate. It is a form of fear and only fear.
Missing Link
Vana: But you taught me that love is the bridge between worlds...
Raan: Only when you know when to cross it!
Missing Link
Koenig: I still believe it is more important to feel than to think.
Raan: It is the balance between the two that is still important to learn.
Missing Link
If we understand others, in time I believe we come to understand ourselves. Koenig Immunity Syndrome
When it came to the crunch, did Ceasar believe the soothsayer? Jack Tanner Death's Other Dominion
The road to paradise has sealed up. Jack Tanner Death's Other Dominion
We sit in a pinnacle of rock... and no bird to sing. Jack Tanner Death's Other Dominion
Death has dominion. Jack Tanner Death's Other Dominion
Is it death that gives a meaning to life in the end?
If there is an end...
Koenig and the voice
of Cabot Rowlands
Death's Other Dominion
Ignorance is not a reason to start shooting. Koenig Alpha Child
What worries me is what I don't understand, what I can't see... Koenig Guardian of Piri
No! Leave me with my pain. It reminds me I'm human! Koenig Guardian of Piri
The impossible takes just a little bit longer, that's all, Commander! Commissioner Simmonds Earthbound
Commissioner, right now I need a doctor and a scientist out there, not a politician! Koenig to Simmonds Earthbound
So much for illlusions! John Koenig Bringers of Wonder, Part 2
It is better to live as your own man than as a fool in someone else's dream. John Koenig Bringers of Wonder, Part 2
Simmonds, if I could rig that computer, it would shout out your name, but you take your chances with the rest! Koenig Earthbound
John Koenig, toasting: To everything that might have been...
Victor: To everything that was...
Black Sun
Mind if I share the music with you? Tanya to Paul Black Sun
Everything is everything else.The whole universe is living thought. Koenig Black Sun
Commander, let them have Maya. Why should we all die for her? Misceallaneous Alphan The Dorcons
My being considered the caveman of the future is your idea of the situation? Koenig to Vana Missing Link
It may simply be John's time to die... Helena Missing Link
We're always ready to cooperate for the common good. Koenig The Dorcons
My idea of neutrality is not being a sitting duck and being shot at by both sides! Koenig The Last Enemy
Helena: We survived, John.
John: Yes, but think of the cost!
The Last Enemy
Zamara: And you are not political on Alpha?
Koenig: No, we're not!
One Moment of Humanity
You know everything about hyperspace, but you know nothing about inner space! Maya to Taybor The Taybor
If this is the end of a life, we have to start a new one to live like human beings again! Paul to Sandra The Last Sunset
Tomorrow, we'll start a new Alpha! Paul The Last Sunset
There's nothing like a thumping good failure for draining the money supply. Commisioner Dixon Dragon's Domain
No moon, no Alphans. Koenig Alpha Child
Professor Bergman's made his first calculation! Paul Collision Course
We believe that revenge sanctionned by authorities is also a sign of a debased culture Victor Voyager's Return
We learned a lot of things but most of all we learned...that we still have a lot to learn. Victor, leaving a
message on
Moonbase Alpha
War Games
I know less than you about this universe but there's got to be more than chance. Koenig to Victor Another Time, Another Place
Koenig, about establishing a colony on Earth: I think it was a wise decision.
Victor: You should know, you made it!
Another Time, Another Place
Helena: Under the skin, do you think we changed that much in 40 thousand years?
Victor: Do you think we ever will?
Full Circle
Victor: All that knowledge... isn't the answer.
Koenig: Then what is it?
Ring Around the Moon
I don't know... Maybe I've had enough of Earth and its so-called civilization.
Victor to John Earthbound
Helena: It's ingenious!
Victor: It's insane!
Talking about the forcefield Black Sun
We all believe what we want to believe... Victor Black Sun
60 year old brandy. I've been saving it for ten years. Victor Black Sun
It was a human decision. No one would have done it any other way. Victor Bergman Collision Course
Victor: Well, I've been thinking...
Koenig: It's the best thing that's happened today!
Collision Course
And they're going back towards future time. Victor Another Time, Another Place
This is not exactly your style! «shoot first, ask questions later » Victor The Last Enemy
Terror, destruction, torture! Victor End of Eternity
Just instinctively I'd say it was spring! Victor The Last Sunset
If we go into orbit, I shall care about symmetry! Victor to Koenig The Last Sunset
Perhaps a future life... Victor Another Time, Another Place
I'm a astronaut, professor... Not a philosopher. Alan Carter The Black Sun
Alan: I wonder if the others survived...
Koenig: Did they ever exist?
Another Time, Another Place
When the ship's sinking, the rat's the first to leave. Alan Testament of Arcadia
Where is the nearest john? Alan Carter Bringers of Wonder, Part 2
I can't speak for the rest but I care about dying, how I die...If somebody can take them somewhere, it's me. Alan Black Sun
I'll send you a postcard! Alan to Paul Black Sun
There's a place down the corridor that you wouldn't believe... Hamburgers! Alan to Etrec Mark of Archanon
I'm going to tackle you! Alan to Etrec Mark of Archanon
I hear you, old earthman! Alan The Bringers of Wonder, Part 2
Well, would you believe we have lost our way? Alan Journey to Where
On Earth I come from a country called Australia! Alan to Sahala Dorzak
Holy Cow! After seeing Dione's battleship The Last Enemy
Well now you see why I got drummed out of the Boy Scouts! Alan, failing to start a fire Journey to Where
Tomorrow, we'll build a swimming pool! Alan The Last Sunset
By God, if they hurt her... Alan, about Sandra Full Circle
Looks like pea soup from up here! Alan to Helena The Last Sunset
Alan: John! Are you alright?
Koenig: Isn't everybody after being hit by 300-400 volts?
AB Chrysalis
Hey! Good old clean air! Alan AB Chrysalis
They used to call this city the Big Apple... Alan Bringers of Wonder, Part 2
We don't die on request! Tony to the cloud entity The Beta Cloud
Logan: Moonbase Alpha, we have a problem!
Verdeschi: Oh, how about that? Join the tribe, Space Station One!
Journey to Where
An Alphan: Why should they go first?
Tony Verdeschi: Why? Do you want to take the risk?
Journey to Where
Tony Verdeschi: Hey, the natives are getting restless, here!
John Koenig: Let's hope Logan can find the answers to calm them!
Journey to Where
You're right, Tony, it doesn't have any effect at all! Maya, after taking
a sip of Tony's concoction
Journey to Where
Shallow! That's what you are, Tony! Why does it matter what I look like on the outside? Maya The Exiles
Tony: For most of the races that we've come across, it doesn't look as you had much success! Pasc: It takes time! Mark of Archanon
Short-lived recovery if she's gonna have any of that! Maya, about Helena
drinking Tony's beer
Journey to Where
You know your problem? No sense of adventure! Tony Journey to Where
You foul-mouthed, lying cretin! Zarl to Tony One Moment of Humanity
Party's over, kids! Come on out! Tony to the Vegans One Moment of Humanity
They want us to give you up for this? That's obscene! Tony to Maya The Dorcons
Discipline, discipline, discipline! A throw-back to Capt. Bligh! Tony to Maya
about mirror Koenig
Seeds of Destruction
Maya, put me down! Tony The Bringers of Wonder, Part 2
I know how to cheer you up. How about a beer? Tony to Maya Dorzak
Get ready for the taste of a lifetime, Verdeschi's beer no. 29! Tony A Matter of Balance
Thanks, but I happen to be on a liquid-free diet! Bill Fraser to Tony A Matter of Balance
Helena: What happened?
Tony: Would you believe a friendly alien?
Space Warp
You're a man, act the part! Zarl to Tony One Moment of Humanity
Cloud: Accept your fate!
Tony: So that we can die peacefully?
The Beta Cloud
You've got a lot to learn about humanity, Santa Claus! Tony to Magus New Adam, New Eve
How can you be such a dumb, blind kangooroo? Tony to Alan Seeds of Destruction
You asked what kind of people they are. What kind of people are we? Tony to Koenig The Exiles
That never got off the drawing board! Tony, about the Super Swift Bringers of Wonder, Part 1
We almost made it, you... and I. Helena to dying Koenig Matter of Life or Death
Helena: We nearly lost you...
John: Likewise!
Full Circle
Helena: We're looking for answers. Not heroes.
Koenig: I didn't know you cared!
Helena: It's my life. If it ends on Alpha or somewhere out in space, what difference does it make?
Koenig: It makes a difference. To me.
Black Sun
Helena: You're not going out again!
Koenig: Don't worry, I'll wear my galoshes!
Collision Course
I know it's not the time to bring that up but Psychon is my favorite planet! Tony to Maya The Beta Cloud
Maya, I love you! Tony to Maya The Beta Cloud
Helena: John?
Koenig: I know. Me too...
When Alpha is
apparently on the
verge of destruction
AB Chrysalis
Helena: You better let us take care of your hands...
Koenig: My place or yours?
The Dorcons
No difference, uh? Helena to Koenig The Exiles
Helena, you can tell us apart. What we shared, he couldn't know! Koenig Seeds of Destruction
Koenig: Tony doesn't love Helena...
Zamara: Then who loves her?
Koenig: I do!
Zamara: And the man?
Koenig: Tony Verdeschi? He's in love with Maya.
One Moment of Humanity
All that concern! You will make Paul jealous! Alan talking to Sandra Full Circle
I've been flattered from what I heard! Koenig to Helena,
about her jealousy
as a cavewoman
Full Circle
John: I wanted to discuss this love test...
Maya: What kind of test, Commander?
Helena: It's a test that we.... failed!
John: I thought we've passed it!
Brian the Brain
You know something? I take back everything I said about you, including the fact that you're a man of perception! Helena to Koenig The Exiles
Human decision required. Computer Breakaway
A lot of people are using computers but don't know how they work... Maya The Taybor
Kano: But Computer will have to be deactivated for the forcefield!
Victor: Well, it could do with a rest!
Black Sun
Victor: Computer gave us an idea, 8% chance.
Helena: But what about the 2%?
John: Then we would have died one day ahead of everyone else!
Talking about testing
the forcefield
Black Sun
Computer's not a crystal ball, Commander! Kano
Computer (slow): ...must ad-vi-ce Com-man-der K...
Victor: Well, I'll run ahead of you, if you don't mind!
Collision Course
Koenig: Kano, what's the computer situation?
Kano: Malfunctionning!
The Last Enemy
Computer's telling us nice stories, today... Helena to Kano The Last Sunset
Computer never tells stories! Kano to Helena The Last Sunset
I'm not behaving like a Doctor! Helena, lost
in the snowstorm
Death's Other Dominion
You're just trying to resolve a conflict nobody gives a damn for! Helena to Ernst Queller Voyager's Return
I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker! Helena All That Glisters
I'm a doctor, John. I save lives for the sake of it. Helena Russell The Exiles
Eva, we're living in deep space. There's so many things we don't understand! But we've got to help each other... to understand. Helena Russell Force of Life
Koenig: Are you sure you should smoke?
Victor: Oh, I don't think Dr. Russell would mind t...
interrupted because
of Koenig's look
Black Sun
I don't know, I don't know anything! Helena One Moment of Humanity
Don't panic, Helena! Helena One Moment of Humanity
John Koenig, philosopher. If the chips are on the table, we're stll in the game! Helena Seance Spectre
Our instruments said it was never alive. So how could we be sure it was really dead? Helena Dragon's Domain
It's like they said in old earth hospitals: the operation was a success but we lost the patient! Dr. Ben Vincent to Helena Catacombs of the Moon)
What matters is that Maya cannot retain this form for more than an hour! Helena Space Warp)
I'm in control of this unit! I will determine whether or not I'm obsolete! Helena to Balor End of Eternity
It sticks in your throat, you decrepit hag! Zamara to Helena One Moment of Humanity
We're not used to hot foods, cool it!! Helena to the android no.8 One Moment of Humanity
You're getting old, Cantor! Helena to a rapidly aging Cantor The Exiles
That was Sacred Bread, Alan! Paul Morrow The Last Sunset
With all this technology at our disposition...Who needs nature? Carla Journey to Where
With history like that, who wants to go back to Earth anyway? Helena Journey to Where
I've been named commissionner because I did what was necessary, not what was right. Simmonds Earthbound
We are sitting on the biggest bomb man ever made. Bringers of Wonder
I'll tell you what, make me a pretty nose! Helena to John The Exiles
I'm going to take some fresh air! I guess it means a walk in the corridor! Anton Zoreff Force of Life
Helena: I remember when I was a little girl, I was afraid of the dark! Ain't that funny!
Sandra: And I was afraid of doctors!
Black Sun
We can't leave 50 missiles hanging over our heads! Koenig to Verdeschi The Exiles
I'd rather remain here on Alpha than end up somewhere in space! Yasko, Journey to Where
Your small world entered our sphere of influence. Zamara One Moment of Humanity
Soon you will make love to the woman Helena... Zamara to Zarl One Moment of Humanity
People killed, injured... It's all my fault! Maya The Dorcons
Ehrlich: I swear it's snowing over California!
Ben Vincent: Hey, smile when you say that, man!
The Bringers of Wonder, Part 2
How am I supposed to run a base of sleeping beauties? Koenig The Bringers of Wonder, Part 2
Oh, I do love your make-up! Diana Morris to Maya The Bringers of Wonder, Part 1
Maya: And what do you do, Guido?
Tony: He's a cab driver!
The Bringers of Wonders, Part 1
Tell me, what's the latest fashion on Earth, what everyone is wearing? Sandra The Bringers of Wonder, Part 1
Dr. Russell? When this is all over, I will take that examination! Mirror Koenig Seeds of Destruction
How does your species say goodbye? Sahala to Alan Dorzak
I've never seen you in my life... Dr. Russell! Koenig to Helena Seance Spectre
Very clever, these earthlings! Maya Dorzak
We're a bit low on sacrificial goats! Koenig New Adam, New Eve
Somehow I don't think I would like the people! Koenig, about Planet Ariel The Last Sunset
It smells very good... Like country air! Paul Morrow The Last Sunset
I hate backseat drivers! Kano to Alan Full Circle
You've got a big skull! Victor to Koenig Full Circle
I'll tell you what... Can I come down and have lunch with you? Brian the Brain Brian the Brain
Hello Hello Hello, well, that's her! Reilly on finding the milganite All that Glisters
Hello. Now that is strange! Reilly (who else?) All that Glisters
Hello. Now something's off balance! Reilly (original line...) All that Glisters
Uh uh. Nope. No. (sigh). Negative. Reilly (having a Reilly
fest, obviously)
All that Glisters
The rocks understand me, Commander! Reilly All that Glisters
We're just good friends... I mean, yellow wheels? EEEEEEW! Brian the Brain,
on a portable computer
in Command Center
Brian the Brain
You know what's your problem? Your brain works like a computer so you're jealous of that other computer! Tony to Maya Brian the Brain
What is this brain, some crazy highjacking slot machine? Bill Fraser Brian the Brain
Hey, Maya! Now that our computer has the brain's memory, you better not transform yourself into a yellow-wheeled trolley or this console's gonna get up and chase you! Tony to Maya Brian the Stoopid, oops! Brain
I'll keep the lady safe for you. Brian the dubious brain... Brian the Brain
So no monkey tricks or you know what you'll fiiind when you come baaaack! Brian the Brain to Koenig Brian the Brain
You are from Earth. I will arrange for suitable atmosphere. Alien guardian AB Chrysalis
I only collect originals! Taybor the trader/traitor/whatever... The Taybor
Bannockburn plus 25 Morse code message from Koenig Journey to Where
96 minutes of air... John «floating» Koenig War Games
We're all aliens...Until we get to know one another. Koenig to Maya The Metamorph
Matter never dies. It changes its forms. There are many forms of lifes. Many forms of deaths, too. Lee Russell Matter of Life or Death
Vana: You will remain here until the end of your life.
Koenig, throwing his food platter to the floor: Then that end will come much sooner!
Missing Link
It is violence I think most fascinating. I find it most frightening. Raan Missing Link
He must neutrilize his own mind, conquer his violence. Raan Missing Link
Vana: We are incapable of deception.
Koenig: Every scientist makes that claim...Ends justify the means.
Missing Link
You are one among many. Koenig to the lifeform Immunity Syndrome
I that am I is no more; I that will be has much to regret The lifeform Immunity Syndrome
There's always someone left to kill! Pasc Mark of Archanon
I do not save lives, I take it! Pasc Mark of Archanon
You're beginning to sound human, Zarl. Be careful. You know the dangers... Zamara to Zarl One Moment of Humanity
I admire your readiness to die for your principles, Commander. Are the rest of you Alphans ready to die, too? Counsel Varda to Koenig The Dorcons
Those about to live salute you! Malik to the Archon The Dorcons
She's a metamorph! The pseudo Dr.Shaw, about Maya Bringers of Wonder, Part 1
The failing of your race is the inability to see the positive out of the negative. Elizia Devil's Planet
Tell me of yourself, Maya, since I saw you last! Dorzak Dorzak
Is there some flaw in the Psychon nature that turns us into monsters? First my father, and now you? Maya Dorzak
It's the struggle for survival that turns us into monsters. Dorzak Dorzak
We are fighting a war. Please be brief! Commissioner Theia The Last Enemy
How can you value life when you don't fear death? Balor End of Eternity
Oh, please, don't let me kill you! I have to be careful with mortals! Balor End of Eternity
Resistance is futile! Maya The Dorcons
Your idea of free will is the right to say no! Magus New Adam, New Eve
They are the androids, we are the humans! #8 to Helena One Moment of Humanity
Rigorous genetic conformity... Jarek Alpha Child
I lost my equilibrium... Pasc Mark of Archanon
A second chance... Magus New Adam, New Eve
I am your creator! Magus New Adam, New Eve
See what you want to see! Lee Russell Matter of Life and Death
I am I! Entity Immunity Syndrome
You must remain neutral. Dione The Last Enemy