Cover Patrick Osgood in Catacombs of the Moon 1. Helena, Tony and Sandra in Catacombs of the Moon, Helena is pleading with John to release the tiranium for Michelle Osgood's artificial heart, 2. Picture of a girl identified as Michelle Osgood in the caption, however the picture is really of A from AB Chrysalis, 3. Patrick Osgood's nightmare, where Michelle dies in his arms surrounded by flames 1. Helena, John and Brian the Brain, 2. Brian the Brain threatening Helena and John, 3. Brian the Brain testing John and Helena's love for each other 1. Imminent cave-in in the beginning of The Mark of Archanon, 2. Pasc and Etrec in their subterraneon stasis chamber, 3. Pasc strangling an Alphan, due to the deadly killing sickness 1. Red alert during One Moment of Humanity, 2. Helena and the Vegan android