Cover 1. Commander Koenig and Maya in The Metamorph, 2. Alien captive working the mines of Psychon after being drained by Psyche 1. Koenig and Maya watch Mentor die in The Metamorph, 2. John, Helena and Maya in Command Center searching for the cause of the destructive shock wave in AB Chyrsalis, 3. Koenig being helped into the spacesuit he will need on the chlorine Planet of the Masters 1. The Guardian's case in AB Chrysalis, 2. Alien Strong from Rules of Luton, 3. John and Tony covering the trap for Magus in New Adam, New Eve 1. Magus welcomes the sun which gives him power in New Adam, New Eve, 2. Helena and Tony are attracted to each other through Magus's powers, 3. John and Maya are likewise affected by Magus An ape-like hybrid attacks Helena on New Earth in New Adam, New Eve