Cover Destructive winds blow through Alpha cause by Carolyn Powell under the influence of the alien phenomenon 1. Feverish Maya turns into a space creature and escapes to the surface of the moon in Space Warp, 2. Carter and Ehrlich drive across the moon to blow up the waste dumps while under the influence of The Bringers of Wonder, 3. Koenig tries to stop Carter and Ehrlich from blowing up the waste dumps 1. Carter and Ehrlich on the way to blow up the space dumps under the influence in The Bringers of Wonder, 2. The Alphans welcome their friends and family (or so they think) in The Bringers of Wonder, 3. The repulsive alien from The Bringers of Wonder bends over the terrified Koenig, 4. One of the repulsive Bringers of Wonder 1. Koenig among the dormant Bringers of Wonder, 2. Koenig and Alan fight at the nuclear waste dumps, Alan under the influence of the Bringers of Wonder believes Koenig to be a thug attacking him, 3. Alan and his imaginary date, created by the Bringers of Wonder 1. Helena treats John after crashing his Eagle in Bringers of Wonder, 2. Carter and Ehrlich among the nuclear waste domes in Bringers of Wonder