Cover Maya unconscious in Eagle after Sanderson attacks it in The Seance Spectre 1. Koenig setting the charge to blow up the waste dumps in The Seance Spectre, 2. Koenig and Sanderson fighting at the edge of the nuclear waste pile, 3. The Interrogation Chamber on the Devil's Planet 1. Helena treating Yesta in Dorzak, 2. Dorzak, 3. Koenig captured by one of Elizia's whip bearing guards, 4. Fellow prisoners on Devil's Planet, restraining Koenig 1. One of Elizia's huntresses, 2. Elizia surrounded by her huntresses, 3. Helena, under Dorzak's control, removes the mind protection device from Sahala 1. Crashed eagle with vegetation protruding inside, 2. Helena tries to save Maya in Space Warp, but doesn't know how to care for the alien creature she has turned into