Dedication to Valentina
This page is a tribute to Valentina Fiore, a Space: 1999 fan who was a member of the Space: 1999 Mailing list for a tragically short time. Valentina died of leukemia on Sunday, December 22, 1996, at the age of 19.

Valentina I remember, I remember...

The north wind makes shiver the naked trees of the garden,
while the silence of the night envelopes everything.
A dog barks in the distance, only ghost of this desolation.
Why, o wind, do you pull the most beautiful flower?
Why do you have stolen from us Valentina?

She now doesn't run more on the grass of his garden
and she doesn't pick the primroses in February,
first messengers of the spring, her season.

Now the roses won't capture anymore her blonde hairs.

I remember her eyes, the deep blue of her sky.
I remember her face, timid mirror of her hearth.
I remember her hands, small and white, petals of flowers.

I remember, I remember, I remember....
but now I don't see you anymore.
I see only the naked trees of your garden.

Maybe the Sun of April will give you still life, Valentina.
Maybe, maybe: I wait for here, in your garden.

I wait for the wind of spring.

by Ermes Ventisetti

This was our first introduction to Valentina. Even as she was nearing the end she was cheerful with such posts that showed the lively spirit she was.

Hello People!

What's on for tonight, folks? Excuse me for my greeting not much orthodox. May I introduce myself? I am Valentina, Italian girl, university student in Florence (faculty of arts and philosophy). I am 19 years old.

I am a big fan of Space:1999, because my brother Alexander has all the episodes of the first season and 12 of the second season. I use the account of my brother. Among the characters of Space:1999, I love Alan Carter. As a man, Alan is fascinating, and if I live on Alpha, I would pursue relentlessly. A strong man, sure of oneself, generous, exceptional pilot, I prefer Alan also because he loves the children. Maybe the only point negative (for an in love girl), is that Alan courts too the other women. I would be much jealous and I would often quarrel. I think that Alan would merit of be the substitute of the commander Jonh Koenig. (By the way, Nick Tate where alive? He act in film still? And Jonh Koenig?).

Good evening to all!