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Vic Elms

VIC ELMS Music (Year 1)

image thanks to Jerry Scott

Born 1947. Although credited as "Vic Elms" on Space 1999, he was more usually known by his real name, "Vic Elmes". Elmes was a pop musician with the group "Christie", and had a number one hit with "Yellow River". He left the band in 1973 when it temporarily disbanded.

Elmes was married to Sylvia Anderson's daughter Dee, and she was keen to have him contribute to Space 1999. Elmes also did the electric guitar solo on the title music (with Liam Genockey on drums and bass player John McCoy, from the group ZZebra). Elmes also performed a guitar arrangement of the theme used in Matter Of Life And Death. His attempt to score the episode Ring Around The Moon was not wildly successful, as the session musicians refused to work with him. Alan Willis had to take over, composing a score based on his themes.

Elmes also wrote the music for Anderson's unseen pilot The Investigator and the film The Ups and Downs of a Handyman (1975). In 1980 he moved to Germany, where he lived for 10 years. In 1987 he joined the drummer from Christie to perform as Christie Again, with albums including "Greatest Hits and More" (2004)

He died in 2017

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