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1973 Unit List

This unit list was prepared in August 1973 immediately prior to filming the first episode. A unit list contains all the production staff associated with Space 1999. The actual list includes addresses and phone numbers, which are omitted here. There were corrected lists issued on 19 November 1973, 24 January 1974, 29 July 1974 and 5 August 1974; name changes are indicated below.




Executive Production Gerry Anderson
Producer Sylvia Anderson
Executive- Group Three
Productions Limited
Reg Hill
Production Manager Ron Fry
First Assistant Director Ken Baker
Second Assistant Director Steve Lanning
Third Assistant Director Roy Button
Continuity Gladys Goldsmith
Production Secretary Jane Oscroft (19.11.73: Gladys Pearce)
Gerry Anderson's Secretary Kate Curry
Sylvia Anderson's Secretary Linda Matthews
Lighting Cameraman Frank Watts
Camera Operator Neil Binney (19.11.73: Jack Lowin)
Follow Focus (19.11.73 credit is "Focus Puller") Mike Tomlin
Clapper/loader Paul Turtle (19.11.73: Julian White, 24.1.74: Ron Lavery)
Sound Mixer Dave Bowen
Boom Operator Fred Tomlin
Sound Camera Operator Maurice Smith (19.11.73 and 24.1.74: Chris Munro)
Sound Maintenance Austin Partridge
Electronics Effects Engineer
(19.11.73 credit: Electronics Effects Co-ordinator)
Michael Downing
Electronic Effects Operator Geoff Grimmell
Electronics Engineer (not 19.11.73) Michael Faithfull
Electronics Effects Engineer (only 19.11.73) John Murphy
Art Director Keith Wilson
Assistant Art Director Michael Ford
Draughtsman Dennis Bosher
Draughtswoman (19.11.73 only) Cristina Witherick
Art Department Assistant Richard Holland
Production Buyer Sid Palmer
Construction Manager Bill Waldron
Make-up Artiste Basil Newall
Make-up Artiste Ann Cotton
Hairdresser Helene Bevan
Hairdresser Maud Onslow (19.11.73 only: Joyce Wood)
Wardrobe Mistress Eileen Sullivan
Wardrobe Assistant Elvira Angelinetta
Wardrobe Assistant Betty Rogers
Script Editor Chris Penfold
Script Secretary Diana Healy (19.11.73 only: Julie Smith)
Supervising Editor Dave Lane
Editor Derek Hyde-Chambers
First Assistant Editor Peter Gray (19.11.73 only: To Be Advised)
Editor Alan Killick
First Assistant Editor Colin Needs (19.11.73 only: To Be Advised)
Second Assistant Editor Linda Pearce (19.11.73 only: Stephen Spencer)
Dubbing Editor Peter Pennell
Dubbing Editor Roy Lafberry (19.11.73 only: To Be Advised)
Assistant Dubbing Editor Phillip Sanderson
Assistant Dubbing Editor Edward Bond (19.11.73 only: To Be Advised, 24.1.74: Jim Pattenden)
Music Editor Alan Willis
Special Effects Technician Allan Bryce
Casting Director Michael Barnes
Casting Secretary Rosemary Palmer (19.11.73: Maureen Putnam, 24.1.74: Rosemary Palmer)
Production Accountant Terry Connors
Assistant Production Accountant Ray Buckley
Accounts Assistant Margaret Woods
Secretary To Martin Landau
and Barbara Bain
Gail Samuelson (19.11.73 only: Liz Green)
Driver To Martin Landau
and Barbara Bain
Ray Atkins (19.11.73 only: Joe Himppen)
Unit Driver Doug Lister
Unit Driver Brian Boreham
Electrical Supervisor John May
Chargehand Electrician Freddie Webster
Chargehand Props Wally Hocking (19.11.73: Eddie Francis, 24.1.74: Paddy Bennett)
S/by Props John Gillies
S/by Props K.Wilks
C/hand Dressing Props Chick McCarthy
S/by Carpenter K.G.Mears
S/by Stagehand L.Bailey
S/by Rigger J.Kelly
S/by Painter G.Honor
Grip Michael Beauchamp
Unit Runner Steven Homes (19.11.73 only: Stephen Ridgewell)
Special Effects Unit- Bray Studios
Supervising Special Effects Director Brian Johnson
Special Effects Film Director Nick Allder
Special Effects Art Director Cyril Forster
Design Draughtsman Ron Burton
Special Effects Assistant Alan Barnard
Lighting Cameraman Harry Oaks (25.7.73 listed as Oaks, later as Oakes)
Camera Operator Frank Drake
Focus Puller David Litchfield
Clapper/loader Terry Pearce
Secretary Jill Larkin