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Catherine Schell

Guardian of Piri Remembered

This short 1 minute 36 second interview was filmed for the Network DVD set in 2005.

In the Guardian of Piri I wear a very special costume. Now, I went for a fitting, I spoke to the designer, and I told him my weak points and I told him my very few good points, and I asked him to design something around my figure which would obviously show off the best bits and hide the worst bits. And I told him about my waist, about my arms, about my legs, about my neck, and when I came to do the fitting, when the costume had been done, he obviously hadn't listened to me, because bits that were bad were the bits that were on view, and the bits that were good were the bits that were hidden. But anyway, what you see is what you're going to get, live with it, I suppose.

As for the set, when I walked on set, I was amazed, all these white balls hanging around, everywhere you looked there was a white ball, either smaller or bigger, and I couldn't believe that the designer of the set was serious. But when you see it on the screen it's a different story. He knew what he was doing, and I find it an unbelievable, fantastical, very imaginative design. And I sort of found the episode was like that as well.