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Terence Feely

I remember Space: 1999 for a wonderful character called Freddie Freiberger. I thought he was having me on when he introduced himself. He was Story Editor and he was a great old Hollywood pro - there was nothing he hadn't seen, nothing he hadn't heard, no joke you could tell him that he couldn't give you the punchline to. I adored old Freddie and I got on with him like a house on fire.

I had a very good experience with my first episode, New Adam New Eve and on the strength of it Gerry and Freddie asked me to do the two-parter, The Bringers Of Wonder. I called it 'The Globs' and they liked my script so much they decided to make it a feature-length story and asked me to double the length of it. I did it and they loved it. Then I went away on holiday for a month while it was being shot and when I came back I said to Gerry "How did it go?" It was a great script and he thought it was too, He said, "Terence, what can I tell you? A lot of very heavy editing went on, I'm afraid, while you were away." And I said, "Well, Gerry, you weren't away!" He said, "I know, I don't want to go into it all, but there was nothing I could do." We did lose a hell of a lot of good stuff out of that and I do remember being very annoyed when I saw what they'd done with It.