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ITC Press Release: The Bringers Of Wonder part 2

"Space 1999" (Series 2) Episode 19:
"The Bringers of Wonder"

Synopsis (Part Two)

People from Earth have landed on Moonbase Alpha, promising to take the Alphans back home. Commander Koenig, however, sees not fellow human beings, but aliens, and tries to kill some of them. Horrified, Helena stuns him with a laser gun and later, as he lies unconcious in the Medical Centre, Koenig is approached by one of the alines (for that is what they really are) who tries to smother him........


Just as the alien looms over Koenig, Helena and Maya enter the Medical Centre, but they see not the alien but Dr. Shaw, Helena's friend and former teacher. Shaw leaves and very soon Koenig comes around. He tries to convince Helena that he is right about their 'freinds' from earth. He suggests that Brain Machine he was connected to following his crash may have prevented the aliens from exerting their powers on him and asks Maya to try it. She agrees and afterwards she, too, sees aliens.

Meanwhile the three men in the Superswift's pilot ship, Alan (NICK TATE), Ehrlich (DREWE HENLEY) and Bartlett (JEREMY YOUNG), are joyfully reporting that they are nearing earth, whereas, in fact, they are flying towards the Moonbase's nuclear waste domes. In order to find out why the aliens are making them do this, Maya transforms herself into one of the hideous creatures and joins a group of them. They quickly sense that there is a stranger amoung them and she has to change back in a hurry, but not before she has learnt that they live on radiation.

She tells Koenig and Helena that thsy are after Moonbase Alpha's nulear wast dumps, which they will have to blow up in order to get the energy they need. The moon will be totally destroyed but the aliens will survive. Which is why Alan, Ehrlich and Bartlett - under the alien's influence - are about to blow up the dumps, thinking they are now back on earth.

Helena decides to use 'white noise' - a sonic anaesthetic - on all Alphans and it works. Suddenly, they all see their 'freinds from earth' for what they really are - hideous aliens. But they are three who are unaffected by the 'white noise' - the radio-active monitoring team is still in the alien's control and making its way to the waste dumps. The alien's energy is now running out, but Maya thinks she may be getting enough just from the brains of all concious Alphans so Koenig orders Helena to know out everyone on the base with a gas. This done, he goes to the nuclear waste domes in search of three men who think they are enjoying themselves back on earth but who, in fact, are about to blow themselves and their companions off the face of the moon........

Director: Tom Clegg


Koenig : Martin Landau
Helena : Barbara Bain
Maya : Catherine Schell
Verdeschi : Tony Anholt
Carter : Nick Tate
Sahn : Zienia Merton
Dr. Ben Vincent : Jeffery Kissoon
Diana : Toby Robins
Guido : Stuart Damon
Jack Bartlett : Jeremy Young
Joe Ehrlich : Drewe Henley
Louisa : Cher Cameron
Sandstrom : Earl Robinson
Dr. Shaw : Patrick Westwood
Peter Rockwell : Nicholas Young
Henry : Robert Sheedy
Lizard Animal : Albin Pahernik
Ken Burdett : Al Lampert
Prof. Hunter : Billy J. Mitchell

Thanks to Allen Barnella