The Catacombs Julian Glover at ICON
by Phil Merkel

Julian Glover, 2003 Julian Glover, 2003

Here is a partial transcript of Julian Glover's talk at ICON 2003 in March.

Phil: You did an episode of Space: 1999

JG: (Interrupting) You see what I mean! You guys know everything! I've got photograph from Space 1999 which your going to come and buy from me.

Phil: Absolutely

JG: What was the question, sir?

Phil: Do you remember, this is going back a ways, do you remember any experiences when you worked on the set?

JG: On that one? (Alpha Child)

Phil: Yes.

JG: I only remember one ... when you buy my photograph, you'll talk to me about Space 1999

Phil: It was a great costume!

JG: You will see... (stands up) I'm wearing a silver costume, ... I was quite young then and quite....youthful looking and I had very good legs, long ... and the costume went to there (Hand high up on thighs) and here (Hand on shoulder). And if you remember Space 1999 there was quite a lot of people, also the crew, and uh, including three glorious young women... and I came on and (speaking to me) I'm looking to see if I remember anything, and I do, as I came onto the set on of the girls said to the other one, "oh it's not fair!" (laughter and applause)

(Sits back down)

JG: So you got your story about that.

Phil: Yes!

JG: I really remember nothing! I remember my wife did a Space: 1999.

Phil Yes two episodes

JG: My wife Isla Blair, and she also played an alien, and a friend of ours, Tony Valentine, also played... whatever it was, her husband ... And they had (laughing to himself) the make-up, let me tell you, they went around to go to the commissary because their make-up were helmets which went around their heads...and the helmet shape went like that (Motions with his hand on his forehead) and I'm afraid they both looked like male organs. (Laughter from audience) and they weren't allowed in the commissary! And they couldn't go about the set without laughing at each other! And they did look like that.

Phil: It was called War Games, it's an anti war story

JG: Is it?

Phil: Yes it's about man's... (Phil stops talking to start thinking)

JG: Inhumanity to man?

Phil: Man's ability to destroy itself

JG: Is that what it is about?

Phil: Yes

JG: Well those two characters were about to be reproducing themselves! (smiling and laughing)

JG: That's the extent of my memories about that one! Very long time ago.

Smiles and laughs to himself

Space: 1999 Copyright Granada Ventures
Text by Phil Merkel