The Catacombs Guardian of Piri
SFX footage

SFX footage from the World Backgrounds library. The library contains many alternative takes and longer shots (sometimes including clapperboards). A few examples have appeared on the Network DVDs bonus disc, but many have never been seen. Episode shots are outlined in red, all other shots from the library.

Episode title shot. Slate 17, filmed 17 May 1974.

Plateau. A static 25 second shot; in the episode we only see this view with Eagles flying to the plateau.

k/isfx334456x05.jpg (7103 bytes) Guardian Of Piri

Guardian tower. 15 seconds before the explosion, 2 seconds of explosion. In the episode we see a continuation of this shot (the explosion is much larger; in the episode the start of the explosion is seen in two closer views).

k/isfx334456x31.jpg (9062 bytes) k/isfx334456x32.jpg (9053 bytes) k/isfx334456x33.jpg (7477 bytes) Guardian Of Piri

Static landscape, 8 seconds. Clapperboard dated 29 May 1974. In the episode we see this view with the Irving and Davis Eagle suspended in mid-air.

k/isfx334456x34.jpg (9157 bytes) k/isfx334456x35.jpg (8702 bytes) Guardian Of Piri

Two landscapes as the wind blows polysytrene balls across frame. First shot is 10 seconds with rescue Eagle right. Not seen in episode (in the episode we see another Eagle on the right that launches). Second shot is 10 seconds, with small distant Eagles. Again, not seen in episode although we do see a version with a small Eagle launching.

k/isfx334456x49.jpg (8391 bytes) k/isfx334456x50.jpg (7696 bytes) Guardian Of Piri

Eagle lands on Piri surface (25 seconds). The front feet touch down a second or so before the rear feet. Although there are other Eagles in the background, a version of this shot was used for Koenig and Alan's Eagle landing.

l/isfx335029x32.jpg (10318 bytes) l/isfx335029x33.jpg (9606 bytes) Guardian Of Piri

30 seconds of footage showing an Eagle landing on Piri surface (the Eagle isn't seen is for the first 15 seconds). The front feet touch down a second or so before the rear feet. Not seen in episode.

l/isfx335029x29.jpg (8170 bytes) l/isfx335029x30.jpg (8433 bytes) l/isfx335029x31.jpg (8258 bytes)

Eagle lands on Piri surface (24 seconds). Different version of previous shot- the feet land together in this shot. Not seen in episode. Clapperboard at start marks slate 58 take 2, filmed 3 June 1974; the Eagle is first seen hanging at the top of frame before it is lifted up.

Booster pod lands on Moonbase launch pad (31 seconds). Different shot to episode, jerks slightly just before landing (about 16 seconds in). Wires seen in final shot.

l/isfx335029x01.jpg (5896 bytes) l/isfx335029x02.jpg (6369 bytes) l/isfx335029x03.jpg (7992 bytes) l/isfx335029x04.jpg (6899 bytes) l/isfx335029x05.jpg (7309 bytes) l/isfx335029x06.jpg (7033 bytes) Guardian Of Piri

Vegetation in Piri- 15 second version of the final shot without the soap bubbles seen in the episode.
Seen in Dr Who Nightmare of Eden episode 1 (1979)

k/isfx334456x04.jpg (9233 bytes) Guardian Of Piri

Moon close to Piri horizon, revolving to camera. 9 seconds, then cuts to moon in a slighly different position for another 11 seconds. A different version appears in the episode.

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