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SFX footage

SFX footage from the World Backgrounds library. The library contains many alternative takes and longer shots (sometimes including clapperboards). A few examples have appeared on the Network DVDs bonus disc, but many have never been seen. Episode shots are outlined in red, all other shots from the library.

Opening shot of episode. The clapperboard at the start reveals that the Moonbase is actually a huge photo in the foreground. Slate 3 take 1, filmed 24 October 1974. Total 20 seconds.

End Of Eternity

Eagle travels to asteroid. Not seen in episode (in the initial scenes, the Eagle is already on the asteroid). Slate 4 take 1, filmed 24 October 1974. 20 seconds.

Eagle leaves asteroid heading for the Moon. Seen in episode. One frame at the start shows a crew member probably with the clapperboard, but too blurred to make out.

End Of Eternity

Laser Eagle travels to asteroid, from the end of the episode. First take is 19 seconds, then clapperboard marking slate 5 take 2, 24 October 1974, then second take is 15 seconds.

End Of Eternity

Eagle fires laser to destroy the asteroid. Seen in episode. Unusually for this raw SFX footage, this contains the optical effect for the laser beam. Unusually for these space scenes, the stars behind are slowly moving to indicate the Eagle is in motion. Clapperboard marks slate 3 take 5, filmed 24 October 1974. 20 seconds

End Of Eternity

The final shot in the episode. The asteroid materializes against the space sky. Slate 15, filmed 6 December 1974.

End Of Eternity End Of Eternity

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