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Compiled by Martin Willey


TV Junior

Thanks to Paulo Jorge Morgado for this information and the illustrations.

A 1978 Portuguese comic which reprinted British comic strips, including the Space: 1999 comic strips from Look-In. There were six issues, four of which included Space: 1999 (known by the English title or Espaco: 1999). Other strips featured included The Tomorrow People, Black Beauty, Kung Fu and Prince Valiant. The Space: 1999 Look-In strips were featured as complete stories (rather than as two page serialisations) with Portuguese text in the speech bubbles, often with the original Look-In title photo. Each issue also included cover art by Portuguese artist Vitor Peon.

Issue 1 Issue 1 - March 1978

Look-In story four

Issue 3 Issue 3 - May 1978

Look-In story one

Issue 5 Issue 5 - July 1978

Look-In story two

Issue 6 Issue 6 - October 1978

Look-In story six

Issue 2 - April 1978 and Issue 4 - June 1978 did not feature Space: 1999

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