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Eagle Models: Eagle Mammoth Model, Para-Jet and Others
Compiled by Martin Willey


US 1976

No. 1612.

93 cm long Eagle assembled from die cut printed cardboard & drinking straws. Angular parts seem very accurate although rounded parts such as the beak become angular too.

See The Gerry Anderson Memorabilia Guide (Dennis Nicholson) p219

Mammoth Eagle
Mammoth Eagle Mammoth Eagle Mammoth Eagle Mammoth Eagle

EAGLE WATER GUN (Ahi- Azrak-Hamway)

US, UK and Portugal 1976. Made in Hong Kong. Price stickers of 75 cents, $1.25

A water gun, mostly made of white plastic (imprinted like framework), with a green Eagle nose cone are the barrel end, red "rockets" at the rear, and green side pods.

There was a variation with a yellow body (the logo in silver, not red). The toy was later marketed in Ahi's "Arm's Master" series, dropping the 1999 logo.

Blister pack with colourful art card of an Eagle including photos of Koenig and Bergman.

See other Azrak-Hamway (ahi) toys.

White version Yellow and white variations

ARM'S MASTER WATER GUN (Ahi- Azrak-Hamway)

Arm's Master packaging


Re-branding of Eagle Water Gun in the early 1980s. The stun gun water pistol was also reissued with the same packaging (see here).

Arm's Master water gun


UK 1988

Sterling silver.

20 mm long, 4 mm high. Fine accurate detailing. Attached by ring on front starboard pod to silver chain, 400 mm long.

White plastic display box, 7.5 x 5 x 2 cm, with transparent plastic lid. Dark brown felt backing section.


USA 1976

"No Batteries- No Winding", "Trigger releases projectile", "Parachute safely lands Commander Koenig"
An interesting toy Eagle. The body is cast from a Dinky Eagle but very much wider than normal as it had a handle fitted beneath it and a figure (head and shoulders of an astronaut) on the top. The figure was fired into the air, then descended using its parachute. As with the Dinky Eagle, the nose and side pods were green, the engines were red, but the body was yellow.

Photos thanks to Gordon Moriguchi


Amsco Put-In Play-In Eagle

USA 1976 - No 9263 - unknown if distributed

From Amsco 1976 catalogue: Amsco's Put-Up Play-In Eagle is a faithful representation of the spacecraft seen each week on the popular Space 1999 television series. Youngsters can sit down inside, stand up and walk about an imaginary planet they've just landed on, or even use the play-in spacecraft as a play table. Constructed of sturdy, printed, corrugated board, the Eagle Play-In measures over 50 inches (127cm) long when completed. Easy assembly instructions are included. Individual box size 41" x 28" (104 x 71cm)

Amsco also produced the Space 1999 Play Set

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