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Eagle Models: Konami
Compiled by Martin Willey

SF Super Vehicle (Konami)

SF Movie Selection Premium Pack (Konami)

Japan March 3, 2003. Each 3000 Yen ($25 us) per pack

These small pre-painted models are randomly included in boxes (an individual box will contain several models, but not necessarily the one you want). The boxes also contain a small (5g) sachet of white candy. On release in March 2003, they sold out almost instantly. The Eagle models are 115mm long, the Hawk is 100mm long; both are finely detailed and painted. The Eagle pods are detachable, and even the pod end doors are accurately patterned.

  • SF Super Vehicle Pack (10 packs each with one of seven different models, KNM08952). Includes an Eagle and Hawk, plus other Gerry Anderson vehicles (2 from Joe 90, 2 from Stingray, 1 from Supercar). Individual pack 9cm x 13cm x 4cm.
  • SF Movie Selection Premium Pack (2 of 3 different models, KNM09574). Includes one "S.I.D." model from UFO and either a Rescue Eagle or Fireball XL5. Pack 15cm x 13cm x 6cm.
SF Super Vehicle pack SF Movie Selection Premium Pack
Eagles and Hawk Eagles and Hawk
SF Super Vehicle Eagle SF Super Vehicle Hawk SF Movie Selection Premium Pack Eagle

Below: an all-white Hawk (as originally designed for the episode), released only at Wonderfest exhibition in Japan, 2005. Thanks to Dale

Konami Wonderfest Hawk

Below: pictures of the four models, thanks to Gordon Moriguchi

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