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Palitoy Figures
Compiled by Martin Willey

FIGURES (Palitoy, Bradgate Division)

"Captain Koenig", "Commander, Alpha Moonbase"

Koenig is only a Captain, not a Commander. The little plastic commlock is pretty good. Although the costume is white, many people wouldn't have noticed the beige colour on 1970s televisions.

"Paul Morrow", "Second In Command"

"Alan Carter", "Chief Pilot"

The helmet is nothing like anything from Moonbase Alpha; in fact, the helmet was borrowed from Palitoy's "Planet of the Apes" astronaut figure, first produced by Mego in 1974, and originally dates to Mego's 1971 "Action Jackson" figure. Slide down the little notch in the front of the helmet and the visor moves over the eyes.

"Mysterious Alien", "From Deep Space"

Anthony Valentine's character from War Games. It even has the eyebrow pods like the actual make-up.

"Captain Zantor", "From The Planet Kaldor"

Not a great likeness of Christopher Lee. Oddly, he is barefoot. This is the only figure with "real" hair. On some figures the hair was white (like the episode character), others had light blonde hair. Clear plastic tape was placed over the head and eyes to keep the hair in place.

Box art

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