The Catacombs Catacombs International Guide
SFTV in Portugal
By Paulo Jorge Morgado

Original titles Portuguese titles

O Caminho Das Estrelas -Star Trek (Original Series)

1978 RTP1 Literal Translation of Portuguese Title Original Title

These are the titles of the episodes to which I believe the Portuguese version corresponds.

The Number-code corresponds to the season and episode Nr.

Question mark in front means I can not be sure about this correspondence.

Star Trek had so little success that it started airing randomly (mostly as fillers) after some time and a lot of episodes were never aired at all.

A Manobra da Carbonite The Carbonite Manoeuvre 1#10 The Carbonite Manoeuvre
As Mulheres de Mud The Women of Mud 1#6 Mudd's Women
O Equilibrio da Terra The Balance of Earth 1#14 Balance of Terror
A Arma da Mente The Mind weapon 1#9 Dagger of the Mind
A Consciência do Rei The Conscience of the King 1#13 The Conscience of the King
O Planeta Proibido 1 Forbidden Planet 1 1#11 The Menagerie I
P Planeta Proibido 2 Forbidden Planet 2 1#12 The Menagerie II
O senhor de Gothos The Lord of Gothos 1#17 The Squire of Gothos
Arena Arena 1#18 Arena
Factor Alternativo Alternative Factor 1#27 The Alternative Factor
O amanhã é Ontem Tomorrow is Yesterday 1#19 Tomorrow is Yesterday
Mundos em Guerra Worlds at War ?2#18 A Private Little War
Um pouco de Paraíso A Little Bit of Paradise 1#24 This Side of Paradise
O demónio da Escuridão Demon in the Darkness 1#25 The Devil in the Dark
Missão de Boa Vontade Mission of Good Will 1#26 Errand of Mercy
A Cidade à Beira da Eternidade The City on the Edge of Forever 1#28 The City on the Edge of Forever
A Ameaça The Menace ?2#3 The Changeling
Metamorfose Metamorphosis 2#9 Metamorphosis
O Símbolo da Concordia The Symbol of Agreement ?2#10 Journey to Babel
Quem Chora os Deuses? Who Cries for the Gods? ?2#2 Who Mourns for Adonais
O Tempo da Loucura The Time of Madness ?3#4 The Enterprise Incident
Operação Exterminio Operation Extermination 1#29 Operation - Annihilate
A Máquina do Juizo Final The Doomsday Machine 2#6 The Doomsday Machine
A Semente The Seed 1#22 Space Seed
O Inimigo Interior The Inner Enemy 1#5 The Enemy Within
Em Mudo In Mute 2#8 I, Mudd
Tribuna Marcial Court-martial 1#20 Court-martial
O Problema dos Tribles The Trouble with Tribbles 2#14 The Trouble with Tribbles
Á Beira do Fim Close to the end ?2#11 The Deadly Years
Charles X Charles X 1#2 Charlie X
O Galileu 7 Galileo 7 1#16 Galileo Seven
O Regresso dos Archons The Return of the Archons 1#21 Return of the Archons
O Lobo Entre o Rebanho Wolf Among the Fold 2#13 Wolf in the Fold
1979 2º Programa RTP2
Licença Especial Special License 1#15 Shore Leave
1980 RTP1
A Armadilha Humana The Human Trap 1#1 The Man Trap
A Maçã The Apple 2#5 The Apple
A Velhice a Passos Largos Old Age Comes Quickly ?2#22 The Omega Glory
O Casamento Estratégico The Strategic Marriage ?2#1 Amok Time
O Síndroma do Paraiso The Paradise Syndrome 3#3 The Paradise Syndrome
Os Enteados de Platão Plato's Stephildren 3#12 Plato's Stephildren
Vida Acelerada Fast Life ?3#13 Wink of an Eye
1981 RTP1
Ilusão ou Realidade - Illusion or Reality Illusion or reality ?2#15 The Gamesters of Triskelion
1981 RTP2
A Caminho do Paraíso On the way to Paradise 3#20 The Way to Eden
1982 RTP1
1Unknown 1Unknown ?
1983 RTP2
1 Unknown 1 Unknown ?

A Gente do Amanhã - The Tomorrow People

(18 episodes in 1976 + 2 episodes in 1977 + 2 episodes in 1978:
1976 RTP1 18 episodes
The Slaves of Jedikiah (Season One - 5 Episodes)
#1 to #5
The Medusa Strain (Season One - 4 Episodes)
#6 to #9
The Vanishing Earth (Season One - 4 Episodes)
#10 to #13
The Blue and the Green (Season Two - 5 Episodes)
#14 to #18
1977 RTP1 - 1978 2º Programa RTP2
[4 Episodes - 2 on RTP1 in 77 and 2 on RTP2 in 78]
Secret Weapon (Season Three - 4 Episodes)
#19 to #22

O Dia Depois do Amanhã - The Day After Tomorrow (Into infinity)

1977 RTP1


1977 RTP1 Literal Translation of Portuguese Title Tentative Correspondence to Original Title
Ataque ao Universo Attack to the Universe #1 Attack from Outer Space
Os Cumpridores da Lei Upholders of the Law #3 Guardians of the Law
O Perigo da Supernova The Danger of the Supernova #5 Battle for the Sun
A Patrulha do Espaço The Space Patrol #6 The Space Trap
1977 2º Programa RTP2
+3 episodes
? ? - #2 Planet Off Course
? ? - #4 Deserters
? ? - #7 Invasion

As Mulheres do Espaço -STAR MAIDENS

RTP1 1977
Fuga para o Paraíso #1 Escape to Paradise
Nemesis #2 Nemesis
O Canhão do Pesadelo #3 The Nightmare Cannon
A Tempestade de Protões #4 The Proton Storm
O Rapto #5 Kidnap
Trial #6 The Trial
A Prova do Amor #7 Test for Love
O Par Ideal #8 The Perfect Couple
Que Fizeram à Chuva #9 What Have They Done to the Rain
O Fim do Tempo #10 The End of Time
O Esconderijo #11 Hideout
Criações do Espirito #12 Creatures of the Mind
O Inimigo #13 The Enemy

O Planeta dos Macacos -PLANET OF THE APES

1978 RTP1 Literal Translation of Portuguese Title Original Title
Fuga no Futuro Escape to the Future #1 Escape from Tomorrow
Os Gladiadores The Gladiators #2 The Gladiators
A Herança The Heritage #5 The Legacy
A Cura The Cure #12 The Cure
1979 RTP1
O Libertador The Redeamer #13 The Liberator
A Semente The Seed #4 The Good Seeds
A Maré do Futuro The Tide of the Future #6 Tomorrow's Tide
A Armadilha The Trap #3 The Trap
A Médica The Doctor #7 The Surgeon
O Logro The Fake #8 The Deception
A Corrida The Race #9 The Horse Race
O Interrogatório The Questioning #10 Interrogation
O Déspota The Tyrant #11 The Tyrant
Tão alto, acima do mundo High Above the World #14 Up Above the World so High


RTP2 1979 Literal Translation of Portuguese Title Original Title
O Incidente de Washington The Washington Incident Sighting 4001: The Washington D.C.Incident
O Incidente de Joshua Flats The Joshua Flats Incident Sighting 4002: The Joshua Flats Incident
O Incidente de Fremont The Fremont Incident Sighting 4003: The Fremont Incident
O Incidente de Howard Crossing The Howard Crossing Incident Sighting 4004: The Howard Crossing Incident
O Incidente de Medicine Bow The Medicine Bow Incident Sighting 4005: The Medicine Bow Incident
O Incidente do Deserto de Nevada The Nevada Desert Incident Sighting 4006: The Nevada Desert Incident
O Incidente de Forest City The Forest City Incident Sighting 4007: The Forest City Incident
O Incidente de Desert Springs The Desert Springs Incident Sighting 4008: The Desert Springs Incident
O Incidente do Francês The Frenchman Incident Sighting 4009: The French Incident
O Incidente de Waterford The Waterford Incident Sighting 4010: The Waterford Incident
O Incidente da Casa das Bonecas The Doll House Incident Sighting 4011: The Doll House Incident
O Incidente do Homem em apuros The Man in Trouble Incident Sighting 4012: The Rock in Hard Place Incident
O Incidente De St. Hillary 1 The St. Hillary Incident 1 Sighting 4013: The St. Hillary Incident 1
O Incidente De St. Hillary 2 The St. Hillary Incident 2 Sighting 4013: The St. Hillary Incident 2
1980 RTP2
+6 eps. Unknown

Admirável Mundo Novo - Brave New World

1980 RTP2
4 episode Mini-Series


1980 RTP2 Literal Translation of Portuguese Title Original Title (all from Season 1)
Retorno ao Passado Return to the Past #1 The Way Back
Queda no Espaço Fall in Space #2 Space Fall
Missão de Solidariedade Mission of Solidarity #3 Cygnus Alpha
Perdidos no Tempo Lost in time #4 Time Squad
A teia The web #5 The Web
Procurar, Localizar, Destruir Search, Locate, Destroy #6 Seek, Locate, Destroy
1981 RTP2
Destino Destiny #7 Mission to Destiny
O Duelo The Duel #8 Duel
Projecto Avalon Project Avalon #9 Project Avalon
O Colapso The Collapse #10Breakdown
Bounty Bounty #11 Bounty
Deliverance Deliverance #12 Deliverance
Eliminar Eliminate #13 Orac

O Homem da Atlãntida - Man From Atlantis

1981 RTP1
11 episodes (the "movies" were probably edited into double 1hr episodes)
Probable order:
Pilot I
Pilot II
Death Scouts I
Death Scouts II
Killer Spores I
Killer Spores II
The Disappearances I
The Disappearances II
Melt Down
The Mudworks
The Hawk of Mu
1981 RTP2
12 epis. (The first "movie", edited into two 1hr episodes, was probably rerun to introduce the series on RTP2)
Probable order:
(rerun) Pilot I
(rerun) Pilot II
Man O'War
Shoot Out at Land's End
Crystal, Water, Sudden Death
The Naked Montague
CW Hyde
Scavenger Hunt
The Imp
The Siren
Deadly Carnival


1981 RTP1
13 Epis.
(OK, This is not Sci Fi, but it may qualify for this section if you consider Sagan's using of a Time Machine and Crystal Space-ship...)
As Costas do Oceano 1. The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean
Uma Voz na Fuga Cósmica 2. One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue
A Harmonia dos Mundos 3. Harmony of the Worlds
Céu e Inferno 4. Heaven and Hell
Um Planeta Vermelho 5. Blues for a Red Planet
Histórias deViajantes 6. Travelers' Tales
A Espinha da Noite 7. The Backbone of Night
Viagens no Tempo e no Espaço 8. Journeys in Space and Time
Enciclopédia Galáctica 9. Encyclopedia Galactica
A Persistencia da Memória 10. The Persistence of Memory
O Limiar da Eternidade 11. The Edge of Forever
A Vida das Estrelas 12. The Lives of the Stars
Quem Defende a Terra? 13. Cosmos

Flash Gordon
[Classic 30's Serial]

"Flash Gordon"-13 eps Serial (20' each) and
"Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars"- 15 eps Serial (20' each)

I can only speculate but I believe that the original 28 serial episodes may have been shown as 12 forty min. + 4 twenty min. TV Episodes (two serial episodes were aired at a time for most of the series' run)

1981 RTP2
15 eps
1982 RTP2
+1 ep

Galactica - Battlestar Galactica / galactica 80

1982 RTP1- Battlestar Galactica
11 epis (Including 3hr Pilot)
Saga of a Star World (3 hours)
Lost Planet of the Gods I
Lost Planet of the Gods II
The Lost Warrior
The Long Patrol
Gun on Ice Planet Zero I
Gun on Ice Planet Zero II
The Magnificent Warriors
The Young Lords
The Living Legend I
The Living Legend II
1983 RTP1
+11 epis
Fire in Space
War of the Gods I
War of the Gods II
The Man with Nine Lives
Murder on the Rising Star
Greetings from Earth I
Greetings from Earth II
Baltar's Escape
Experiment in Terra
Take the Celestra
The Hand of God
1983 RTP1 - Galactica 80
10 epis
Galactica Discovers Earth I
Galactica Discovers Earth II
Galactica Discovers Earth III
The Super Scouts I
The Super Scouts II
The Night The Cylons Landed I
The Night The Cylons Landed II
Space Croppers
The Return Of Starbuck