The Catacombs The 1999 Gag Promo

Reprinted from the International Space 1999 Alliance SpaceCon 10 book:

Back in 1975, Martin Landau and Barbara Bain had to shoot a series of television spots for Space: 1999 called "Personal Promos." These were commercials made especially for each station airing the series in which the actors would personally mention the station call letters and/or channel number, and the day and time when the show was to be aired.

Here is the actual dialogue from their "gag commercial."

LANDAU: I'm Sonny Tuffs.
BAIN: I 'm Gloria Jean.
LANDAU: Join us here on WCBMUZZHYOP - TV in Scarsdale . . .
BAIN: . . . for the most exciting new show since Whiplash, Space: 1999.
LANDAU: A firecracker explodes sending the Moon into a complete tizzy,
BAIN: . . . and making all of us totally wacko.
LANDAU: Come with us and our co-star S. C. Sakal.
BAIN: Space: 1999 . . . it's going to be a very, very good year!
LANDAU: Well . . . fair.
BAIN: Not to bad.
LANDAU: Comesee, comesa.
BAIN: Well . . . good enough!

Steve Kyte art

Art by Steve Kyte

Art copyright Steve Kyte
Space 1999 copyright ITV Studios Global Entertainment