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The Dorcons Production Notes

'SPACE 1999' (Series 2)

Episode: 'The Dorcons'




The beautiful Catherine Schell is a helpless pawn in a deadly battle for Moonbase Alpha's survival in this episode of in Gerry Anderson's 'SPACE 1999', 'The Dorcons'.

As the last remaining Psychon in the Universe, Catherine (as Maya), is of vital importance to the Dorcons, who believe that a Psychon's brainstem, - transplanted into a Dorcon brain will bring immortality. And with their Supreme Leader Patrick Troughton near the end of his natural life they are desperate in their search. When they find Catherine on the Moonbase they are naturally delighted. As the Supreme Leader, Archon's, heir-apparent, Gerry Sundquist is hungry for power and demands that the Moonbase be invaded forthwith but Archon merely tells his Consul Varda (Ann Firbank) to order the Alphans to hand Catherine over to them.

Not surprisingly, Martin Landau, as Commander Koenig, refuses with the result that the Moonbase is practically destroyed by the Dorcons. Before the Alphans are totally wiped out, Landau has to give in and hands Catherine over, getting himself transported to the Dorcon spaceship in the seemingly hopeless prospect of saving her somehow.

As this was the 24th and final episode of the current series of 'SPACE 1999' to be filmed, there was a sort of "end of term" atmosphere among both cast and crew. The sets on Pinewood's huge L and M stages which 'SPACE' had occupied since January, 1976, were in the process of being taken down and stored, but with no promise of a third series in the New Year. Everyone was sorry to see the end of the series, for it had been a very happy year for one and all, led by Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Catherine Schell, Nick Tate and Tony Anholt, whose remarkable team spirit had seen to it that the 'SPACE 1999' unit was one of the happiest and most efficient anyone had worked on.

For Executive Producer Gerry Anderson it was a sad moment, too, but Gerry is not the sort of man to let the grass grow under his feet and already he and his American partner, producer Freddie Freiberger, are working on new ideas ideas which will, no doubt, soon be seen on TV screens around the world.

'The Dorcons' is a Gerry Anderson Production, produced by Freddie Freiberger and directed by Tom Clegg from a screenplay by Johnny Byrne.