The Catacombs Reference Guide
by Martin Willey


1001 TV SERIES YOU MUST WATCH BEFORE YOU DIE ed Paul Condon (Cassell , UK, 2015; US publisher Universe, retitled 1001 TV SHOWS YOU MUST WATCH BEFORE YOU DIE ); p223 (1c)

ALIEN CREATURES by Richard Siegel & J-C Suares (Reed Books, US, 1978); p152 (2bw)

ANECDOTES AND ARMADILLOS by Zienia Merton with Robert Wood (Lulu, US, 2005); p88-148

ASK ME IF I'M HAPPY: AN ACTOR'S LIFE by Peter Bowles (Simon & Schuster, UK, 2010); p96, p240-242

BAD TV (The Very Best Of The Very Worst) by Craig Nelson (Dell, US, 1995); entry p143

THE BEST OF SCIENCE FICTION TV by John Javna (Harmony Books, US, 1987); "The Worst Ten: 1: Space 1999" p76-77 (3bw), p99 (1bw)

THE BEST OF TREK No 2 ed Walter Irwin, G B Love (New American Library, US, 1980); letter reprinted from "Trek" magazine p101-102

THE BIOLOGY OF SCIENCE FICTION CINEMA by Mark C Glassy (McFarland, 2002); Space Brain analysis p184-186

BRITISH TELEVISION (Oxford University Press, UK, 1994); 1999 entry p225 (1bw)

CLASSIC SCI-FI AND FANTASY MODELS Vol 1 (Strange Light, UK, 1996); modified Airfix Eagle by Paul Gilbert p51,53 (1bw, 1c); "Modelling a Season 2 Eagle" by Keith McNeill (Airfix conversion) p76-82

THE COMPLETE BOOK OF GERRY ANDERSON'S UFO by Chris Bentley (Reynolds and Hearn, UK, 2003); many small references including p72 (1 bw); on UFO sequel p170 (1 bw)

THE COMPLETE DIRECTORY TO PRIME TIME NETWORK TV SHOWS 1946-PRESENT by Tim Brooks & Earle Marsh (Ballantine, US, 1979 + various editions); series entry

THE COMPLETE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TELEVISION PROGRAMS 1947-1979 Vol 2 by Vincent Terrace (A S Barnes, US, 1979); p911-912 (1bw)

THE COMPLETE GERRY ANDERSON by Chris Bentley (Reynolds and Hearn, UK, 2003); episode guide p173-199, photo section (4c)

THE COMPLETE GERRY ANDERSON by Chris Bentley (Reynolds and Hearn, UK, second edition 2005); episode guide p175-202, photo section (9c), cover (1c)

THE COMPLETE GERRY ANDERSON EPISODE GUIDE by Adam Pirani (Titan Books, UK, 1989); episode guide p131-142 (22bw), photo section (2c)

A CONSTANT ALIEN by Catherine Schell (Fantom Publishing, UK, 2016); p191-210; photo section (4bw)

CULT TV by John Javna (St Martin's Press, US, 1985); "Space 1999" entry p226 (1bw)

CULT TV by Jon E Lewis & Penny Stempel (Pavilion, UK, 1993); "Space 1999" entry p33-34; 1 line p42

CULT TV by Robert Sellers (Plexus, UK, 2006); Chapter 7 "No Strings Attached" (UFO and Space 1999) p176 (1bw); p189-203 (7bw);

DIE TRICKS by Dirk Manthey (West Germany, 1981); p34 "Die Rakete" (1c)

EFFETS SPECIAUX by Pascal Pinteau (Editions Minerva, Geneva, 2003); "Space: 1999", Martin Bower interview p404-409 (5c, 1bw)

EFFETS SPECIAUX: Deux siecles d'histoire by Pascal Pinteau (Bragelonne, France, 2015); "Space: 1999" p516-518 (10c); Martin Bower interview p519-522 (4c, 2bw)

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MONSTERS by Jeff Rovin (Facts On File, US, 1990); "The Calco Galaxy Primitives" entry p40 (inspiration of "Rules Of Luton")

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION ed Robert Holdstock (Octopus, UK, 1978); "Screen Trips" by Alan Frank p85

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION ed Peter Nicholls (Granada, UK, 1979); "Space 1999" entry by John Brosnan p559 (1bw), "Television" entry p597, also p451 & p532 (1 line each)

THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TV SCIENCE FICTION by Roger Fulton (Boxtree, UK, 1990); "Space 1999" entry and episode lists p365-374; photo on 6th photo page (1bw)
2nd edition (1995); entry p416-424

ENTERTAINMENT BIBLE No. 11: THUNDERBIRDS 2 (Bandai, Japan, 1989); 1999 entry (2bw)

ENZYKLOPADIE DES PHANTASTISCHEN FILMS by Lose, Blatt, Sammlung (Corian Verlag, West Germany, 1990); "Space: 1999" entry by Olaf Rappold and episode list

FAB FACTS by Simon Archer (Harper Collins, UK, 1993); p19 (1bw), p21,43,58,59,61,63, 82,86,88,91,93 (each 2-3 lines)

FAMOUS SPACESHIPS OF FACT AND FANTASY... AND HOW TO MODEL THEM (Kalmbach, US, 1979); "The Eagles" by Chris Tietz & George Elrick p42-43 (1c, 1bw), blueprint p44, "Shadows Brighten The Eagle" by Don Klein p45

FANTASTIC PLANETS by Richard Siegel & J-C Suares (Reed Books, US, 1979); p23 (1c), p24 (2 lines), p52-53 (3bw)

FANTASTIC TELEVISION by Gary Gerani (Harmony, US, 1977); "Space 1999" p142-151 (21bw)

FANTASY FILM PREVIEW BOOK No 1 (US, 1977); "Interview with Brian Johnson Special Effects Wizard" p22-27,37 (8bw)

FUTURE TENSE by John Brosnan (MacDonald & Jane's, UK, 1978); "Space 1999" entry p303

THE FUTURE WAS FAB- THE ART OF MIKE TRIM by Anthony Taylor with Mike Trim (Hermes, UK, 2006); series work p89 (2 paras); (3c p90)

GERRY ANDERSON, THE AUTHORISED BIOGRAPHY by Simon Archer and Stan Nicholls (Legend, UK, 1996); p161-179; 1c on rear jacket sleeve

THE GERRY ANDERSON MEMORABILIA GUIDE by Dennis W. Nicholson (Cooee Concepts/ Traffic Collectables, Australia, 1994); Space 1999 main entry pp216-242, also 279, 283, 285, 297, 298, 312-313, 314-319, 321, 328, 364-370, 386-388

GREAT BIRDS OF THE GALAXY: THE CREATORS OF TREK by Edward Gross and Mark Altman (Boxtree, UK, 1994); Fred Freiberger interview 6 paras p69 (1bw p63; 1bw p69)

LES GUERRES DES ETOILES 1975-1985: L'invasion SF by Jerome Wybon (Huginn and Muninn, France, 2014); Space: 1999 entry p12-19 (15c; 10bw, plus Eagle on "obi" wrap-around)

THE GUIDE TO FANTASY ART TECHNIQUES ed Martyn Dean (Paper Tiger, UK, 1984); "Martin Bower" p84-87, 91 (4 c)

THE GUINNESS GUIDE TO CLASSIC BRITISH TV ed Paul Cornell, Martin Day, Keith Topping (2nd ed, Guinness, UK, 1996); episode list p328; comments 1 para p333

HALLIWELL'S FILM COMPANION by Leslie Halliwell (7th ed, Grafton, UK, 1980); "Space Exploration" entry, 1 line

HALLIWELL'S TELEVISION COMPANION by Leslie Halliwell (2nd ed, Grafton, UK, 1982) p586 "Space 1999" entry (3rd ed, Grafton, UK, 1986) p769: "Space 1999" entry

HEROES OF THE SPACEWAYS by Bill Harry (Omnibus, US, 1981); "Cmdr Koenig"p32-33 (2bw), glossary entries: p57,61,64,86,90,93,97,99,101,109, series note p126

HISTORY OF TELEVISION by Rick Marschall (UK, 1986); p167

HOLLYWOOD CHEMISTRY: When Science Met Entertainment Ed Kevin Grazier, Donna Nelson, Sidney Perkowitz (ACS Symposium Series, US, 2013); Chapter 13 "Cosmic Catastrophes in Movies" by Joshua Colwell (mention) p159

IMAGING OUTER SPACE: EUROPEAN ASTROCULTURE IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY ed. Alexander C. T. Geppert (UK, 2012); chapter 10 "A stumble in the dark: contextualizing Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's Space: 1999" by Henry Keazor p189-203 (3 bw, p182,190,198)

THE INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE FICTION YEARBOOK ed Colin Lester (Pierrot, US, 1978); "Space 1999" entry p317; "that's no reason to call me a ninnie" cartoon by Jim Barker p185

THE ITV ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ADVENTURE by Dave Rodgers (Boxtree, UK, 1988); "Space 1999" entry and episode list p495-501

ITC SF MECHA GRAFFITI SUPERVISUAL SPECIAL No 4 (Tokuma Shoten, Japan, 1985); p76-82 (53c)

IT'S THUNDERBIRD CENTURY MODELING MANUAL (DaiNipponKaiga, Japan, 1988); p34-37 (14 c of model by Telu Yamada, Hiroki Yamada, Akihitol Wase), p82-85 (art, 10 bw of models), "Teru Yamada 1999 World" p86-87 (16bw of models by Yamada), "PanormaMecha Graffiti" p108-109 (colour art of many spaceships), "Dinky Die Cast Toys!!" p111 (2c of Dinky Eagles); "The Sounds of ITC" p112,113 (1c, 4bw of 1999 records), "Space 1999" p127 (series premise, 4bw)

IT'S THUNDERBIRDS' CENTURY PERFECT MODELING MANUAL (DaiNihon Kaiga, Japan, 1990); (Revised hardback version of "It's Thunderbird Century Modeling Manual", with reworked art & photos) p60-61 (4c of model by Teru Yamada), p97 (art), p112 gatefold (colour art, 7c), p117 (Eagle blueprint)

LOOK IN (Prion, UK, 2007); art p3; art p6; reprint article p76-77 (3c, 4bw); Worlds Of Gerry Anderson reprint p88-89 (1 c, 6bw exhibition)

LOOK IN TELEVISION ANNUAL 1975 (Independent Television Books, UK); "Out Of This World" review of sf tv p6-8 (5 c, 1bw)

LOOK IN TELEVISION ANNUAL 1976 (Independent Television Books, UK); "Flair+ Imagination+ Talent= Anderson" Anderson profile p14-17 (1bw), "Centre Of Conflict" text story p18-21 (6bw,4 c),"Spot The Difference" p68(1bw)

LOOK IN TELEVISION ANNUAL 1977 (Independent Television Books, UK); Koenig painting on cover; "Sci-Fi Foundations" (early Anderson) p38 (3bw), comic strip p40-45

LOOK IN TELEVISION ANNUAL 1979 (Independent Television Books, UK); shortened reprint (in bw) of first comic strip from the Look-In comic p36-45

MAKE IT SO: Interaction Design Lessons from Science Fiction by Nathan Shedroff, Christopher Noessel (Rosenfeld Media, US, 2012); p48, 46, 215, 263, 264-265, 266, 289

MARTIN BOWER'S WORLD OF MODELS by Shaun McClure, Martin Bower (UK, 2019); p18-103

MOVIE SPECIAL EFFECTS by Jeff Rovin (US, 1977); p162 (13 lines)

MUSIC IN TELEVISION SCIENCE FICTION edited by K. J. Donnelly & Philip Hayward (Routledge, UK, 2013); chapter 7 "Television's Musical Imagination: Space:1999" by K. J. Donnelly p111-122

My Fab Years! by Sylvia Anderson (Hermes Press, US, 2007); p73 (1 para); p90 (1bw of Sylvia on set); p108, 111-112 (10 para, 1bw); p138 (1bw Sylvia and Reg Hill on set); back cover (1c Landau in montage).

THE NEW ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION ed James Gunn (Viking, US, 1988); "Space 1999" entry by Juanita Coulson p432; E C Tubb entry p470-471 (4 lines), Television entry p457 (2 lines)

THE NEW YORK TIMES ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TELEVISION by Les Brown (US, 1977); "Space 1999" entry p406 (1bw)

1976 BRITANNICA BOOK OF THE YEAR (Britannica, UK, 1976); p648 (1bw)

NOS ANNEES TEMPS X by Jerome Wybon, Jean-Marc Laine (Huginn Muninn Editions, France, 2015); "Cosmos 1999" entry p196-197 (2c)

THE OFFICIAL STARLOG COMMUNICATIONS HANDBOOK (Starlog, US, 1979); letters p27-29, p48 (1bw), Fan clubs p71-72

A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF SCIENCE FICTION by David Kyle (Hamlyn, UK, 1976); p151 (13 lines), p156-157 (2bw)

PRIME TIME TELEVISION by Fred & Stan Goldstein (US, 1983); p293 (3bw)

PULLING FACES, MAKING NOISES by Barry Morse (iUniverse, US, 2004); Chapter 18, Drama Is About Chaps p267-292 (1bw), p368

RADIO TIMES GUIDE TO SCIENCE FICTION ed Kilmeny Fane-Saunders (BBC Consumer Publishing, UK, 2001); series entry p302.

THE ROGERS & GILLIS GUIDE TO ITC by Dave Rogers & S.J.Gillis (SJG Communications, UK, 1997); episode guide p189-194. (BW art of Eagle on cover)

SCARRED FOR LIFE Volume 1: The 1970s by Stephen Brotherstone & Dave Lawrence (Lulu, 2017); Dragon's Domain review p190-193 (colour photo on back cover)

THE SCIENCE IN SCIENCE FICTION ed Peter Nicholls (Michael Joeseph, UK, 1982); p197 (13 lines)

SCIENCE FICTION: THE ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA by John Clute (Dorling Kindersley, UK, 1995); short entry p301 (1c)

SCIENCE FICTION FILM SOURCE BOOK ed David Wingrove (Longman, UK, 1985); "Alien Attack" p24

SCIENCE FICTION TELEVISION SERIES by Mark Phillips and Frank Garcia (McFarland, USA, 1996); Space 1999 entry p361-369

SCI FI NOW by Alan Frank (Octopus, UK, 1978); p14 (1c), p16 (2 prg), p18-19 (1c)

SCI-FI ON TAPE by James O’Neill (Billboard, US, 1997); Destination Moonbase Alpha p60; series entry p270-272

SCI FI TV by James Van Hise (Pioneer, US, 1993); p4 (1bw); p10 (1bw); 10 lines p15; "SF failures Space 1999 & Battlestar" chapter p151-156

SF:UK by Daniel O'Brien (Reynolds and Hearn, UK, 2000); p104-107 (1bw);

SPACECRAFT IN FACT AND FICTION by Harry Harrison & Malcolm Edwards (UK, 1979); p124-125 (1bw)

SPACE TOYS by Crystal & Leland Payton (Collector's Compass, US, 1982); p21 (1bw of 1999 lunch box)

SPECIAL EFFECTS, AN ORAL HISTORY by Pascal Pinteau (Harry Abrams, US, 2004); "Space: 1999: The Legacy of 2001: A Space Odyssey on Television", Martin Bower interview p404-409 (5c, 1bw)


STARLOG SCIENCE FICTION TRIVIA BOOK (Starlog, US, 1986); p8,46,73,108 (6 questions)

STAR TREK SUPER VISUAL GUIDEBOOK Number 7 (Tokuma Shoten, Japan, 1981); "Brian Johnson interview" p102-107 (5bw)

STILL DANCING by Lew Grade (Collins, UK, 1987); p168 (4 lines)

SUPERMARIONATION CLASSICS by Dave Rogers, John Marriot, Chris Drake, Graeme Bassett (Boxtree, UK, 1993); p296-299 (2c, 1bw)


THE TELEVISION YEARBOOK ed Dick Fiddy (Virgin, UK, 1985); "Out Of The Past" by Neil Alsop p129

3D-SF WORLD UCHUSEN SPECIAL PART 3 (Japan, 1985); 1999 p10 (3c), 1999 Prop collection p14-17 (4bw, 36 c)

THUNDERBIRDS ed Ikeda Noriaki, Itou Hideaki, Yamada Teruho (Asahi Sonorama, Japan, 1993); dust jacket back (2c); p3 (1c); p21 (1c); p241 (1c, 1bw); p284-309 (157c); p322-323 (3bw); p340-347 (39bw); p358 (7c of merchandise); p368 (4bw of merchandise)

THUNDERBIRDS & ITC MACHINE LIBRARY (Dainihon, Japan, 1992); p101 (3bw) p102 (Eagle blueprint)

THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO! City Of Edinburgh Art Centre (UK, 1986); p11-12 (3c)

THUNDERBIRDS SUPER GUIDE (Japan, 1992); p17 (4c)

TV'S FABULOUS FACES by Peggy Herz (Scholastic Books, US, 1977); 1999 review (9 pages, bw photos)

TV'S GREATEST HITS by Antony Davis (Boxtree, UK, 1988); p120-121

TV QUIZ BOOK (Fleetway, UK, 1987); question p30

25 YEARS OF ITV 1955-1980 (UK, 1980); (1c)

2000 AD ANNUAL 1981 (IPC Magazines, UK, 1981); "Special Effects" article p15 (2 lines)

2000 AD SPACE QUIZ BOOK by Roy Preston (Mirror Books, UK, 1980); p62 (2 questions)

UFO SUPER GUIDE (Byakuya Shobou, Japan, 1993); Space 1999 section p99-101 (14bw)

THE ULTIMATE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION ed David Pringle (Carlton Books, UK, 1996); series entry p146 (1c)

VIEWPOINT by Ben Bova (NESFA Press, US, 1977); Series review

THE VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCIENCE FICTION ed Brian Ash (Pan, UK, 1977); p303 (9 lines)

WHAT MADE THUNDERBIRDS GO! by Simon Archer and Marcus Hearn (BBC Books, UK, 2002); p211-233 (1c)

THE WORLD OF FANTASY FILMS by Richard Meyers (A S Barnes, US, 1980); p144-145 (2bw)

THE WORLDS OF GERRY AND SYLVIA ANDERSON by Ian Fryer (Fonthill, UK, 2016); p190-214; photo section and back sleeve has book and poster covers

YES, M'LADY by Sylvia Anderson (Smith Gryphon, UK, 1991); p17,58,63-64,65-66,102-3,104,114

YES, MR BRONSON by Michael Sheard (Summersdale, UK, 1997); 2 paras p45

YOUR MOVIE GUIDE TO SCIENCE FICTION/ FANTASY VIDEO TAPES AND DISCS by the Editors Of Video Times Magazine (Signet, US, 1985); "Destination Moonbase Alpha" p29

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