The Catacombs Reference Guide
by Martin Willey


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This section lists fan-produced material with significant "Space: 1999" content: it is necessarily very selective. These fanzines and newsletters are generally only available through fan conventions or fan clubs such as the Gerry Anderson fan club Fanderson. Fanzines such as Century 21, Cult TV, Just Imagine, S.I.G. and Timescreen are sold commercially (if only in specialist shops) and are thus listed in the main section. Whilst Fab and the other Fanderson fanzines are slick and professional, the quality of other fanzines can vary.

ARRET SUR SERIES No 15 (Dec 2003); Cover, back cover, contents, editorial; feature by Brigette Maroillat, Thierry Le Peut p17-59 (many bw)

CULT TV No 4 (1986); "A Short Case For The Defence" by A J Geairns p50 (art p51);

FAB 2 (Dec 1991); Video news p11 (1bw)

3 (Feb 1992); Colour cover p1; Matt Zimmerman p8 (7 lines); video news p9;
"Script To Screen: Catacombs Of The Moon" by Luke Davis p18-24 (4bw); plus 1colour sticker

4 (April 1992); "ITC's 1999 Videos Top Video Charts" news p4; "1999 Video Boob" news p5;
"UFO:1999 Pilot Script & Writer's Guide Discovered" spoof news p7;
Year 1 episode listing in production, ITC & ATV broadcast order p30 (1bw);
"Script To Screen: Catacombs Of The Moon" by Luke Davis p31-34 (6bw);
letter by Mark Walton p38 (1bw); plus 1 colour sticker

5 (July 1992); ITC video news p6-7; "1999 Video Sound Fault Corrected" p8; "Renewed Interest in Space 1999 Boosts Psycon Attendance" p24 (1bw);
Alan Willis Interview p25-29 (4bw); letters by Shaun Brown, Steven Turner, Martin Willey p37-38

6 (August 1992); ITC video news p6,7; Maxine Audley obituary p8; "Doppelgangers: Nick Tate/Alan Carter" biographies by Luke Davis p12-14 (2bw); Anderson series in Japan by Teruo Yamada p15; letter by Steven Turner p38 (1bw)

7 (Oct 1992); Colour front & rear cover p1,40 (2c); "Script to Screen: Alpha Child" by Stephen Brown p14-19 (5bw); letter by Colin Payn p38

8 (Dec 1992); 1999 moonbuggy at car museum news p6

9 (Feb 1993); ITC Video news p3; video competition p6 (1bw); Zienia Merton interview by Chris Bentley & Roger Rice p22-28 (4bw)

11 (Aug 1993); Front & back cover (2c); ITC & French Video releases p3-5; Doppelgangers Martin Landau by Luke Davis p18-21 (2bw); letter by Cheryl Hastings p41-42 (1bw)

12 (Nov 1993); ITC video news p6; Tony Barwick obituary p10 (1bw)

13 (Feb 1994); ITC Video news p5-6; Boxtree book p6-7; Year 2 Episode Listing p11; Moonbase Alpha Status Reports transcribed p15-16 (2bw); letter by Alison Parker p31 (1bw); letter by David Sisson p32; full page colour photo p36

15 (June 1994); Frank Watts obituary & ITC video news p6; Lynne Frederick obituary p7; Barry Gray music p19-20, p22, p23 (1bw); letter & 1bw p35; p38 (1bw)

16 (Sep 1994); ITC video news p13; Martin Landau interview p18-22 (9bw); p36 (1c)

17 (Nov 1994); Peter Cushing obituary p19 (1bw); p33 (1bw)

18 (Feb 1995); Channel 4 buys 1999 news p15 (1bw); library music p33 (2bw); letter by Patrick Giuliano p34 (1bw)

20 (July 1995); Bravo debut p3-4 (1bw)

21 (Sept 1995); Front & back cover (2c); 1bw p3; Bravo broadcast p4;
"Shooting The Moon" comments from Anderson, Anholt, Bain, Bower, Byrne, Dicks, Feely, Goldsmith, Guest, Hancock, Hug, Landau, Merton, Morse, Parsons, Penfold, Porteous, Schell, Tate, Wadsworth, Willis, Wilson p8-19 (26bw);
"The Best Of" top 5 episodes by Chris Bentley, Andrew Frampton, Nick Williams & Tim Mallett p28-29 (3bw); letter by Patrick Giuliano p34

22 (Nov 1995); 1bw p3, 1bw p28

23 (Jan 1996); 1bw p3; 1bw p29; 1bw p32

24 (Mar 1996); "Designing The Future" Keith Wilson interview by Chris Bentley p8-13 (3bw, 6bw art); p36 (1c)

25 (Jun 1996); Keith Wilson interview part 2 p8-12 (6bw); 4bw p32-33

29 (Aug 1997); Front & back cover (2c); Johnny Byrne interview p16-21 (10bw); question p32; letters by Samantha Goodwin, David Sisson p33-34

30 (Oct 1997); Front & back cover (2c); Johnny Byrne interview p20-27 (10bw); p33 (1bw)

31 (Dec 1997); p29 (1bw), letter by Derek Wadsworth p31 (1 bw)

34 (Oct 1998); p3 (1bw), Space 1999 on BBC2 p4 (1bw);

35 (Jan 1999); Soundtrack CD news p3-4; The Music Of Space 1999 by Tim Mallett p6-9 (7bw); 1bw p32;

36 (March 1999); Space 1999 on BBC2 p5; (1bw) p15; letters by Andrew Naish, Neil Hurst, Tony Bailey, Mark Walton, Keith Greenberg p25-27 (1bw);

37 (Sept 1999); Space 1999 Yr2 soundtrack p4 (1bw); BBC Finally Completes Space 1999 p6; letters by Richard Farrell, Michael Cavenagh, Mark Walton p43-46 (1bw); Koenig portrait 1c p47

38 (Dec 1999); Cover (1c), p2 (2c of MFMA), "New Space: 1999 Short Film Fuels Wild Speculation" p5 (1bw of MFMA), p7 (1bw), "The Making Of Message From Moonbase Alpha" by Martin Gainsford p8-15 (11 bw of MFMA, 4bw, 13c of MFMA); "FabReview: Breakaway Convention" by Nick Williams p38-39 (3bw of con); p42 (1bw)

39 (Apr 2000); "UFO 1999 report" by Martin Gainsford p7-9 (1bw of models); David Lane interview (2 paras on 1999) p24; letters by Chris Paulsen, Mark Bale, David Smothers p42-43 (1bw); p45 (1bw)

40 (Sept 2000); 1 bw p42; 1c p47

42 (July 2001); 1 c cover; E C Tubb interview by Chris Bentley and David Sisson p10-19 (2c); Catherine Schell interview by Glenn Pearce and Tim Mallett p20-31 (7c, 1 bw); 1c p46, DVD Box Set review by Russell Weller p47-48; 1 c p56

43 (November 2001); novelisations news p5-6; DVD Box Set review by Russell Weller p46-47 (2c)

44 (March 2002); Brian Johnson interview p10-19 (10c, 13bw); Terry Curtis interview p40, 2bw p41; DVD Year 2 Box Set review by Russell Weller p44-47 (6c; 2bw); new books news p50-51; 1bw p54

45 (Sept 2002); Tony Anholt obituary p5,7 (1bw); Fanderson Tubb book news p8-9; 1bw p54

46 (April 2003); cover; Martin Landau interview by Tim Mallett and Glenn Pearce p10-19 (4c, 11bw); Fred Freiberger obituary p46-47 (3c, 1bw); 1c p55

48 (Feb 2004); cover; The Restoration Of Eagle One article by David Sisson p10-19 (7c, 8bw); 1bw p51; 1c p55

49 (June 2004); Product Enterprise Eagle review by Martin Gainsford p41-42; 1bw p50

50 (Oct 2004); News- documentary DVD and Year One music cd p9 (1c); News- Barry Morse autobiography p10; Space 1999 Look-In comic strip art p34-35; Space 1999 Look-In Comic Guide p36-41 (art);

51 (Dec 2004); Angus Allan interview p20 (UK annual covers p21); Space 1999 Look-In comic strip art p28-29;

52 (June 2005); Space 1999 Look-In comic strip art p28-29;

53 (Dec 2005); Obituaries: Tomblin p7, Jackson, Joint, Sheard p10-11 (1bw); Space 1999 Look-In comic strip art p34-35; The Restoration of Space 1999 by Jonathan Wood p36-45 (3bw, 6c); con reports p46-52; con artwork p67

54 (Apr 2006); Space 1999 Look-In comic strip art p28-29; Space 1999 Behind The Scenes Gallery p39-45 (17bw, 1c)

55 (Aug 2006); cover; Val Guest obituary p8-11 (5bw, 2c); Big Jim Sullivan interview p23-27 (4bw, 2c); Space 1999 Look-In comic strip art p28-29; photos p36 (4c), 38-39 (4bw), p41 (2bw), p44 (4bw), p46 (1c), p50 (1bw)

57 (2007); 1c p2;

58 (Dec 2007); 1c, p5;

59 (Mar 2008); Barry Morse obituary p8-9 (1c, 2bw)

60 (July 2008); Johnny Byrne obituary p12 (1bw); Johnny Byrne interview by Glenn Pearce and Tim Mallett p13-21 (1bw, 10c); Timelash: Another Time, Another Place (reviews) p51-55 (7c)

61 (December 2008); Johnny Byrne interview by Glenn Pearce and Tim Mallett p22-27 (9c)

62 (March 2009); Derek Wadsworth obituary p 10-12 (1c); p13 (1c); p57 (1c)

63 (July 2009); p 15 (1c); The Midas Touch: AB Chrysalis by Peter Dolphin p24-27 (8c)

64 (Oct 2009); Cover (1c); "The Making of Space 1999" part 1 by Ian Fryer p28-37 (10bw, 2c);

65 (March 2010); "The Making of Space 1999" part 2 by Ian Fryer p30-35 (6bw, 2c);

66 (July 2010); cover (1 of 3 different covers, 1c); p1,4 (1c each); Shane Rimmer interview p11 (1c); "The Making of Space 1999" part 3 by Ian Fryer p14-21 (1bw, 7c); "What was that all about then?" year 1 retrospective by Ian Fryer p40-43 (4c);

67 (Nov 2010); Blu-ray news p5 (1c); Lost scenes audio news p6 (4c); "The Making of Space 1999" part 4 by Ian Fryer p14-19 (1bw, 15c); "The Midas Touch" Seance Spectre review by Ken Parker p28-30 (11c);

68 (Mar 2011); "The Making of Space 1999" part 5 by Ian Fryer p14-21 (15c); FAB review: Network Blu-ray by Ian Nelmes p55-56 (8c);

69 (July 2011); Keith Wilson obituary p8-9 (1c, 1bw);

70 (Nov 2011); The Art of Keith Wilson p10-12 (9c, 3bw of art);

71 (Apr 2012); "The Moon's Gone-Again" news of Space 2099 reboot p7; "The Art of Keith Wilson" End of Eternity p12 (6 screen captures); "Moonbase Alpha Personnel Dossier part 1" p20-27 (29cs)

72 (Aug 2012); "Moonbase Alpha Personnel Dossier part 2" p22-29 (29cs)

73 (Nov 2012); "New Space 1999 graphic novels" p7; Jum Sullivan obituary p9 (1c); "Moonbase Alpha Personnel Dossier part 3" p24-29 (21c)

74 (Apr 2012); "Landau in London!" news p7; Bob Kellett obituary p11 (1c); Gerry Anderson obituary Space 1999 retrospective p29-31, Chris Penfold testimonial (2c, 1bw)

76 (Nov 2013); "Sarah Bullen: To Space and Beyond" interview by Ian Fryer p28-31 (17c)

77 (Apr 2014); Alan Carter cover (1c); p5 (1c); "Nick Tate Australian Eagle" interview part 1 p10-17 (21c, 2bw); Ad bumpers (p29); Zienia Merton answers reader questions p48-51 (3c)

78 (Jul 2014); "Nick Tate Where Eagles Dare" interview part 2 p12-19 (15c);

79 (Nov 2014); "Timelash: The Mark of Archanon" p60-63 (6c)

80 (Apr 2015); Shane Rimmer interview p35 (2c)

82 (Dec 2015); 1999 Year 2 soundtrack in development p8 (1c); "Inside Moonbase Alpha" by Ian Fryer p10-18 (33c)

83 (May 2016); "Inside Moonbase Alpha" by Ian Fryer p14-21 (33c); Sylvia Anderson obituary 1bw p26, Christopher Penfold tribute to Sylvia 1bw p32; Film Studios- Pinewood 1bw p37;

86 (April 2017); Jack Thomas letter p63 (1c)

87 (Sept 2017); cover; p5 (1c); Martin Landau obituary p8-11 (3c); Appreciation Station: Moonbase Alpha by Nick Robinson p36-37 (11c); Tony Anholt This Charming Man by Ian Fryer p42-47 (3c 1bw); Dracula and Van Helsing... In Space! by Ian Wheeler p62-63 (4c)

88 (Feb 2018); Moonbase Alpha Quiz p2 (2c); Message From Alpha Translated into Japanese p6 (1c); Anderson Goes Pop by Ian Fryer 1 para p25 (1c);

91 (Dec 2018); cover (1c); introduction p4 (1c); "Remembering Zienia Merton" by Ian Fryer p36-45 (1c); Zienia Merton in TV TImes p46-47; Timelash: Guardian of Piri p56-61 (21c)

92 (Jun 2019); Shane Rimmer top 10- Space Brain p56 (1c)

94 (Jan 2020); "Fab Review" Big Finish audio review by Ian Nelmes p44-45; "The Taybor- A Likeable Crook" by Ian Wheeler p50-51 (4c)

97 (May 2021); "Space: 1999 A Fantasy Chronology" by Ian Fryer p22-29 (24c, 1bw)

99 (Nov 2021); "Inspecting Morse" Barry Morse bio by Ian Fryer p12-23 (5c, 2bw); "Hell Hath No Fury!" Lambda Factor review by Chris Drake p38-43 (21c); "The Amnesia Procedure" Space City memoir by Alistair McGown p44-49

100 (June 2022); "Timelash: Breakaway" p40-49 (19c + merchandise)

FAB Annual 2023 (Jan 2023); p9 (1c);

2024 (Dec 2023); cover (1c); p8 (1c); p26 (1c); "Space 1999 Alien Files" by Ian Fryer p70-77 (51c)

FAB Express 102 (Jan 2023); p28 (1c);

104 (Aug 2023); Ray Austin obituary p9-10 (1c, 1bw); Flashback The Dorcons by Eaton, Baxter, McGown, Braxton, Gardner p12=19 (17c)

105 (Dec 2023); p8 Greg Jein auction; p9 Sixteen 12 and convention news; "Noticeboard" Phil Rae Blackpool plans p10-11; p28 Alan Carter photo (1c)

CENTURY 21 DIARY (2009); cover (1c); p4 (1c); week 10, 36, 37, 39, 43, 45, 50 (1c each); inside back (1c);

FAB YEARBOOK 1 (2000); cover (1 c); Zienia Merton interview p25-31 (11 bw, 3c); Keith Wilson interview p32-42 (16 bw, 2 c art); Alan Willis interview p43-46 (4 bw)

FAB YEARBOOK 2 (COUNTDOWN) (2002); cover (1 c); Christopher Penfold interview p34-42 (14 bw, 5c);

FANDERSON 81 PROGRAMME BOOK (1981); Anderson profile p8 (34 lines)

FANDERSON 82 PROGRAMME BOOK (1982); Shane Rimmer profile p7 (8 lines), p23 (1bw)

FANDERSON 84 PROGRAMME BOOK (1984); "Zienia Merton" p7, p18 (1bw)

FANDERSON 91 PROGRAMME BOOK (1991); Series profile p17-18, episode list p21-22, 12bw p1,5,16,17,18,21,23,24

FANDERSON GOLD BOOK (1996); p1 (2bw), p4 (1bw), p10 (2bw), p11 (1bw), behind-the-scenes photos p13 (7bw), p15 (1bw), p18 (1bw), p19 (1bw), p20 (3bw)

FANDERSON NEWS No 10 (Oct 1987); Mini-con report by Kevin Sullivan p2

27 (Dec 1990); Alphacon report by Claire Roberts p5- (6bw); 20 lines on parties by Ian Fryer p14; p15 (1bw)

28 (March 1991); p4 (1bw); p6 (1bw)

THE GERRY ANDERSON COLOURING BOOK (Fanderson 1992); 24 page book includes one full page line drawing of Eagles by Jonathan Baxter

GERRY ANDERSON STARTER GUIDE (Fanderson 1989) by Ian Fryer; Entry on series p13 (1bw)

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW ("Formerly The Alien Critic", ed Richard E Geis; Vol.4 No.4/No.15/November 1975); review p17

SPACE CITY CONVENTION BOOK (Fanderson 1993); 1999 locations p15; p1 (1bw), 3 (1bw) p17 (5bw), p31 (1bw)

21st CENTURY FICTION (Fanderson 1993) edited by Pam Brown; includes "Night Duty" by Jacquie Groom p63-76 (5bw); cover includes 1999 art by Richard Farrell

UFO: 1999 CONVENTION BOOKLET (1999); p1 (1bw), Space: 1999 a brief history by Matrin Gainsford and Chris Bentley p7-9 (3bw), Episodes p12-13 (2bw), p15 (1bw), p16 (1bw)

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