The Catacombs Reference Guide
UK Magazines
by Martin Willey


ACTION TV Number 4 (Spring 2001); Sylvia Anderson interview by Jim Lewis p13

Number 6 (Spring 2002); 1c cover; "Back To The Future" Year One guide by Michael Richardson p14-23 (8bw)

Volume 2 Number 3 (Nov 2007); 1c cover; "The Future Is Fantastic!" Year Two guide by Michael Richardson p16-25 (12bw)

BOOK & MAGAZINE COLLECTOR Number 44 (Nov 1987); "Gerry Anderson Spin-Off Annuals" by Robert Newbury p40-42 (incl. price guide)

Number 91 (Oct 1991); "Gerry Anderson Spin-Off Novels" by Michael Richardson p52-55 (incl price guide; 1bw of UK "Alien Seed")

BOWERHOUSE Number 1 (Nov 2008); Battlecruiser (Alpha Child) by Martin Bower cover, p4-13

Number 2 (Jan 2009); Hawk by Martin Bower cover, p12-18

CENTURY 21 Number 5 (Summer 1991); "Interview Double Bill: Johnny Byrne, Terrance Dicks" by Marcus Hearne p36-38 (2bw), p3 (1bw)

Number 6 (Autumn 1991); Cover (2c); p3 (1bw); The Eagle p5 (3bw); p17 (1bw); Series Guide by Chris Bentley, Roger Rice p20-24 (6 c, 4bw)

Number 7 (Winter 1991); Year One Episode Guide by Chris Bentley p6-7,33-36 (14bw); p3 (1bw); p32 (2bw of models)

Number 8 (Spring 1992); Superwift blueprint by Frederick Barr p15; "Year Two episode guide" by Chris Bentley & Luke Davis p16-19,29-33 (6bw); "Martin Bower interview" by Fay Symes p22-25 (3bw of models); p2 (1bw)

Number 9 (Summer 1992); "Gerry Anderson Story" p7 (1bw); "Christopher Penfold Interview part 1" by Marcus Hearn p18-19; "The Merchandise part 1" by Luke Davis & Tim Redman p22-24,26-28 (19bw); Moonbuggy blueprint by Frederick Barr p25

Number 10 (Autumn 1992); letter by Paul McCarthy p 8 (1bw); "Christopher Penfold interview part 2" by Marcus Hearn p14-15 (3bw); "The Merchandise part 2" by Luke Davis & Tim Redman p28-33 (27bw)

Number 12 (Spring 1993); p1 (1c); letter by Iain R Murray p8-9

Number 13 (Summer 1993); letters by Graeme Walker, Graham Keenan p6-7

COLLECTING SCALE MODELS Volume 2 Number 5 (May 1991); "In Retrospect" model kit review by Jean-Cristophe Carbonel p28-30 (5bw of boxes)

COMICS UNLIMITED Number 43 (Feb 1977); "The Fantasy World Of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson"

COMPUTER AND VIDEO GAMES (March 1987); "Pulling The Strings" (Anderson interview) p83

COMPUTER WEEKLY (11 Nov 1999); Review by Barry Neild p79 (1c)

CULT TIMES Number 1 (Oct 1995); 1bw p22, 1bw p30, 1bw p31, "Instant Guide To Space 1999" p45 (2c)

Number 41 (Feb 1999); contents p3 (1c); 'Shaping The Future' Catherine Schell interview by John Ainsworth p24-26 (5c); p80 (1c)

CULT TV Special Number 5 (March 1998); "best episodes:" Dragon's Domain by Gareth Roberts p82

Number 2 (Nov 1995); 1bw p26; 1bw p31

Number 3 (Dec 1995); 1c p5; 1bw p29; 1bw p36; 1c p47; Year 2 review by Craig Hinton (1 para, 1c) p54

Number 11 (Aug 1996); p41 (1 para, 1bw); p34 (1bw), p48 (1bw)

Season 2 Episode 4 (April 1998); A-Z Space: 1999 by Stephen D Pierce p40-43 (including Eagle/Alpha art by Graham Bleathman)

DOCTOR WHO CHRONICLES Number 2: 1975 (June 2021); "On the Box" p112-113 (4c)

DREAMWATCH Number 2 (Nov 1994); War Games review by Ty Power p13 (11 lines); video review: ITC Volumes 18 and 19, by Anthony McKay p27

Number 7 (March 1995); Video review: ITC Volume 20 by Anthony McKay p29

Number 11 (July 1995); Carolyn Seymour interview p12 (8 lines)

Number 12 (August 1995); p5 (1c); "Alphan From Oz" Nick Tate interview by Steve Eramo p26-27 (1bw); "Launch Eagles" series profile by Rob Pritchard p28-30 (4c, 3bw)

Number 16 (Dec 1995); "Morse's Code" Barry Morse interview by Steve Eramo p29-30 (1bw, 1c)

Number 17 (Jan 1996); 1c p42

Number 27 (Nov 1996); Polygram videos 21-24 reviewed by Rob Pritchard p58

Number 28 (Dec 1996); Fanderson Documentary video reviewed by Rob Pritchard p60

Number 35 (July 1997); Marcus Berkmann column p74 (1c)

Number 36 (August 1997); p6 (1bw)

Number 57 (April 1999); 1c p3; Martin Landau interview p32-36 (2c); 1 para p82

Number 86 (Nov 2001); Gerry Anderson interview p74-74 (1c);

Number 89 (Feb 2002); Carlton DVD series 2 review by Brigid Cherry p94 (1c);

Number 94 (July 2002); Martin Landau interview by Simon John Gerard p24-26 (1c);

Number 124 (January 2005); Time Tunnel: Lost In Space: 1999 (Nick Tate interview) by Mark Juddery p64-65 (8c);

Number 126 (March 2005); Greatest Sci-Fi TV Title Sequences Ever p28 (1c), p31 (1 para), p32 (1c and 2 para, Gerry Anderson comments).

DWB Number 98 (Feb 1992); Video review: ITC Volumes 1 & 2 by Anthony McKay p17

Number 99 (March 1992); "Schlock Watch: Space 1999" retrospective by David Scott p14-15 (3bw)

Number 100 (April 1992); "No Strings" letter by Neil Harris p5

Number 101 (May 1992); Video review: ITC Volumes 3 & 4 by Anthony McKay p46

Number 103 (July 1992); Nicholas Young interview by Gary Clyde p17; video review: ITC Volume 5 by Anthony McKay p25

Number 104 (Aug 1992); Video review: ITC Volume 6 by Anthony McKay p25

Number 107 (Nov 1992); Video review: ITC Volume 7 & 8 by Anthony McKay p26

Number 110 (Feb 1993); Video review: ITC Volume 9 & 10 by Andrew Pixley p25

Number 113 (May 1993); Video review: ITC Volume 11 & 12 by Anthony McKay p25

Number 117 (Sept 1993); Video review: the 70s Volume 2 by Anthony McKay p22

Number 119 (Nov 1993); Video review: ITC Volume 13 & 14 by Anthony McKay p23 (1bw)

Number 123 (Feb 1994); Video review: ITC Volume 15 & 16 by Anthony McKay p23

Number 128 (July 1994); Video review: ITC Volume 17 by Anthony McKay p23

Number 82 (July 2001); DVD review: Carlton Volumes 1 and 2 by Mike Tucker p83

DVD Monthly No 10 (Feb 2001); "The Hardest Ship In The Universe" Eagle vs Starbug short mention

DVD Review No 26 (June 2001); DVD review: Carlton Volumes 1 and 2 by Andy McDermott p102 (4c)

No 28 (Aug 2001); DVD review: Carlton Volumes 3 and 4 by Andy McDermott p74 (6c)

No 33 (Dec 2001); DVD review: Carlton Series 2 Boxset by Andy McDermott p78 (8c)


FAB: THE OFFICIAL 1998 CALENDAR (Slow Dazzle, 1997); June & September entries, dates by Chris Bentley (8c)

FANTASY IMAGE Number 2 (Mar 1984); 'UFO' article p23 (4 lines)

HOME ENTERTAINMENT (June 1994); Cult TV p27 (3 lines, 1c)

HOME ENTERTAINMENT (Sept 1995); "Cult Classic takes off on Bravo" p27 (1c)

IMPACT (Dec 1995); SFTV Magazine Supplement: "UFO And Space 1999, The Best Near Misses In History" by Ian Fryer p13 (1bw montage)

INFINITY Number 3 (July 2017); cover, "Crisis on Moonbase Alpha" by Mark Phillips p46-52 (22c)

Number 22 (Oct 2019); Cover (1c); centre poster p33/36 (1c); "Alien engineer" Brian Johnson interview by Michael Coldwell p52-59 (3c);

Number 25 (Jan 2020); Cover (1c); "The Eagle Has Landed" John Hug interview by Steve Eramo p28-31 (11c, 1bw);

Number 27 (June 2020); Cover (1c); "A Touch of Cinnamon" Barbara Bain interview by Steve Eramo p56-59 (7c, 1bw);

Number 34 (April 2021); "Meeting Gerry" by Mark Anthony Craig p28-31 + cover

Number 35 (May 2021); cover (art), index p3 (art), "Space: 1999 Merchandise Guide" by Alistair McGown p24-31 (1c, 1bw)

Number 45 (Feb 2022); "Inspecting Morse" by Anthony Wynn p14-16 (1c)

JUST IMAGINE Number 1 (May 1975); p2 (2bw); "An Interview with Brian Johnson" by Kevin O'Neill p6-9 (7bw)

Number 2 (1975); p15 (1bw of Eagle)

Volume 2 Number 1 (1978); "Brian Johnson Space 1999" p7 (3bw)

THE LISTENER Volume 94 No 2426 (2nd Oct 1975); review p417 (24 lines)

LM Number 2 (March 1987); "The Anderson Tapes" p57 (10 lines, 2c)

MAD Number 185 (UK edition, 1975); "Spaced 1999" (parody comic strip) p29-33

MODEL MART (August 1989); "A Dream Come True: the Models for Space: 1999" by Martin Bower p82-84 (7bw)

MODEL & COLLECTORS MART (Dec 1999); "Breakaway: Revisiting Space: 1999" by Peter Halliday and Brian Dowling p148-150 (4bw + 10bw of convention)

MODEL & COLLECTORS MART (Jan 2000); "Space: 1999 Collector's Guide" p160-164 (21bw of merchandise)

MY WEEKLY (July 1978); "Nick Tate- A New Star With A Very Bright Future" p8-10 (1bw)

OUTER SPACE (1977); "The Missing Link Competition" p20-23 (1c, 2bw)

PC FORMAT (July 2001); "Install" intro p144-145 (6 c); "Over The Moon" by Phil Plait p145; "Get more Space 1999" p156; attached DVD includes 'Breakaway' in full

PHOTOPLAY FILM MONTHLY (Nov 1975); "On Moon Base Alpha With The Martin Landaus" (3 bw)

PRIMETIME Number 8 (1984); "The Monster Within, The Viewer Without" by Neil Alsop p14 (1bw), p15 (24 lines)

RADIO TIMES 27 Aug-2 Sep 1994; p6/7 1bw

RADIO TIMES 17-23 Sep 1994; "Back To The Future" (TV SF) by Richard Johnson p28-31 (10 lines)

RADIO TIMES 29 Apr-5 May 1995; "Why Has TV Gone Sci-Fi Mad?" by Roland White p26 (3 lines,1c)

SATELLITE AND VIDEO TODAY (Oct 1993); 1c in Gerry Anderson interview p18

SATELLITE TV (August 1995); p7 (2c in montage)

SATELLITE TV EUROPE (Sept 1995); p4 (1c); article by Jim Drewett, Doug Millard p18-19 (4c)

SCIENCE FICTION MONTHLY Volume 2 Number 1 (1974); "SF on TV" by John Brosnan p18 (8 lines)

Volume 3 Number 1 (1976); "A Look At Space 1999" by John Brosnan p4-5,8-9 (5bw, 3c)

Volume 3 Number 4 (1976); letter p25 (7 lines)

SCI-FI & FANTASY MODELLER Volume 9 (April 2008); "Space:1999 Eagle Mania!" cover; "Restoration of Eagle 1" by David Sisson p6-25; "Where Eagles Fly!" interview with Mark Ballantyne p26-28; "Crashed Eagle Command Module" by Tony42 p29; "The Eagle Perfectionist" by Terry Hyde p30-32; "Winning Pod-U-Like" by Ron Amacher p33-35; "Launch All Eagles: Alpha Pad" by Steve Davies p36-42; "Eagle Chic" by Mike Reccia p43-45;

Volume 22 (July 2011); "Alpha To Omega" by Bernie Walsh p85-91 (with photos of original model); "Alpha DeClassified" by Roberto Baldassari p92-93;

Volume 23 (Oct 2011); "Alpha To Omega part 2" by Bernie Walsh p93-98 (photos of original model);

Volume 24 (Jan 2012); "Silo and Eagle Hangar" p84-87

Volume 25 (Apr 2012); "Alpha To Omega part 3 Main Mission Reborn" by Bernie Walsh p30-35 (photos of original model);

SCI-FI & FANTASY MODELS Number 2 (Sep/Oct 1994); "Kit Classics: Moonbase Alpha" by Mike Reccia p20-21 (5bw of models)

Number 3 (Nov/Dec 1994); "Kit Spotters" by Martin Bower p20-23 (6bw)

Number 4 (Jan/Feb 1995); "Scratchbuilding the Eagle" by David Sisson p11-15 (16bw of replica model); p22 (2bw of replica models by Teruo Yamada)

Number 11 (Mar/Apr 1996); Voyager's Return blueprint by Stephen Corbett pullout

Number 12 (May/Jun 1996); "Return To The Future" by Martin Bower p14-19 (21bw, 4 art); p2 (1 art)

Number 13 (Jul/Aug 1996); "Return To The Future part 2" by Bower p36-41 (23bw, 2 art)

Number 15 (Oct/Nov 1996); "The Altares" by Bower p20-22; "Scratchbuilding a Laser Pistol" by Kevin Davies p46-47

Number 33 (Dec 1998); And they said it couldn't be done review of AB 22" Eagle by Simon Roykirk p8-10

Number 36 (May 1999); Scratchbuilding a studio sized replica of Space:1999s Ultra Probe replica by Jim Small p46-49 (2bw of original, 12bw of replica), p2 (1c of replica)

Number 37 (June 1999); p33 (2 c of Eagle model); p37 (2bw of Eagle replica)

Number 39 (Sept 1999); Front and back cover photos (9c); Kit news p6-7; Photos p21 (5c);
Lunar fleet: 1999 by Phil Rae p22-32 (17bw, 26c of models and replicas; Rae blueprint);
Building a Moonbase hangar by E. James Small p33-35 (3c, 9bw of replica, original);
Fly like an Eagle (Airfix conversion) by E. James Small p36-39 (9c, 3bw of replicas and models);
A history of Space: 1999 model kits by Jean Christophe Carbonel p40-45 (kit photos);
Airfix Eagle reissue by Chris Brown p45 (1 bw replica model);
Scratchbuilding the Meta Probe by Donald Hayunga p46-47 (7 bw replica);
War Gamer- scratchbuilding the Mk IX Hawk by Colin M Taylor p48-51 (6 bw replica);
Re: Collections of 1999 by Martin Gainsford (Andrew Frampton and Tim Mallett collections) p51-55 (6 bw, 7c models and costumes)

Number 41 (Jan 2000); "AB forty four inch Eagle- a preview" by Simon Roykirk p17-18; "More Pads; More Power" Jim Small garage kit reviews by Simon Roykirk p38

Number 44 (March 2000); "Giant!" AB Models 44" Eagle buildup part 1 by Simon Roykirk p24-27;

Number 45 (May 2000); "Giant!" AB Models Eagle part 2 by Simon Roykirk p11-13;

Number 46 (June 2000); "Giant!" AB Models Eagle part 3 by Simon Roykirk p10-13; "Moonbase Masterpiece" Warp 11" Eagle review by Simon Roykirk p30-31;

Number 47 (July 2000); "Giant!" AB Models Eagle part 4 by Simon Roykirk p10-13;

SCI-FI & FANTASY FX Number 48 (Aug 2000); "Giant!" AB Models Eagle part 5 by Simon Roykirk p8-11;

Number 49 (Sept 2000); "Busman's Holiday" AB Models 22" Hawk by Simon Roykirk p8-10;

SCI-FI ENTERTAINMENT (August 1995); Anderson interview p71 (9 lines)

SCI-FI NOW Number 10 (Dec 2007); "Timewarp" section contents p97 (1c); Year 1 Retrospective with episode guide by Alasdair Stuart p114-117 (45 c);

Number 90 (Feb 2014); "The Complete Guide to Gerry Anderson" by Chris Chantler p110-117 (esp p115-116) (1c p112, 1c p116)

Number 112 (Nov 2015); "The final frontier goes even further" Network Year 2 Blu-ray review by Chris Chantler p72 (1c)

Number 124 (Sept 2016); "Timewarp: The Complete Guide to Space: 1999" by Steve O'Brien p94-101 (24c)

SCREEN ON! Number 1 SCI FI ALIENS (1979); "Earthbound", "Mission Of The Darians" p13-14, "Maya" p19-20, p25 (8c), p26 (5c)

SFX Number 2 (July 1995); Anderson interview (p47-49), entry p51 (1bw), "couch potato" p55(2c)

Number 11 (Apr 1996); Martin Bower interview by Dave Golder p50-52 (5 c)

Number 18 (Nov 1996); Documentary video review by MJ Simpson p90

Number 19 (Dec 1996); p48 (1c, 22 words)

Number 20 (Xmas 1996) "The Episode Guide To The Galaxy" supplement book episode guide by Chris Bentley p75-98

Number 43 (Oct 1998); entry in 'The 50 Worst Things About SF Ever!' p81

Number 77 (Spring 2001); DVD preview by Nick Setchfield p108

Number 99 (Xmas 2002); Recycled Sci-Fi by Ian Berriman p117 (2c, 55 words)

Number 121 (Sept 2004); "The 69 Sexiest Aliens And A.I." number 54 is Maya p36 (1c)

Number 174 (Oct 2008); "Time Machine" feature p94-97 (13c, 1bw)

Number 203 (Jan 2010); "Lunar Landau" Network Blu-ray review p114 (1c)

Number 221 (Apr 2012); "Lunar Tunes" Space 2099 preview p18 (1c); "Total Recall: Eagle Transporter" by Dave Bradley p138 (1c)

Number 232 (Mar 2013); "Stand by for action!" Anderson obit p19 (1c)

Number 233 (May 2013); Anderson retrospective incl. 1bw p72; "SciFi Babes" - Alpha Child commentary p82 (2c)

Number 267 (Dec 2015); "Lunar adventures go loonier" Network Year 2 Blu-ray review by Russell Lewin p100 (1c)

Number 318 (Oct 2019); "Party like it's Space: 1999" by Stephen Jewell p62-65 (2c)

SFX Collection 22 "Best of British" (July 2005); p5 (1c); Series entry p37 (2c); Gerry Anderson interview p83 (1c); "10 Worst UK Telefantasy"#8 Space 1999 p130

SFX Collection 37 "TV Sci-Fi Classics" (Dec 2007); Space 1999 p64-65 (7c, 1 art cutaway)

SFX Collection 49 "Best of British" (Mar 2011); Eagle Transporter by Stephen La Riviere p65 (1 bw); p84 (1c)

SFX Collection 59 "The A-Z of Sci-Fi TV" (Feb 2013); Anderson, Gerry by Steve O'Brien - Space 1999 entry p10 (2c); Year 3000 p120 (art by Paul Garner)

S.I.G. Number 1 (1981); "Space 1999" p5-6 (12 lines), "The Models Of Space 1999" p11-12 (4bw)

Number 7 (1982); p1 (1bw of Eagle)

Number 5 (1982); Shane Rimmer interview p22 (15 lines)

Number 8 (1983); Tony Anholt interview p5-7 (4bw), "Anderson Model kits" p21

Number 10 (1984); "The Reel Commander" (Koenig profile) p10-11 (3bw), Eagle blueprint by Phil Rae p16-17

Number 12 (1985); "One Fan's View" (11bw of models by Teruo Yamada)

Number 16 (1986); Episode listings p7 (6bw)

Number 17 (1987); Tony Barwick interview p22 (2bw)

Number 18 (1987); p36 (1c)

THE 1986 S.I.G. GERRY ANDERSON SOUVENIR PHOTO CALENDAR (1985); cover art incl Eagle, June photo (1c of "Caldorian spaceship and Eagles")

SPACE VOYAGER Number 11 (Oct 1984); letter by Graham Williams p27-28

Number 16 (Aug 1985); "Latest Anderson" by David Nightingale p32-34 (3bw)

SPECIAL SFX EDITION "THE A-Z OF SCI-FI TV" (Nov 2012) "A is for Anderson (Gerry)" by Steve O'Brien p10 (2c)

SPEED AND POWER Number 71 (25 July-1 August 1975); Model Spot: Space Eagle p30-31 (1bw)

Number 82 (10-17 October 1975); Space: 1999 p14-15 (7bw); next issue preview p29

Number 83 (17-24 October 1975); Win your own spaceship! Dinky competition p6-7

STARBURST Number 7 (Mar 79); "Destination Moonbase Alpha" poster & note p32 (bw)

Number 8 (Apr 1979); p1 (1c), Gerry Anderson interview by John Fleming p22-27 (3c), "Destination Moonbase Alpha" poster p48

Number 9 (May 1979); Brian Johnson interview by John Fleming p13-16 (1c)

Number 13 (1979); "The Art Of Space 1999" (Keith Wilson interview by John Fleming) p22-27 (1bw, 5 art)

Number 16 (1979); "Science Fiction On Television" by Tise Vahimagi p53 (10 lines, 1bw)

Number 17 (1979); Quiz question "From what series is this photo?" (1bw)

Number 23 (1980); p55 (2c)

Number 26 (1980); "TV Zone" by Tise Vahimagi p36 (8 lines)

Number 89 (Jan 1986); Emma Porteous interview p20-21 (36 lines, 4bw, 1 art)

Number 94 (Jun 1986); letter by Colin Bayliss p49

Number 105 (May 1987); letter by Malcolm Kinnear p26

Number 107 (Jul 1987); p26 (1bw)

Number 174 (Feb 1993); video volumes 9 & 10 preview p32 (29 lines)

Number 177 (May 1993); video volumes 11 & 12 preview p31 (27 lines)

Number 209 (Jan 1996); 1c p7

Number 217 (Aug 1996); Fanderson Documentary review p56 (1c)

Number 218 (Oct 1996); Brian Blessed interview by Joe Nazzaro (0 lines, 1c) p59

Number 275 (July 2001); Carlton DVD volumes 1-3 review (2c) p75

Number 415 (July 2015); Overview of 60s/70s telefantasy p34 (1c, 10 lines)

Number 418 (Nov 2015); contents p4 (1c); "Space: 1975-1977" by Paul Mount p34-36 (11c)

Number 425 (June 2016); Interview Catherine Schell by Paul Mount p102 (1c)

Number 465 (October 2019); "Standby for Space: 1999" by Paul Mount p50-52 (11c)

STARBURST Special Number 47 (Apr 2001); Sylvia Anderson interview p66-67 (1 c)

STARFORCE Number 1 (1977); p2

STARLOG Number 13 (UK edition, May 2001); 'Moonbase Alpha' DVD preview p9 (1c)

Number 15 (July 2001); Carlton DVD review (20 lines, 1c) p79

TIMESCREEN Number 1 (1984); 'Telefantasy Guide'

1/2 Reprint Special (1987); 'Telefantasy Guide- The Seventies' p32 (27 lines, 1bw)

Number 3 (1985); "Does The Audience Think?" by Michael Richardson p11 (42 lines)

Number 4 supplement (1985); Book list pB6-7 (8bw of book covers)

Number 7 (1986); cover (1bw); "Another Time Another Place" by Michael Richardson (Yr 1 review & episode list) p6-12 (8bw)

Revised 7 (1993); cover (1c); "Another Time Another Place" by Michael Richardson (revised Yr 1 review & episode list) p10-18 (14bw)

Number 10 (1987); p2 (1bw), book list p35 (4bw of book covers)

Number 15 (1990); UK video list p38

Number 16 (1990); record list p24-25; "A View From...France" by Alain Carraze p27-28 (1bw)

Number 17 (1991); Gerry Anderson interview p25-26 (1bw)

Number 18 (1992); Sylvia Anderson interview p18-19 (1bw)

Number 19 (1992); p2 (1bw)

TITBITS (24th July 1975); Cover & "Out Of The Unknown" preview p20-21 (12c)

TOYS INTERNATIONAL (Feb 1976); "1976 Could Break Records"

TV SCI FI MONTHLY Number 1 (1976); "Alien Spacecraft" p2 (1c, 1bw), "Space 1999 Scores Second Series" p4 (1bw), "If The Moon Should Go.." (factual) p6, "The Aliens Of Space 1999" p7 (3c, 1bw)

Number 2 (1976); "The Missing Professor" p5 (1bw), Eagle poster p8-9 (1c), "Space 1999- The Future" p10-11 (3c, 2bw), "Starmate of the Month" back cover (1c of Zova)

Number 3 (1976); Poster-art of Alpha by Gordon Davis p8-9,"Space 1999's Special Effects Factory" p10-11 (1c,2bw), "Alien Of The Month" back cover (1c of Helena/Darian)

Number 4 (1976); "Life In Space" (factual) p1-2 (2c), "The End Of the Universe" (factual) p11 (1bw)

Number 5 (1976); "Lasers, Phasers & Stun Guns" (factual) p12-13 (2bw)

Number 6 (1976); "Koenig Speaks!" (interview) p1 (1c), Book reviews of Breakaway & Moon Odyssey p12 (1bw)

Number 8 (1976); "Space: 1999 New Season" (Anderson interview) p6-7 (1c, 5bw), "TV Sci Fi Hall Of Fame" back cover (Koenig painting by J Petagno)

TV TIMES (1975); Inside Television column by Alix Coleman: "You need nerves of steel to spend £3 million on space" preview p24 (2bw)

(10 July 1977); "Catherine Schell: View From The Moon" by Ron Fry

(31 July 1977); "Catherine Schell: Space 1999s Moonbase Alpha Has A Comely Resident" by David Dugas

(2nd October 1999); "Down in the jungle something...beeps" news about "new series" called Space: 2024

TV WEEK (2nd August, 1975); "TV's Space Odyssey!" preview p32-33 (5c)

TV YEARS Issue 5 (August 2019); p3 (1c); "Moonhighlighting" p10 (1 para); Nicholas Young interview p38 (1 para, 1c); Year By Year entry 1975 p48 (1 para); Jamie Anderson collection p86 (1 para on Sixteen 12 replica); "Shooting for the moon" by Samira Ahmed p88-91 (10c)

TV ZONE Number 1 (Sep 1989); "Fantasy Flashback: Space 1999- Breakaway" synopses & review by Richard Houldsworth p31-33 (10 bw)

Number 12 (Nov 1990); "Fantasy Flashback: Space 1999- Earthbound" synopses & review by Richard Houldsworth p24-27 (3c, 3bw)

Number 13 (Dec 1990); letter by Colin Bayliss p21

Number 14 (Jan 1991); letters by Martin East, Kerry Keene p12-13

Number 17 (Apr 1991); Episode guide 1-8 p31 (1bw)

Number 18 (May 1991); Episode guide 9-16 p31 (1bw)

Number 19 (Jun 1991); Episode guide 17-24 p31 (1bw)

Number 20 (Jul 1991); "The Power Behind The Rolls" Sylvia Anderson interview by Gary Russell p12

Number 22 (Sep 1991); "Alphacon The Video" review by Richard Houldsworth p15 (1bw); Prentis Hancock interview by David Richardson p20-22 (1bw)

Number 24 (Nov 1991); letter by Karl Disley p23

Number 28 (March 1992); videos Volumes 1 & 2 reviewed by Richard Houldsworth p13

Number 29 (Apr 1992); videos Volumes 3 & 4 reviewed by Richard Houldsworth p20, letter by T J Miles on videos, p12

Number 33 (Aug 1992); videos Volumes 5 & 6 reviewed by Richard Houldsworth p23

Number 36 (Nov 1992); videos Volumes 7 & 8 reviewed by Richard Houldsworth p13-14; "Fantasy Flashback: The Immunity Syndrome" by Richard Houldsworth synopses, review & behind the scenes photos p24-27 (3c, 6bw)

Number 38 (Jan 1993); "Barbara Bain: 1992" interview by David Richardson p32-37 (3c, 3bw)

Number 39 (Feb 1993); videos Volumes 9 & 10 reviewed by Richard Houldsworth p13

Number 41 (Apr 1993); Season 2 episode guide by Richard Houldsworth p15-18 (2c, 4bw)

Number 42 (May 1993); "Catherine Schell: The Psychon Speaks" interview by Jovan Michael Evermann p14-17 (3c); ITC Volumes 11 & 12 reviewed by Richard Houldsworth p33

Number 45 (Aug 1993); "Christopher Penfold, Writing: 1999" interview by Richard Houldsworth p9-12 (2c, 3bw)

Number 46 (Sept 1993); videos Volumes 13 & 14 reviewed by Richard Houldsworth p35-36

Number 47 (Oct 1993); Terence Feely interview by David Richardson p31-32 (1bw)

Number 49 (Dec 1993); videos Volumes 15 & 16 reviewed by Richard Houldsworth p34

Number 53 (Apr 1994); video Volumes 17 reviewed by Richard Houldsworth p36

Number 54 (May 1994); "Writing 1999" Johnny Byrne interview by David Richardson p9-11 (2c, 5bw); "UFO Space 1999" book review by Matthew Cooke p54

Number 55 (June 1994); video Volumes 18 reviewed by Richard Houldsworth p34-35

Number 57 (Aug 1994); video Volumes 19 reviewed by Richard Houldsworth p34

Number 62 (Dec 1994); Michael Sheard interview by John Porter p34 (3 paras)

Number 64 (Feb 1995); BBC purchased 1999 news p4 (1bw)

Number 66 (Apr 1995); Bravo purchased 1999 news p3 (1bw); video Volume 20 reviewed by Matthew Cooke p30

Number 69 (Aug 1995); Bravo news p5 (1bw)

Number 73 (Dec 1995); "Fantasy Flashback: The Exiles" by David Richardson p32-34 (5c)

Number 97 (Nov 1997); Question by Gareth Bellis p20-21 (1c)

Number 119 (Oct 1999); 'Moon Leaves Orbit! Alpha-mo! Top Space Base Missing Too!' by Clayton Hickman p70 (1c)

Number 120 (Nov 1999); letter by Simon Morris p52

Number 138 (Apr 2001); Carlton DVD review by Mike Fillis p82

Number 141 (Aug 2001); Carlton DVD vols 4-6 review by Mike Fillis p82

Number 147 (Jan 2002); Carlton DVD season 2 review by Mike Fillis p80 (1c)

Number 163 (May 2003); Space: 1999 is 41 in the Top 100 TV shows. 1c.

Number 175 (April 2004); Space: 1999 Death's Other Dominion by Andrew Pixley p30-34 (14c 2bw); 5bw in Titles article p43

TV ZONE SPECIAL Number 1 (1990); Reprint of TV Zone No 1 article p31-33 (10bw)

Number 2 (1991); "Out Of Orbit" series review by David Richardson p12-15 (6bw)

Number 5, Seventies Special (April 1992); p3 (1c); Terence Dicks interview p20,22 (1bw) "1976" p45 (17 lines, 1bw); "1977" p46 (8 lines, 1bw)

Number 7, Supernatural Special (Nov 92); "Fantasy Flashback: The Troubled Spirit" synopses & review by Richard Houldsworth p20-23 (9bw, 1c)

Number 9, Supervillains Special (June 1993); "Emma Porteous, Costumes: 1999" interview by David Richardson p9-13 (5bw, 2 art)

Number 13, ITC Special (June 1994); p1 (1c); p2 (1c); p4 (1c); Barry Morse interview p5-8 (3bw); John Goldsmith interview p16-19 (5bw); Children Of The Gods review p54-55 (6c)

Number 17, Lost Voyagers Special (May 1995); p6 (1bw); "Fantasy Flashback: End Of Eternity" synopses & review by Richard Houldsworth p20-23 (4c, 2bw)

Number 28 (Feb 1998) "100 Cult Moments"- p32 (1 bw of Alphan thrown through window)

Number 31, Yearbook (Dec 1998) Nick Tate, Where Eagle Pilots Dare interview by David Bassom p94-98 (5 c, 1 bw)

Number 45, TV Heroes (Apr 2002) Space 1999 by Steve Eramo p4-5 (1 c)

Number 57, Gerry Anderson (Jun 2004) Space 1999 p54-57 (8 c)

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2000 AD SPECIAL (1978); "Space Chicks" photo page p15 (2bw)

ULTIMATE DVD Number 18 (June 2001); editorial p7; "Another Time, Another Place" feature by Richard Houldsworth p22-23 (5c); DVD review by David Richardson p71 (3c)

Number 20 (August 2001); DVD volumes 4-6 review by David Richardson p59 (3c)

Number 25 (Jan 2002); DVD year 2 boxset review by David Richardson p93 (11c)

ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SCI-FI ROBOTS AND SPACESHIPS (Oct 2015); "The 50 Greatest Spaceships" nbr 9, Eagle Transporter p87 (1c); "Where Eagles Dare" by Dave Bradley p126-127 (5c, 1 art by Graham Bleathman)

VIDEO BUYER & USER March 1992; video release p49 (24 lines)

VIDEO INDEX AUTUMN 1985 No 19 ed Martin Coxhead (1985); "Journey Through The Black Sun" p13

VIDEO TODAY (Aug 1982); "Yes, Milady" Gerry Anderson interview p39 (11 lines)

VIDEO WORLD (Sept 1986); Editorial introducing Gerry Anderson profile p4 (5 lines)

(Aug 1992); "Bargain Basement" description of ITC Volumes 5 & 6 (6 lines)

WEEKEND Oct 1-7, 1975; "Now Moses is a £3,000,000 Man" by John Davison p17 (20 lines, 1bw)

November 1976 "Hate at first sight" cover and centre pages story by Dick Maino (3c, 1bw Landau, Bain)

WHAT DVD Number 27 (July 2001); Carlton DVD volumes 1-3 review by Gary Russell p112-113 (5c)

Number 29 (Sept 2001); Carlton DVD volumes 4-6 review by Gary Russell p103 (1c)

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Number 35 (Feb 2002); Carlton DVD series 2 review p93 (1c)

WHAT SATELLITE TV (Sept 1995); cover inset 1c; index 1c p5; "Moonstruck" by Richard Youlden p64-66 (14c); 11 lines p71 (1bw)

(Dec 1995); index 1c p5; "Moonstruck part 2" by Richard Youlden p70-72 (9c, 1bw); p91 1bw

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Number 7 (1975); Preview p60-62 (4 c, 4bw)

YOURS RETRO Number 50 (May 2022); cover inset 1c; "The Alpha Crew" by David Reid p50-51 (5c)

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