The Catacombs Reference Guide
US Magazines
by Martin Willey


100 YEARS OF SCIENCE FICTION Number 1 (2000); "Space 1999" by Mark Phillips p12-13 (2c)

AFTERWORDS Number 1 (Jan 1976); "Asimov on 1999- A Disputed Verdict"

Number 2 (May 1976); "Again 1999- Van Hise Replies"

Number 4 (Sept 1976); "Space 1999" (letters)

Number 8 (May 1977); "Space 1999 Jim Watson Vs The Facts"

AMERICAN FILM Volume 1 Number 4 (Jan/Feb 1976); "Space 1999 Marked Down From 2001; From Metropolis Televised Sci-Fi, the Special Effects Have Dwarfed the Science" review by Ben Bova p24-27 (1bw)

ART AND STORY Number 2 (Aug 1976); "Space: 1999 'The Metamorph' and the metamorphoses" by James D. Denney p24-27 (13bw)

BUYER'S GUIDE FOR COMIC FANDOM Number 101 (24 Oct 1975); "Space 1999 And The Buck Rogers/ Bogart Effect"

CELEBRITY (April 1976); "The Ultimate Couple" (article about Martin Landau and Barbara Bain)

CELEBRITY Volume 3 Number 5 (May 1977); "Catherine Schell A View From the Moon"

CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT Number 3 (Mar 1977); "1999 Escape Into Worlds Beyond Belief" by John N Park p36 (1bw), Interview with Gerry Anderson Producer" p37,40 (4bw), "Interview with Barbara Bain" p38 (2bw), "Interview with Martin Landau" p39-40,56 (3bw)

CINEFANTASTIQUE Volume 4 Number 1 (1975); "Space 1999" (1column, 1bw) p46

Volume 4 Number 2 (1975); "A New Teleseries From Britain" (preview) p44-46 (3c, 4bw)

Volume 4 Number 4 (1976); (14 lines) p38

??; "'s really disco, lost out there" review by Bhob Stewart p24

CINESCAPE Sept/Oct 2000; p5 (1c); "Space:1975" p66-69 series overview by John Muir (8c)

CIRCUS Number 150 (28 Feb 1977); "Is There Love In Outer Space? Space 1999 Tries To Change Its Image" p37-39 (review, 4c)

COMPASS Number 1 (Sept 1975); "The Most Expensive Opinion"

CRACKED MAGAZINE Number 133 (July 1976); "Space 1998" (parody comic)

CRACKED COLLECTORS EDITION Number 23 (May 1978); "Space 1998" (parody comic) p4-9


CUE Volume 44 Number 47 (20 Dec 1975); "Can 1999 Match Trek?" (cover art); "Trek vs 1999-Challenge In Outer Space", "An Expert's Verdict: Trek Wins" by Isaac Asimov

CYCLOPS Number 1 (May 1976); Preview p48-80 (5bw)

DYNAMITE Number 25 (1976); Colour cover, Preview p2-4 (4 c)

EPI-LOG Number 11 (Oct 1991); Colour cover; Episode guide by Gloria T. Anchors p54-65 (13bw)

FACES (30 Dec 1975); "Space: 1999 Soars in Ratings" by J.C. Wilcox p20-25; illus.preview, 1 bw

FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND Number 130 (Dec 1976); "The Aliens Of Space 1999" by Dennis Billows p6-15 (15bw)

Number 171 (Mar 1981); "The Alienvasion Of Television" p42-43 (17 lines, 1bw)

Number 283 (Jan/Feb 2016); "Martin Landau's Commanding Odyssey" interview by David Weiner p52-55 (9c)

FANGORIA Number 1 (Aug 1979); Christopher Lee interview p14 (1c), p17 (1bw)

FANTASY ENTERPRISES Number 1 (Winter 1986); "Science Fiction Television" by Jon Aiken p18 (23 lines), p16 (1bw)

FILMFAX Number 89 (Apr 2002); The Future Is Fantastic (Bob Wood) book review by Mark Phillips p12,14 (1 bw); "All The World's A Stage...And The Universe Too!" Johnny Byrne interview by John Muir p38-41,82-83 (13bw); "1975: A Special Effects Odyssey" Brian Johnson interview by John Muir p42-51 (13bw)

FILMMAKERS NEWSLETTER (November 1976); "Special Effects In Space 1999" interview with Brian Johnson by Steve Mitchell p23-27 (6bw)

FILM SCENE NEWS Volume 1 Number 3 (Jan 1977); p17

FUTURE FANTASY Volume 1 Number 3 (June 1978); "Fabulous LPs" p54 (1bw), "Gather Around All Ye Space 1999 Fans" (letter) p64

GALAXY OF FANDOM Number 2 (Oct 1976); "Space 1999- Year 2"

INTERNATIONAL INSANITY Number 2 (Sept 1976); "Space 1959" (comic strip) p55-59

IN THE KNOW (Jan 1976); "The Home Screen- Space 1999 Takes Off As The Surprise Hit of the New Season" by Steve Mitchell p26-27 (2bw)

LASERVIEWS (issue unknown). Series profile

LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS Number 4 (Apr 1978); "Darth Vader Lives" p105

MAGAZINE OF FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION Volume 27 Number 2 (Feb 1976); "Space: 1949" by Baird Searles

Volume 27 Number 3 (March 1976); "Space: 1949 Continued" by Baird Searles p62-64

Volume 27 Number 4 (April 1976); "Midwinter Mishmosh" by Baird Searles

Volume 27 Number 12 (Dec 1976); "Space: 1939" by Baird Searles

MEDIASCENE Number 15 (Sept 1975); Preview

MEDIA SIGHT Number 4 (1983); Cover (1bw), "The Excitement Still Lives" p24-26 (5bw)

MEDIA SPOTLIGHT Volume 1 Number 4 (May 1977); Photosection (Year 2) p24-26 (8bw)

MODERN MOVIES: HOLLYWOOD EXPOSED (Jan 1976); "Hollywood Exposed Talks to...Space: 1999's Barbara Bain & Martin Landau" p33-34, 52. Additional photo of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain on Table of Contents page.

MODELER'S RESOURCE No 21 (April/May 1998); cover & p32 (small Imai Eagles); review of Imar Models figures p16

No 57 (Summer 2004); cover & "Recreating a Laser tank from Space 1999" by E James Small p52-57

THE MONSTER TIMES Number 47 (May 1976); Cover art, "Sci fi Takes Cue" p9; "Watch Out Star Trek: Here Comes Space: 1999" by Allen Leider p10-12,27; also comments about Space in "Trekkin' Toward the Light: Gene Roddenberry"--interview by R. Allen Leider. p. 10-12

Number 48 (July 1976); "Tell It To The Editor" letters about Space 1999

MOVIE STARS (12 Dec 1976); "Daring Nick Tate Of 'Space: 1999' Confides: 'I Want Lt. Carter to Really Feel Pain'" interview by Ann Hamilton,   p12,52 (3c)

MOVIE WORLD (Nov 1976); "Martin Landau & Barbara Bain"

NATIONAL ENQUIRER (1976?/1977?); "Space 1999 Star: A Grinning Ghost Terrorised Me" Catherine Schell story by Edward Martin

NEWSDAY (1976); "Mission '1999'" by Carol Burton Terry p4,37-38 (2bw)

NEWSWEEK (20 Oct 1975); "Spaced Out" by Harry F Waters p56 (2bw)

NEWSWEEK (22 Dec 1975); "Science Fiction: the Great Escape", includes a photo of the Caldorian Ship from "Earthbound" and some scathing (but sometimes funny) comments about Space: 1999

OUTRE Number 10 (1997); Gerry Anderson profile by Mark Miller p56-61 (3 bw)

PEOPLE (14 June 1976); "Couples- Fission: Impossible? For 19 Years, Barbara's been the Bain of Martin Landau's Existence" by Jerene Jones p54-55 (2bw)

PHOTO FIENDS Number 1 (1977); spaceships & aliens; robots; short story

Number 2; "The AB Chrysalis" synopses

Number 3; short story

PHOTOPLAY (Dec 1975); "Spaced Out" p54, short half-page article about Space: 1999

PHOTOPLAY Volume 91 Number 1 (Jan 1977); "Brian Johnson, Special Effects Director Of TVs Space 1999, The Man Who Makes Miracles"

POPULAR MECHANICS (Apr 1977); "Kit Rockets That Fly" (Centuri Eagle)

QUASIMODO'S MONSTER MAGAZINE Volume 1 Number 4 (Sept 1975); Preview p81-88 (8bw)

Volume 1 Number 5 (Nov 1975); Preview Part 2 p68-75 (8bw)

Volume 2 Number 7 (April 1976) "Star Wreck" -the first page of this spoof includes a reference to Space: 1999 in it. Script by Joe Kiernan; art by Tony Tallarico

QUESTAR Number 2 (1978); "Television's Giant Leap: What's Right With Space 1999" by Mare Fitzgerald p32-37 (4bw)

RBCC (ROCKET BLAST COMIC COLLECTOR) No 123 (1977); "Dept Of Divergent Opinion: A Look at Space: 1999" by Thomas D.N.Zaenger, Mark Burbey and James Van Hise p23-29

No 128 (Apr 1977); "Spaced 1998 1/4" comic strip by Ronald Wilber p15-17

SAGA (Feb 1976) "Blasting Into the Future With Space: 1999" 4 pages

SAGA (Oct 1976); "The Other Side Of The Universe" (year 2) p47-49 (5c)

SCIENCE DIGEST (Nov 1975); "Adventures In Science Faction" by Arielle Emmett p89-92

SCIENCE FANTASY FILM CLASSICS Volume 1 Number 4 (Oct 1978); Doppelganger review by Gary Wolf p54 (38 lines)

SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE (May 2001); SF Cinema by Jeff Rovin (DVD review) p38

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW Number 15 (Nov 1975); "The Moon Is A Harsh Spaceship" (2 column review) p17

SCI-FI UNIVERSE Number 7 (June 1995); p10 (1c); "Space 1999 The Next Generation" by Kevin Stevens p30 (2c)

Number 12 (Jan 1996); "The Little Convention That Could" fan convention report by Joal Ryan p78-79 (4 c of convention)

SCREEN STARS Volume 34 Number 2 (Feb 1976); "Can It Take The Place Of Star Trek?" 2 pages (6bw)

Volume 34 Number 5 (May 1976); "Space 1999's Couple Have A Spaced Out Marriage"

Volume 34 Number 11 (Nov 1976); "How Barbara Bain Keeps Martin Landau Faithful"

SENIOR SCHOLASTIC (4 Nov 1975); Space: 1999 review by Peggy Herz

SEVENTEEN (Dec 1975) "Close Up - Show Bits - Blast off!" very brief mention of Space: 1999 with small photo of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain.

(March 1976) "Close Up - Spotlight - Martin Landau and Barbara Bain Are Off and Running in Space: 1999" (1bw)

SFTV Number 2 (Jan 1986); "Space 1999" by Terry Bowers p47-50 (4bw)

Number 3 (Feb 1985); "A Season Guide" (Year 1) p33-37 (7bw)

Number 4 (Mar 1985); "Interview: Martin Landau" p8-11 (2 lines, 1bw), "Continuing The Episode Guide" (12 of Year 2) p36-41 (18bw)

Number 5 (June 1985); "Continuing The Episode Guide" (12 of Year 2) p33-37 (11bw)

Number 6 (July 1985); "Duty Uniform pattern" by John Flynn p34-39 (2bw, costume art)

SMASH Volume 2 Number 6 (1976); Star Trek vs Space 1999 by Mark Saltzman p27-29 (5bw, 1c)

SPACE ODYSSEYS Volume 2 Number 1 (Apr 1977); Year 2 Preview p46-53 (10bw)

SPACE WARP Volume 1 Number 2 (June 1978); "Catherine Schell A Bright Star In The Heavens" p6-9 (8bw), 36-37 (3c)

SPACE WARS Volume 2 Number 2 (Apr 1978); "Video Fantasies" (1 column) p63-64

Volume 2 Number 3 (June 1978); "The Girls Of Space 1999" by Tom Rodgers p16-19, 63-65 (7bw) p34-37 (6 c)

SPACE WARS HEROES Number 3 (1979); p23 (1bw of Eagle)

STARSCENE Number 1 (1980); "The Science Fiction Of Gerry Anderson" review p19-21

STARLOG Number 1 (Aug 1976); "Space 1999- Recorded confusion" records p7, "Radical Changes For The Second Season" by David Houston p12-14 (7bw)

Number 2 (Nov 1976); Art cover by Dick Kohlfield, "Nick Tate In New York" p7 (1bw); "Recovering From The Mysterious Unknown Force" by David Houston p32-35 (9 c, 1bw); 36-episode filmography p36-41 (4 c, 6bw)

Number 3 (Jan 1977); "Catherine Schell Here To Publicise Space 1999" p40 (1bw), "The Dream Machines" p48 (1bw of Eagle), "Space 1999, 6 More Episodes" p50-54 (4 c, 6bw)

Number 4 (March 1977); "Nick Tate" interview by Jim Burns p48-52 (3bw, 3c)

Number 5 (May 1977); p18 (1c), "Space 1999 Last 6 Episodes" p57-59 (3c), "The Conflict Rages..." letters by James Jones, Richard McEnroe, others p60-61 (1c)

Number 6 (June 1977); "Moonbase Alpha Ceases Operation" p57 (1c, 1bw), "Special Effects" p67 (1c, 2bw)

Number 7 (Aug 1977); "Eagle Blueprints" art & text by Geoffrey Mandel (pullout section) p34,35-38 (2c, 8bw)

Number 8 (Sept 1977); "Save Space 1999 Campaign Triggers Unexpected Results, Says Gerry Anderson" p8

Number 9 (Oct 1977); "Gerry Anderson The Master Of Space" interview by Ed Naha p30-33

Number 10 (Dec 1977); "Would you believe- Space Journey: 1999?" by David Hirsch p34,43 (4 art)

Number 13 (May 1978); Dave Prowse interview p25 (1bw), p77 (1c)

Number 14 (June 1978); "The Magic Of Space" p40-41 (2c, 3bw), "1999 Con To Help Children's Hospital" p14

Number 15 (Aug 1978); "Space Report" Letters answered by Gerry Anderson p54-55 (1bw)

Number 16 (Sept 1978); "Space SFX Wiz On Star Wars II" p7 (1bw)

Number 18 (Dec 1978); "Space Report: The First Space 1999 Convention" p62-63

Number 19 (Feb 1979); "Space Report: Letters" p54-55 (1bw)

Number 20 (Mar 1979); "Space Report: The Space 1999 Movie" p30-31 (9bw, 1 art)

Number 22 (May 1979); "Space Report: Letters" p40-41

Number 23 (June 1979); "Space Report: The Many Faces Of Maya" p16-17 (8bw, 1c)

Number 24 (July 1979); "Space 1999" p52-53 (7c), p29,76,77 (1bw each)

Number 25 (Aug 1979); "Space Report: Letters" p37 (1bw), "Space 1999 Charity Auction" p7

Number 26 (Sept 1979); "New Space Movie Planned" p9 (1c), "Hope-The Human Challenge" by David Gerrold p68 (20 lines)

Number 27 (Oct 1979); "Space Report: Letters" p46-47 (3bw)

Number 29 (Dec 1979); "Space Report: Martin Bower" p32-34 (3bw, 5 c)

Number 30 (Jan 1980); "Boost For Five Star" p10 (1bw), "Space Report: Martin Bower" p41 (3c)

Number 31 (Feb 1980); "Space Report: Letters" p15 (2bw)

Numer 32 (Mar 1980); "Space Report: Mark IX Hawk Plans" by Geoffrey Mandel p52-53 (1bw, 1 art)

Number 33 (Apr 1980); "Space Report: Barry Gray" p65

Number 34 (May 1980); "Anderson Space City Returns" p10, Tom Baker interview p37 (44 lines), "Space Report: The Mysterious Unknown Force Part 1" p44-45 (2bw, 1c)

Number 35 (June 1980); "Space Report: The MUF pt 2" p31 (2bw)

Number 36 (July 1980); "Space Report: The MUF pt 3" (letters) p72 (1bw), p8,50,52 (1bw each)

Number 38 (Sept 1980); "Space Report: Writer's Guide Pt 1" p30-31 (1bw, 1 art)

Number 39 (Oct 1980); "Space Report: Writer's Guide Pt 2" p22-23 (1bw, 3 art)

Number 40 (Nov 1980); "Space Report: Martin Bower's Meanies" p28-29 (2c, 7bw), "An Interview With Fred Freiberger" p58-60 (2c, 1bw)

Number 41 (Dec 1980); "Space Report: Thirty" p37

Number 42 (Jan 1981); "Anderson Replies" (letter from Anderson, Merton) p5-7

Number 43 (Feb 1981); "Defending Tate" (letter) p7 (1bw)

Number 45 (Apr 1981); "Space 1999 Movies"/"1999 Votes" (letters) p7-8

Number 50 (Sept 1981); "ITC's Super Space Theatre" p37, p45 (2c)

Number 52 (Nov 1981); "Julian Glover" p39,40 (23 lines, 1bw)

Number 57 (Apr 1982); "1999 Miniatures" p13 (1bw)

Number 70 (May 1983); Ray Austin interview p28,63 (14 lines)

Number 86 (Sept 1984); David Tomblin interview p45-46 (16 lines)

Number 108 (July 1986); "Martin Landau Space Age Hero" interview p44-47 (3c)

Number 133 (Aug 1988); Roy Dotrice interview p55 (13 lines, 1bw)

Number 139 (Feb 1989); Martin Landau interview p29-31 (2c)

Number 140 (March 1989); David Jackson interview p17 (53 lines)

Number 149 (Dec 1989); "Schenectady: 1999" by Peter Huston p34-35 (1 art)

Number 158 (Sep 1990); Christopher Lee interview p32 (1c)

Number 163 (Feb 1991); Val Guest interview p59 (1c), p60 (1c), p62 (17 lines)

Number 164 (Mar 1991); "Quo Vadis Moonbase Alpha?" video releases p23 (1c, 1 art)

Number 165 (Apr 1991); letter by Kerry Keene p6

Number 167 (June 1991); letter by Kerry Keene p6

Number 168 (July 1991); letter by Christopher Brock p20, art p32 (from #2cover)

Number 176 (March 1992); letters by Patti L Bennett/David J Shaw, Ruth E Radecki p6-7; photo p20 (1bw)

Number 180 (July 1992); letter by Hector P Feria p11

Number 184 (Nov 1992); cartoon by W C Pope p14

Number 221 (Dec 1995); "Space Refugee" Barry Morse interview by Steve Eramo p47-51,64 (6c, 2bw)

Number 225 (Apr 1996); letter by Al Christensen p21

Number 227 (Jun 1996); "Space Pilot" Nick Tate interview by Steve Eramo p76-80 (5c)

STARLOG POSTER MAGAZINE Volume 1 (1983); Colour poster p31-34, series note p52 (1bw)

STARLOG SCIENCE FICTION EXPLORER Number 9 (Oct 1995); "Man On The Moon" John Hug interview by Steve Eramo p17-20 (3c, 1bw)

Number 10 (Dec 1995); Anton Philips interview by Steve Eramo p56-59 (4c)

STARLOG YEARBOOK 4 (1989); Roy Dotrice interview (13 lines, 1bw)

SUPERSTARS ALBUM Number 1 (1976); "Lunar Love Story"

TIME (1st Sept 1975); "Spacing Out The Networks" (1bw)

TOY SHOP (Sept 10th 1999); "Collector's Profile- For This Space Fan, 1999 is Indeed The Year" profile of Corey Le Chat by Rick Kelsey p84-85

TREK Number 4 (1975); Studio visit & preview by Mike Clark & Marc Wielage p4-12 (14bw)

TREK SPECIAL Number 2 (Nov 1978); Reprint from Trek no 4 p24-31

TREK TIMES Number 9/10 (1975); Profiles & Nick Tate interview

TV'S DYNAMIC HEROES Number 1 (1976); "1999: A Space Oddity" review by Bill Warren p 54-57 (8bw) (1976)

TV'S DYNAMIC HEROES Number 2 (June 7-); "The Making Of Space 1999" review, p. 18 (1bw), p. 66 (1bw)

TV GUIDE (5 July 1975); "New Faces Of 1999" p8-9 (5c of aliens)

(5 Sept 1975); "Close Up Listing: Breakaway"

(26 Feb 1976); "Review" by Cleveland Amory p21

(13 Mar 1976); "Space 1999 A $6.5M Moontrip" p4-5,22 (preview, 2c)

(10 Apr 1976); "Space Star Is Unseen Effects Man" (2 columns, 1bw)

(24 Apr 1976); TV station advert p23 (1bw)

(17 July 1976); "A Little More Down To Earth" preview

(21 Aug 1976); "More Space 1999" p9

(4 Dec 1976); "Subtle Changes As 1999 Returns" (2 column preview, 1bw)

(22 Jan 1977); "Sci Fi First Class" letter (5 lines)

(26 Feb 1977); "Elephants In Rhubarb Trees Just Aren't Enough" letter (1 column)

(19 Mar 1977); "A Woman of Many Parts (all of them weird)" p8-9 (5c)

(18 Nov 1978); "The Miracle Girl From Outer Space" p4-6 (2c)

(23 Feb 1980); "Fan Club Wanted" letter p28

TV RADIO TALK (Feb 1976); "Barbara Bain and Martin Landau: We Fight Violently, Then Make Violent Love"; illustrated article

TV STAR ANNUAL Number 52 (Aug 1976); "The Husband and Wife Team That Enjoys Working Together: Barbara Bain and Martin Landau Star in Space: 1999"; 2 page illustrated article

TV TIMES (17-23 August, 1975); "Space 1999- Sailing Along On Moonbase Alpha"

TV YEARBOOK Number 29 (1976); "Outer Space - 70's Style - Space: 1999" preview p44-45 (4bw) (1975)

Number 31 (1977); "Husband and Wife Teams - Barbara Bain and Martin Landau: We Wanted to Be Together"

VIDEOSCOPE Number 40 (Fall 2001); "21st Century Goth!" Season 1 DVD review by Simon Drax p30-31


VIDEO WATCHDOG Number 82 (Apr 2002); A&E Year 1 DVD review by John Charles p34-43 (13bw)

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