The Catacombs Reference Guide
by Martin Willey

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MELBOURNE HERALD (28 Jul 1975); "I Wasn't Over Excited" p30 (3 column review); "Sunicrust And HSV 7 Launch Space 1999" p10 (colouring competition, 1bw art)

MELBOURNE SUN (28 Jul 1975); "Out Of This World" p30 (3 column review, 1bw)

THE NEWS (1975); "Adventure On A Runaway Moon" (2 column preview)

(23 Feb 1976); "Gimmick Free Suspense Drama In Space 1999" (2 columns, 1bw)

(7 Dec 1976); "Britain Snubs Our $7M Space Series" (UK failure)

(18 Feb 1979); "Watch For These" (3 lines)

SUNDAY MAIL (11 Apr 1976); "Zoing, Zing, Zung Icicles On The Eyelids And A Man Who Turned Purple" (review) (1976); "Future Shock?" (1 column on US success)

SUNDAY OBSERVER supplement MODERN PEOPLE (4 Jul 1976); "Landaus Make Mission Impossible" p8-9 (3bw)

SUNDAY OBSERVER supplement OBSERVER TV (25 Jul 1975); preview by Allan Webster p16-17 (2c)


Cartaz TV (18-24 Feb 1975); cover; article p22-24

Diario de Noticias (2nd Jan 1999); cover; 5pp

(Feb 1999); 2pp

(11 Sept 1999); 3pp

Maria (1983); cover; p16-18

Plateia (April 1983); cover

Visão (26th Nov 1998); p112-114


BIRMINGHAM DAILY POST (7 Oct 1975); "Don't watch this space Independent television's expensive, tedious and pretentious science fiction series" p18

(16 Dec 1975); "ATV to boost with second space series" p17

BRISTOL EVENING POST (17 Oct 1975); "Lift Off- At Last" preview

(18 July 1979); "Sci-Fi 'Lost' In HTV Space" letter by T Wallis p10

(25 July 1979); "Growing Sci-Fi Cult Being Ignored", "Let Family Watch That Space" letters by Tracy Cooke, V Johnson

(3 August 1979); "Be Fair To Sci-Fi!" letter by Tim Wallis p11

(2 Jan 2000); "1999 Foretold" article p14 (2c)

COVENTRY EVENING TELEGRAPH (19 Nov 1975); Richard Johnson "the strangest role of his career" p17

DAILY EXPRESS (2 Feb 1974); "Moving On From Puppets To People" (1 column, 1bw)

(14 Feb 1975); "Girls who'll warm the icy depths of Space '99" p5 (4bw)

(30 Aug 1975); "Countdown- For Sir Lew's Space Shot" preview by James Thomas (1bw)

(4 Oct 1975); 1bw photo p12

(1 Nov 1975); 1bw photo of Linda Hooks p12

(8 March 1976); "Blast Off, Target Britain" preview by Victor Davis, James Murray review (1bw, p10)

(30 Sept 1977); "It's Gerry's Blank Space" by James Murray p12 (1bw)

(1 March 1977); "Blast off to save Space 1999" by James Murray

(1979); "Atom Waste Alert Over Child's Toy"

DAILY MAIL (8 Aug 1975); Gerry and Sylvia separation

DAILY MIRROR (18 Oct 1973); ATV new series p9

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH (7 Mar 1992), "Weekend" section; ITC vol. 1 video review by Tristan Davies pXXIII

HARROW OBSERVER (16 August 1974); Wayne Brooks p21

LIVERPOOL ECHO (12 June 1976); Mark Harris p3

LONDON EVENING NEWS (24 Mar 1975); "Spot The Stars In The TV Space Spectacular"

SUNDAY TIMES (31 August 1975); review

SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE (9 Feb 1992); interview with Billie Whitelaw & her son Matthew Muller p11 (6 lines) & p14 (12 lines)

SUNDAY TIMES (3 September 1995); (1c) Culture section p46

THE TIMES (2 September 1995); short review & (1bw) Vision section for Sept 5th


BOSTON GLOBE (26 Aug 1975) "'Space: 1999'-new odyssey for Star Trek cult" by Percy Shain p45

CHICAGO TRIBUNE (24 Mar 1974) "The last show-biz mogul" profile of Lew Grade by Curl Gunther pH16

CHICAGO TRIBUNE (21 Oct 1975) "Space: 1999 Is A 1976 Smash for Landau, Bain" by Lee Winfrey pA10

CHICAGO TRIBUNE (30 Nov 1975) "Space: 1999 - Something new for sci-fi buffs" pM2

LOS ANGELES TIMES (13 June 1974); "Mission on the Moon in England" by Cecil Smith part IV p29 ( 1bw)

LOS ANGELES TIMES (13 June 1975); "Doing Right by Sir Lew" by Cecil Smith part IV p22

LOS ANGELES TIMES (19 Sept 1975); "Von Braun Commends New SPACE: 1999 Series" pF20

LOS ANGELES TIMES (5 Nov 1975); "Picking the Network Lock" by Dick Adler pF7

LOS ANGELES TIMES (9 Jan 1976); "Some Lame Rerunning" by Dick Adler part IV p23 ( 1bw)

LOS ANGELES TIMES (8 Sept 1976); "Love Blossoms in Outer Space" part IV pE18

FLORIDA TIMES UNION (JACKSONVILLE) (24 Sept 1976); "Landau Finds Fame Is Just Out of This World" by Bill Marden (NewsBank. Film and Television. 71:G13)

MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE (26 Sept 1976); "Their Success is Out of this World" by Bob Lundegaard

NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE (31 Oct 1976); "Landau: He Almost Took 'Space' Walk" by David Cuthbert (NewsBank. Film and Television. 71:G11)

NEW YORK TIMES (19 Sept 1975); "TV Review; Lavish Visual Effects in 'Space: 1999' Series" by John J. O'Connor p75

NEW YORK TIMES (28 Sept 1975); "Is Space 1999 More Fi Than Sci?" by Isaac Asimov

NEW YORK TIMES (10 Aug 1976); "'Space 1999' Producers Planning Improvements"

OREGONIAN (Portland) (25 Aug 1976) "Space 1999 Gets Kinks Out" by Francis Murphy (Film and Television. 57:B12.)

PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE (30 July 1979); "Spaced Out. 1999 Fans Avidly Keep Faith" p 1

ST PAUL DISPATCH (31 Aug 1976); "Barbara Bain reports on the present, future" interview by P M Clepper p15 (1bw)

ST PETERSBURG INDEPENDENT (21 May 1975); "Space 1999 Lavish Sci Fi TV"

ST PETERSBURG TIMES (31 Aug 1975); "Space 1999"

(19 Sept 1976) "Relaunching Space: 1999" by Charles Benbow,(Film and Television. 71:G9-10)

SAN ANTONIO LIGHT TV CHANNELS (18 May 1975) "Space 1999 Due This Fall!" by John N. Goudas

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE (5 Sept 1975) "Fasten Your Seat Belts" by Terence O’Flaherty

TAMPA TRIBUNE & TIMES (14 Dec 1975); "More Space Talk"

VARIETY (1 Aug 1973) p38 "TV Syndication: ITC Going Into Space: 1999"

(26 Nov 1973); "Katzin Directs For ITC"

(12 March 1974); p39-42 ITC advert "An Open Letter to All Broadcasters" by Abe Mandell

(3 April 1974); p35 "Lew Grade Aiming Space 1999 at Networks, Not Syndication"

(15 Jan 1975); "Sci-Fi Space To Take On Webs"

(22 Jan 1975); ITC double-page advert "The most spectacular and expensive space science fiction series ever produced" p48-49

(12 March 1975); p39-42 ITC advert "An Open Letter to All Broadcasters" by Abe Mandell

(31 March 1975); "MGM Suit Filed Over Scifi Series Title"

(9 April 1975); "MGM Sues ITC-ATV"

(21 May 1975); ITC double-page advert p40-41 "Now Sold In 101 Markets"

(25 June 1975); p43, 57 "Web Series Ripe To Get Bumped as Affiliates Slot Space: 1999"

(23 July 1975); "Space 1999 in 126 Mkts"

(30 July 1975); p41 "'Space' Gives Webs Big Sci-Defy Scare"

(27 Aug 1975); "World Premiere Los Angeles: 10.3 Rating, 25 Share" ITC advert

(03 Sept 1975); "Web Pre-Emptions Litter Trail of ITC's Syndic Space 1999"

(24 Sept 1975) "Space: 1999 In Top Ratings Spin Agains Webs at N. Y. Debut" p49
ITC advert "...The Season's First Big Hit!" p57-60

(12 Nov 1975); p37 "WPIX Tries 'Space' in Primetime Test"

(16 Dec 1975); "Pinewood goes ahead with more Space"

(17 Dec 1975); Second series announcement; "Welk Show Sends Space 1999 Into Tailspin in Philly"

(24 Dec 1975); "Fred Freiberger producing ATV's Space 1999"

(28 Jan 1976); p40-41 "Propelled Into A 2nd Year!" 2 page ITC advert

(11 Feb 1976); "Catherine Schell added to stet cast of ITC's Space 1999"

(10 Mar 1976); p41-42 "The World Goes Wild For Space: 1999 -Year 2- Escape Into Worlds Beyond Belief" full page ITC advert

(26 May 1976); p47 "The changes in SPACE: 1999 Year 2 are unbelievably great!" full page ITC advert

(25 Aug 1976); "Space 1999 For Germany"

(13 Sept 1976); Gene Roddenberry on Space 1999

(27 Sept 1976); Television Reviews- Metamorph on KHJ-TV ""Space 1999," in renewal, is only a continuing embarrassment for Landau and Bain."

WALL STREET JOURNAL (7 Nov 1975) "Sailing Along On A Moon-Base Way" by Benjamin Stein

WASHINGTON POST (29 Aug 1975); "A Lavish Blast-Off Into Space: 1999" by Tom Shales pB1, B16

WASHINGTON POST (2 Jan 1976); "1999 Gets Humanized" by John Cormody pD1,D3

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